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Camillus de Lellis saint, born 05/25/1550

Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel Maurice Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, musician, born 05/25/1572

Bedford, Wriothesley Russell, 3rd Duke of born 05/25/1708

Stuart, John, 3rd Earl of Bute Prime Minister of Great Britain (1762–1763), prime minister, born 05/25/1713

Robert Laurie Royal Navy officer during the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars., military person, born 05/25/1764

Benjamin Tappan office holder, born 05/25/1773

John Pye-Smith theologian, born 05/25/1774

Pelagio Palagi artist, born 05/25/1775

Philip Pendleton Barbour U.S. Congressman from Virginia and an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, office holder, born 05/25/1783

Jose Maria Bocanegra president, born 05/25/1787

Ralph Waldo Emerson American author, essayist, philosopher, poet, philosopher, born 05/25/1803

1st Baron Edward Bulwer-Lytton AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, POET, POLITICIAN, office holder, born 05/25/1803

Republic of Argentina REPUBLIC, born 05/25/1810

Edmond De Selys Longchamps politician, biologist, born 05/25/1813

Troubridge, Thomas, 3rd Baronet British Army officer during the Crimean War, military person, born 05/25/1815

Henry Hopkins Sibley Confederate Army general, born 05/25/1816

Cornelis Springer ARTIST, PAINTER, born 05/25/1817

Jakob Burckhardt CULTURAL HISTORIAN, ART HISTORIAN, born 05/25/1818

Jakob Burckhardt Historian, born 05/25/1818

George Lewis office holder, born 05/25/1820

Dominique Clos BOTANIST, AUTHOR, born 05/25/1821


Hugh Nelson office holder, born 05/25/1830

Al Reach baseball player, born 05/25/1840


Ashley Bascom Wright congressman, born 05/25/1841

Alexander Mackenzie American Chief of Engineers, military person, born 05/25/1844

Lip Pike Major League Baseball player, manager, baseball player, born 05/25/1845

John James MacCook Union Army officer, born 05/25/1845

Princess of the United Kingdom Helena Augusta Victoria Princess of the United Kingdom; nurse; author, British royalty, born 05/25/1846

Princess Helena of Waldeck-Pyrmont ROYALTY, PRINCESS CHRISTIAN OF SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, born 05/25/1846

Naim Frasheri Poet, censor, and translator, writer, born 05/25/1846

John Green Brady office holder, born 05/25/1847

Count Helmuth Johannes Ludwig von Moltke MILITARY, GENERAL, born 05/25/1848

Arthur N. Dare politician, born 05/25/1850

John Nihill United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/25/1850

William M German office holder, born 05/25/1851

David Pearce Penhallow scientist, born 05/25/1854

Louis Franchet d'Esperey military person, born 05/25/1856

Charles Cleveland Nutting born 05/25/1858

Tip Oneill baseball player, born 05/25/1858

William Henry Bury Sawdust merchant, criminal, born 05/25/1859

Zim Zimmerman CARTOONIST, ILLUSTRATOR, born 05/25/1862

Camille Erlanger MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, PIANIST, PRIX DE ROME 1888, born 05/25/1863

Charles William Dyson Perrins born 05/25/1864

Pieter Zeeman Physicist, scientist, born 05/25/1865

Frederick Augustus 03 Of Saxony British royalty, born 05/25/1865

Illingworth, Albert Illingworth, 1st Baron office holder, born 05/25/1865

Dudley, William Ward, 2nd Earl of office holder, born 05/25/1867

John A. Ryan labor priest, born 05/25/1868

Robert Baldwin Ross Journalist, born 05/25/1869

Frank J. McCoy CALIFORNIA HISTORIAN, born 05/25/1869

Charles Hill Mailes Actor, drug, born 05/25/1870

Bill Veitch member of parliament, born 05/25/1870

George W. Wallace Philippine-American War Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/25/1872

Gordon Johnston United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, archaea, born 05/25/1874

Gordon Johnston United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/25/1874

Abraham Oyanedel Urrutia president, born 05/25/1874

Humphrey Bate American old-time music harmonica player, musical artist, born 05/25/1875

Lucas, Auberon Herbert, 9th Baron office holder, born 05/25/1876

Bill Robinson Dancer, actor, actor, born 05/25/1878

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson TAP DANCER, ACTOR, born 05/25/1878

Frank Alexander Silent film actor, actor, born 05/25/1879

Alf Common soccer player, born 05/25/1880

Eizzens Laube artist, born 05/25/1880

Franz Maximilian Groedel PHYSICIAN, RADIOLOGIST, CARDIOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 05/25/1881

Marie Doro actor, born 05/25/1882

Harry Fox born 05/25/1882

Lesley J. Macnair military person, born 05/25/1883

Roger Thomas Foley United States federal judge, born 05/25/1886

Philip Murray U.S. LABOR LEADER, HEAD OF CIO, Labor leader, born 05/25/1886

Yuh Woon-Hyung born 05/25/1886

Theodore Marcus Hansen born 05/25/1886

Henry Skillman Breckinridge office holder, born 05/25/1886


Ken Wahl ACTOR, born 02/14/1957

Miles Malleson Actor/Screenwriter, actor, born 05/25/1888

Jean Bourjade AVIATOR, born 05/25/1889

Michel Polonovski PHYSICIAN, BIOCHEMIST, PROFESSOR, born 05/25/1889

Igor Sikorsky Aircraft designer, born 05/25/1889

Gunther Lutjens military person, born 05/25/1889

Howard C. Speakman United States federal judge, born 05/25/1892

Robert Lewis Sr. Brown United States federal judge, born 05/25/1892

Kathryn Adams Actor, Film actress, actor, born 05/25/1893

Ernest Stoneman musical artist, born 05/25/1893

Joe Judge baseball player, born 05/25/1894

Julius Howard Miner United States federal judge, born 05/25/1896

Gene Tunney United States Marine, boxer, born 05/25/1897

Alan Falconer Kippax Australian cricketer, cricketer, born 05/25/1897

Arthur Loft Actor, drug, born 05/25/1897

Joseph Smith born 05/25/1897

Harry Tancred Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 05/25/1897

John Caskie Collet United States federal judge, judge, born 05/25/1898

Robert Aron AUTHOR, HISTORIAN, born 05/25/1898


Louis Lifschitz born 05/25/1898

Kazi Nazrul Islam Bengali writer, philosopher, and musician, philosopher, born 05/25/1899


Alain Grandbois writer, born 05/25/1900

Kouzou Sasaki politician, born 05/25/1900

William George Tuck artist, born 05/25/1900

Ernest Kidd soccer player, born 05/25/1900

Archie Golembeski american football player, born 05/25/1900

André Girard French painter and founder of the CARTE network, born 05/25/1901

Horace King politician, born 05/25/1901

Carl Wagner scientist, born 05/25/1901

Charles Barton Film director, actor, born 05/25/1902

Calvin Souther Fuller scientist, born 05/25/1902

Prosper Bernard born 05/25/1902

Prince Joseph Clemens Of Bavaria British royalty, born 05/25/1902

Binnie Barnes Actress, actor, born 05/25/1903

Charles Spaak Screenwriter, writer, born 05/25/1903

Luis Marquina Film director, actor, born 05/25/1904

Maurice Toesca AUTHOR, NOVELIST, ESSAYIST, born 05/25/1904

Marcel Thil boxer, born 05/25/1904

Addie Peed Swearingen born 05/25/1904

Earl W Brydges born 05/25/1905

Freddy Mesot figure skater, born 05/25/1905

Herbert Krause Historian, novelist, professor, born 05/25/1905

Martin Dihigo born 05/25/1906

Alfredo Pitto soccer player, born 05/25/1906

U Nu prime minister, born 05/25/1907

Kenneth Hamill More member of parliament, born 05/25/1907

William Stirling military person, born 05/25/1907

Zenonas Ivinskis Lithuanian historian, born 05/25/1908

Theodore Roethke POET, TEACHER, born 05/25/1908

Fritz Witt military person, born 05/25/1908

Victor Unamuno soccer player, born 05/25/1909

George Kidd soccer player, born 05/25/1909

Velma Louise Gaines Hamock funeral home owner, inheirted buisiness and "Speedy" Atkins mummy after the death of her husband, A.Z Hamock. She is also the first African American woman to be named a Kentucky Colonel, born 05/25/1910

Condon Byrne Barrister, member of parliament, born 05/25/1910

Vern Partlow Journalist, folk singer, born 05/25/1910


Neil Galbraith POLICE CHIEF, INSPECTOR OF CONSTABULARY 1964, born 05/25/1911

Alastair George Sharp JUDGE, QUEEN'S COUNSEL 1961, born 05/25/1911

Sally Phipps Actress, actor, born 05/25/1911

Joe Skladany gridiron football player, born 05/25/1911

Isidro Langara soccer manager, born 05/25/1912

Richard Dimbleby Broadcaster, born 05/25/1913

Renee DeMarco DANCER, GAVE BALLROOM EXHIBITIONS, born 05/25/1913

Donald Maclean born 05/25/1913

J. Peter Grace born 05/25/1913

Claude Jodoin Trade Unionist/Politician, politician, born 05/25/1913

John Gastall soccer player, born 05/25/1913

Frederick Howard Buller Aeronautical engineer, born 05/25/1914

Brian Dickson judge, born 05/25/1916

Sid Dyer born 05/25/1916

Jaroslav Skala Psychiatrist, born 05/25/1916

Edward G. Wilkin United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/25/1917

Miami Beach, Florida CITY IN FLORIDA, born 05/25/1917

Theodore Hesburgh born 05/25/1917

Roberto Viaux Chilean Army general, born 05/25/1917

Steve Cochran Actor, actor, born 05/25/1917

Hans Hedberg Ceramicist, born 05/25/1917

Henry Calvin actor, born 05/25/1918

Claude Akins STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 05/25/1918

Alex Smart ice hockey player, born 05/25/1918

John Woudenberg american football player, born 05/25/1918

Fredrik Kayser military person, born 05/25/1918

Jim Thoms born 05/25/1918

Charles Fuller soccer player, born 05/25/1919

Maria Gomori born 05/25/1920

David Von Schlegell artist, born 05/25/1920

Princess Dorothea Of Bavaria British royalty, born 05/25/1920

Abel Costas Montano born 05/25/1920

Hal David Lyricist, musical artist, born 05/25/1921

Jack Steinberger scientist, born 05/25/1921

Sadhu Ram Sharma office holder, born 05/25/1921

Enrico Berlinguer POLITICIAN, HEAD OF ITALIAN COMMUNIST PARTY, born 05/25/1922

Syd Heylen Television actor And Comedian, actor, born 05/25/1922

June Byers wrestler, born 05/25/1922

Ralph Frederic Howell POLITICIAN, M.P., born 05/25/1923


Joe Poole soccer player, born 05/25/1923

Jozef Marko soccer manager, born 05/25/1923

Lloyd Trotman musical artist, born 05/25/1923

Josef Zemann scientist, born 05/25/1923

Hernan Gregorio Pesquera United States federal judge, born 05/25/1924

Heinrich Aigner German politician for the Christian Social Union of Bavaria, born 05/25/1924


Joseph Bova STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, WRITER, PRODUCER, born 05/25/1924

Marshall Allen musical artist, born 05/25/1924

Istvan Nyers soccer player, born 05/25/1924

Gordon Smith soccer player, born 05/25/1924

James Grant artist, born 05/25/1924

Donald J. Jr. Atwood Automobile executive, born 05/25/1924

Edmond Haan soccer player, born 05/25/1924

Eldon Griffiths Politician, journalist, born 05/25/1925

Marcel Bluwal Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/25/1925

Jeanne Crain ACTRESS, MODEL, BEAUTY QUEEN, born 05/25/1925

Jeanne Crain Actress, actor, born 05/25/1925

Rosario Castellanos Poet and author, born 05/25/1925

Jose Maria Gatica boxer, born 05/25/1925

Sisto Averno american football player, born 05/25/1925

Jackie Newton soccer player, born 05/25/1925

Niall Maccarthy Barrister, Judge, born 05/25/1925

Bill Sharman American basketball player and coach, born 05/25/1926

Max von der Grün novelist, writer, born 05/25/1926

Milt Bernhart JAZZ MUSICIAN, TROMBONE PLAYER, born 05/25/1926


Phyllis Gotlieb poet, novelist, writer, born 05/25/1926

Claude Akins Actor, actor, born 05/25/1926

Ancizar Lopez Lopez governor, born 05/25/1926

Robert Ludlum Novelist, writer, born 05/25/1927

Cleator, William E., Sr. mayor, born 05/25/1927

Heinz Hennig German conductor, born 05/25/1927

Pol Pot Cambodian communist, canal, born 05/25/1928

John P. Jr. Vukasin United States federal judge, born 05/25/1928

Mary Wells Lawrence ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE, born 05/25/1928

Melvin Robertson college coach, born 05/25/1928

Chet Giermak national collegiate athletic association athlete, born 05/25/1928

Henry Barron Judge, born 05/25/1928

Beverly Sills opera soprano, born 05/25/1929

Warren Frost Stage, television, film actor, actor, born 05/25/1929

Marion Campbell gridiron football player, born 05/25/1929

Svetozar Kurepa scientist, born 05/25/1929

Fred S. Rosen American paediatrician and immunologist, scientist, born 05/25/1930

Irwin Winkler Director, Producer, Director, actor, born 05/25/1931

Ramon Nunez-juarez United States Marine, military person, born 05/25/1931

Aili Jõgi Estonian freedom fighter of military merit, born 05/25/1931

Pierre Vernier ACTOR, born 05/25/1931

Herb Gray office holder, born 05/25/1931

Norman Drew professional golfer, born 05/25/1932

John Raymond Martyr Australian politician, Political consultant, member of parliament, born 05/25/1932

John Gregory Dunne AUTHOR, JOURNALIST, NOVELIST, REPORTER, born 05/25/1932

Kimmo Kaivanto ARTIST, SCULPTOR, born 05/25/1932

John Gregory Dunne Novelist, screenwriter, literary critic, journalist, essayist, writer, born 05/25/1932

Roger Bowen actor, born 05/25/1932

Daan de Groot Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/25/1933

Roger Bowen ACTOR, COMEDIAN, AUTHOR, NOVELIST, born 05/25/1933

Sarah Best Marshall ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/25/1933

Basdeo Panday politician, born 05/25/1933

Jogvan Sundstein prime minister, born 05/25/1933

Nicholas Georgiade Actor, actor, born 05/25/1933

David Burke Actor, actor, born 05/25/1934

W. P. Kinsella AUTHOR, SHORT-STORY WRITER, author, writer, born 05/25/1935

Ann Robinson actor, born 05/25/1935

Tom T. Hall Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/25/1936

Donnie Elbert Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 05/25/1936

Wally Clark born 05/25/1936

Mark Shields United States Marine, born 05/25/1937

18-Ounce Baby TINY BABY, born 05/25/1937

Premature Baby I PREMATURE WITH BIRTH DEFECTS, born 05/25/1937

Dinsha J. Patel office holder, born 05/25/1937

Ray Boughen member of parliament, born 05/25/1937

Raymond Carver Writer, writer, born 05/25/1938

Geoffrey Robinson member of parliament, born 05/25/1938

Arturo Islas Novelist, writer, born 05/25/1938

Ferdinand Bracke Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/25/1939

Dixie Carter TV ACTRESS, born 05/25/1939

Ian McKellen STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, DIRECTOR, born 05/25/1939

Ian Mackellen Actor, actor, born 05/25/1939

Dixie Carter Actress, actor, born 05/25/1939

Joaquim Galera Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/25/1940

Vladimir Voronin president, born 05/25/1941

Ron Davies Welsh footballer, soccer player, born 05/25/1942

Brian Davidson of THE NICE MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 05/25/1942

Noble Ellington Cotton merchant, office holder, born 05/25/1942

Leslie Uggams STAGE/RADIO/TV ACTRESS, SINGER, HOSTESS, Actor, actor, born 05/25/1943

Ed Whitfield attorney, railroad executive, congressman, born 05/25/1943

Jessi Colter Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 05/25/1943

John Palmer musical artist, born 05/25/1943

Frank Oz ACTOR, DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, PRODUCER, PUPPETEER, Actor, director, puppeteer, actor, born 05/25/1944

Dave Lee Travis Radio presenter, born 05/25/1945

Hersha Parady Actress, actor, born 05/25/1945

Bill Dillman baseball player, born 05/25/1945

Michael Manyin politician, born 05/25/1945

Abraham Mar Julios born 05/25/1945

Klaus Zaczyk soccer player, born 05/25/1945

John Richardson american football player, born 05/25/1945

Randall Carver TV, stage and scree actor, born 05/25/1945

David Allen Hargrave Role-playing game designer, Writer, writer, born 05/25/1946

Jean-Pierre Danguillaume Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/25/1946

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan KINGDOM, born 05/25/1946

Janet E. Morris AUTHOR, SCI-FI/FANTASY NOVELIST, EDITOR, born 05/25/1946

Douglas H. Ginsburg judge, born 05/25/1946

Norah Beare office holder, born 05/25/1946

Mike Corkins baseball player, born 05/25/1946

Dick Himes gridiron football player, born 05/25/1946

Herwart Koppenhofer soccer player, born 05/25/1946

Andras Szanto born 05/25/1946

Cornwallis, Jeremy Cornwallis, 4th Baron born 05/25/1946

Kit Thomas Record producer, filmmaker, musical artist, born 05/25/1947

Nathan Isgur Theoretical physicist, born 05/25/1947

Jacki Weaver Australian actress, Film actor, stage actor, television actor, actor, born 05/25/1947

Flavio Bucci Actor, drug, born 05/25/1947

Jessi Colter C&W POP SINGER, born 05/25/1947

Karen Valentine ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 05/25/1947

Mary Scanlon office holder, born 05/25/1947

R Prabhakar born 05/25/1947

Klaus Meine musical artist, born 05/25/1948

David Macnarry office holder, born 05/25/1948

Barry Windsor-Smith comics creator, born 05/25/1949

Jamaica Kincaid Novelist, gardening writer, gardener, born 05/25/1949

Alex Brummer Journalist, editor, Author, journalist, born 05/25/1949

Richard Salisbury Ellis British astronomer, scientist, born 05/25/1950

Robby Steinhardt musical artist, born 05/25/1950

Juan Tyrone Garcia Mexican Wrestler, Singer, Martial Artist, musical artist, born 05/25/1950

Donald Loftus Page New South Wales politician, office holder, born 05/25/1951

Francois Bayrou POLITICIAN, MINISTER, Politician, politician, born 05/25/1951

Patti Darbanville actor, born 05/25/1951

Donald Loftus Page New South Wales politician, office holder, born 05/25/1951

Jamaluddin Jarjis politician, born 05/25/1951

Chuck Ruff musical artist, born 05/25/1951

Karen Barry SINGER, TWIN SISTER OF KATHY BARRY, born 05/25/1952

Kathy Barry SINGER, TWIN SISTER OF KAREN BARRY, born 05/25/1952

Margherita Colnaghi TRIPLET, born 05/25/1952

Nicoletta Colnaghi TRIPLET, born 05/25/1952

Stefania Colnaghi TRIPLET, born 05/25/1952

Petar Stoyanov president, born 05/25/1952

Gordon Smith senator, born 05/25/1952

Stan Sakai comic book artist, comics creator, born 05/25/1953

D. A. Weibring PRO GOLFER, born 05/25/1953

Gaetano Scirea soccer player, born 05/25/1953

George D. Maziarz office holder, born 05/25/1953

Reiko Ike actor, born 05/25/1953

Gregory Ong judge, born 05/25/1953

Russ Decker office holder, born 05/25/1953

Jane Greer American poet, born 05/25/1953

Daragh O'Malley actor, born 05/25/1954

Murali Actor, actor, born 05/25/1954

Bob Knepper BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 05/25/1954

Sudirman Arshad singer, lawyer, actor, writer, businessman, born 05/25/1954

Valerie Stacey judge, born 05/25/1954

Connie Sellecca Actress, Activist, Actress, spokesperson, activist, actor, born 05/25/1955

Alistair Burt member of parliament, born 05/25/1955

Bobby Slayton actor, born 05/25/1955

K. Suresh Kurup office holder, born 05/25/1956

Alastair Campbell Director of Communications and Strategy for New Labour, journalist, author, broadcaster, Journalist, author, broadcaster, atoll, born 05/25/1957

Mark Edward McGhee Footballer, soccer manager, born 05/25/1957

Hillary B. Smith Actress, actor, born 05/25/1957

Marc Hempel comics creator, born 05/25/1957

Eder Aleixo De Assis soccer player, born 05/25/1957

Boris Yaroslavovich Kuznetsov soccer player, born 05/25/1957

Paul Weller English Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Musician, musical artist, born 05/25/1958

Slavica Ecclestone model, born 05/25/1958

Leah Shemtov born 05/25/1958

Paul Johnson Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/25/1959

Rick Wamsley HOCKEY PLAYER, GOALTENDER, born 05/25/1959

Julian Clary comedian, born 05/25/1959

Alma Moreno Actress, actor, born 05/25/1959

Cathryn Harrison actor, born 05/25/1959

James Bidgood member of parliament, born 05/25/1959

Bruce Edward Johnson Lieutenant governor, office holder, born 05/25/1960

Anthea Turner TV HOST, PRODUCER, BUSINESSWOMAN, Journalist, televisionpresenter and media personality, journalist, born 05/25/1960

Robin Pinto Female boxer, born 05/25/1961

Steven Griffiths office holder, born 05/25/1962

Susan Diol Actress, actor, born 05/25/1962

Marie-Alise Recasner Actress, actor, born 05/25/1962

Milan Zver member of parliament, born 05/25/1962

Dennis Murray office holder, born 05/25/1962

Ros Bates politician, born 05/25/1962

Warren Ward Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 05/25/1962

Mike Myers Actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, actor, comedian, writer, producer, comedian, born 05/25/1963

Michael Redmond born 05/25/1963

Tony Fabre DANCER, born 05/25/1964

Chris Andrews politician, born 05/25/1964

Arthur Orr office holder, born 05/25/1964

Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh Gambian president, president, born 05/25/1965

Dave Nonis office holder, born 05/25/1966

Arthur Mutambara office holder, born 05/25/1966

Natu Tuatagaloa american football player, born 05/25/1966

K. B. Ganesh Kumar office holder, born 05/25/1966

Andrew Fiscella Actor, actor, born 05/25/1966

Matt Borlenghi FILM/TV/COMMERCIAL ACTOR, actor, born 05/25/1967

Poppy Z. Brite Novelist, short story writer, food writer, Novelist, Writer, writer, born 05/25/1967

Yoshiko Kamei Seiyū, actor, born 05/25/1967

Kendall Gill born 05/25/1968

Tiffany Granath actress and radio personality, actor, born 05/25/1968

Joseph D. Reitman actor, born 05/25/1968

Stacy London American fashion consultant and media personality, Fashion consultant, born 05/25/1969

Patrick Jonker Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/25/1969

Mariano Aguerre Polo player, Polo Player, born 05/25/1969

Anne Heche ACTRESS, LESBIAN, born 05/25/1969

Karen Bernstein actor, born 05/25/1969

James Harvey Kennedy American comedian, actor and rapper, Actor, comedian, rapper, actor, born 05/25/1970

Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush American child actors, actor, born 05/25/1970

Adlan Khasanov Photojournalism, journalist, born 05/25/1970

Michael Benyaer actor, born 05/25/1970

Paul Peschisolido Footballer, football manager, soccer manager, born 05/25/1971

Justin Henry FILM/TV ACTOR, CHILD ACTOR, born 05/25/1971

Kristina Orbakaite singer, songwriter, producer, actress, musical artist, born 05/25/1971

Marco Cappato office holder, born 05/25/1971

Tim Jones Attorney, office holder, born 05/25/1971

Hikari Ishida Actress, Singer, actor, born 05/25/1972

Octavia Spencer Actress, actor, born 05/25/1972

Michael F. Gerber Legislator, office holder, born 05/25/1972

Demetri Martin American comedian, actor, artist, musician, writer, and humorist, comedian, born 05/25/1973

Daz Dillinger Rapper, producer, Singer, musical artist, born 05/25/1973

Molly Sims actor, born 05/25/1973

Paul James Shull Manager for Shull Management, Artist Manager / actor, musical artist, born 05/25/1973

Frank Klepacki American musician, video game music composer and sound director, Video game music composer, drummer, musical artist, born 05/25/1974

Kevin Hartman Professional soccer player, soccer player, born 05/25/1974

Dougie Freedman soccer player, born 05/25/1974

James Reid musical artist, born 05/25/1974

Seven Antonopoulos Musician, musical artist, born 05/25/1974

Bulent Cetinaslan Actor, actor, born 05/25/1974

Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay born 05/25/1974

Ilona Ostrowska film actor, stage actor, actor, born 05/25/1974

Lauryn Hill Singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, actress, musical artist, born 05/25/1975

Jamie Hanford Lacrosse player, born 05/25/1975

Zalan Zombori soccer player, born 05/25/1975

Cillian Murphy Irish actor, Actor, actor, born 05/25/1976

Erki Pütsep Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/25/1976

Kris Pope Actor, actor, born 05/25/1976

Ethan Suplee actor, born 05/25/1976

Sandra Nasic musical artist, born 05/25/1976

J. Michael Tatum Voice Actor, actor, born 05/25/1976

Yuning Zhang soccer manager, born 05/25/1977

Karthik Sivakumar Film actor, actor, born 05/25/1977

Giel Beelen born 05/25/1977

Florentin Dumitru soccer player, born 05/25/1977

Brian Urlacher American Football player, american football player, born 05/25/1978

Evgeni Petrov Professional road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/25/1978

Shannon Stewart Playboy Playmate, born 05/25/1978

Kick Gurry Actor, actor, born 05/25/1978

Jeong-Jin Lee Actor, model, actor, born 05/25/1978

Wilson Sanchez soccer player, born 05/25/1978

Martin Jiránek footballer, soccer player, born 05/25/1979

Samuel Okeremute Sodje Footballer, soccer player, born 05/25/1979

Chris Young Major League Baseball starting pitcher; Two-sport star at Princeton University, baseball player, born 05/25/1979

Andy Kirk Footballer, soccer player, born 05/25/1979

Corbin Allred Actor, actor, born 05/25/1979

Hideaki Sorachi Manga artist, born 05/25/1979

Elli Erl Singer, songwriter, guitarist, musical artist, born 05/25/1979

Efrain Medina Professional Singer, Administrator, musical artist, born 05/25/1979

Sayed Moawad soccer player, born 05/25/1979

Cristina Eustace Singer, musical artist, born 05/25/1979

Jae Hee Actor, born 05/25/1980

Joe King Musician, Vocalist, musical artist, born 05/25/1980

Uğur İnceman Turkish footballer, soccer player, born 05/25/1981

Leo Udtohan Stringer/Correspondent, journalist, born 05/25/1981

Adam Mark Boyd Footballer, soccer player, born 05/25/1982

Justin Hodges Rugby league player currently for Brisbane Broncos. Debuted with the Broncos, before moving to Sydney Roosters Controversy Has represented Queensland and Australia., rugby player, born 05/25/1982

Jason Kubel baseball player, born 05/25/1982

Eugene Macgovern rugby player, born 05/25/1982

Ryan Gallant actor, born 05/25/1982

Atik Chihab soccer player, born 05/25/1982

Chelse Swain Actress, actor, born 05/25/1983

Thanakorn Pichitchaipojanart soccer player, born 05/25/1983

Tiago Cardoso Fonseca Brazilian footballer, soccer player, born 05/25/1983

Kierkgaard Mikkeline Danish/German figure skater, born 05/25/1984

Patrick Heim born 05/25/1984

Marion Raven Singer, songwriter, Actress, Musician, Performer., musical artist, born 05/25/1984

Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir born 05/25/1984

Christian Demirtas soccer player, born 05/25/1984

Kostas Martakis musical artist, born 05/25/1984

Jonathan Fraulin Personal Manager, Impresario, Photographer, musical artist, born 05/25/1984

Gabriel Petrovic soccer player, born 05/25/1984

Sokratis Fytanidis soccer player, born 05/25/1984

Zarine Khan Model, actress, born 05/25/1984

Emma Marrone Singer, musical artist, born 05/25/1984

Mehrdad Oladi soccer player, born 05/25/1985

Luciana Abreu Singer, Actress, Television host, musical artist, born 05/25/1985

Geraint Thomas Racing cyclist, cyclist, born 05/25/1986

Maximilian Watzka German association football player, soccer player, born 05/25/1986

Muhammad Rizal badminton player, born 05/25/1986

Liyabe Kpatoumbi soccer player, born 05/25/1986

Nikolay Tsvetkov soccer player, born 05/25/1986

Lauren Crace Actress, actor, born 05/25/1986

Eduard Tismanaru Romanian footballer, soccer player, born 05/25/1987

Daniel Mladenov soccer player, born 05/25/1987

Lei Bai soccer player, born 05/25/1987

Nachiketa Rao artist, born 05/25/1987

Kayla King Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 05/25/1988


Christine Evans musical artist, born 05/25/1990

Hamidreza Ali Asgari soccer player, born 05/25/1990

Ragini Dwivedi Actress, model, actor, born 05/25/1990

Oumare Tounkara soccer player, born 05/25/1990

Jillian Wheeler Singer-songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 05/25/1991

Vladislav Uzunov soccer player, born 05/25/1991

Callum Macnish soccer player, born 05/25/1992

Dilley Sextuplet I SEXTUPLET, MULTIPLE BIRTH, born 05/25/1993

Dilley Sextuplet VI SEXTUPLET, MULTIPLE BIRTH, born 05/25/1993

Dilley actor, born 05/25/1993

Kylee musical artist, born 05/25/1994