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Sergius Of Radonezh saint, born 05/03/1314

Neville, Cecily, Duchess Of York British royalty, born 05/03/1415

Duchess Margaret Plantagenet of York ROYALTY, born 05/03/1446

Margaret Of York British royalty, born 05/03/1446

Eric of Pomerania King of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Kalmar Union, British royalty, born 05/03/1459

Niccolò Machiavelli Italian politician and political theorist., philosopher, born 05/03/1469

Boguslaw Radziwill born 05/03/1620


Caspar Wolf Swiss painter, born 05/03/1735

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès French abbé and statesman, born 05/03/1748

William Windham office holder, born 05/03/1750

Madame Elisabeth of France ROYALTY, British royalty, born 05/03/1764

Leonard White congressman, born 05/03/1767

Charles Tennant Businessperson, chemist, industrialist, born 05/03/1768

Agustin Eyzaguirre president, born 05/03/1768

Jose Riva Aguero office holder, born 05/03/1783

Henry Hubbard office holder, born 05/03/1784

Vicente López y Planes Argentine writer and politician, president, born 05/03/1785

Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo saint, born 05/03/1786

Elie A. F. La Vallette United States Navy admiral, military person, born 05/03/1790

Rufus P. Spalding congressman, born 05/03/1798

George Bax Holmes Quaker and fossil collector, born 05/03/1803

William Thomas Denison Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land and Governor of New South Wales, prime minister, born 05/03/1804

Lot Morrill office holder, born 05/03/1813

Adams George Archibald politician, born 05/03/1814

Wilmer Maclean grocer, born 05/03/1814

Montgomery Meigs Union Army general, military person, born 05/03/1816

Istvan Bitto president, born 05/03/1822

King Carl XV of Sweden & Norway ROYALTY, REIGNED 1859-72, British royalty, born 05/03/1826

Jean Antoine Ernest Constans POLITICIAN, AMBASSADOR, born 05/03/1833

Samuel Mayes Arnell Attorney, postmaster, superintendent of schools, politician, born 05/03/1833

John L. Gibbs office holder, born 05/03/1838

William H. Upham Union United States Army soldier, military person, born 05/03/1841

William Macknight United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/03/1842

William Lyne Wilson Confederate Army soldier, office holder, born 05/03/1843

Wilbur Olin Atwater American agricultural chemist; developer of the respiration calorimeter., scientist, born 05/03/1844

Edouard Adolphe Drumont JOURNALIST, POLITICIAN, ANTI-SEMITE, born 05/03/1844

Otto Butschli scientist, born 05/03/1848

Bernhard von Bulow chancellor, born 05/03/1849

George Alcorn Lawyer, member of parliament, born 05/03/1850

E. W. Howe Novelist, magazine and newspaper editor, born 05/03/1853

Otto Behaghel born 05/03/1854

Aleksander Zalewski botanist, born 05/03/1854

Fomalhaut ASTRONOMER, born 05/03/1854

George Gore Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 05/03/1857

James R Stratton office holder, born 05/03/1857

Alejandro Korn Argentine physician, psychiatrist, philosopher, reformist, politician, philosopher, born 05/03/1860

William Henry Belpitt United States Navy sailor and Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/03/1860

George Rich judge, born 05/03/1863

Henry Francis Bryan Governor of American Samoa, Naval officer, governor, born 05/03/1865

Jack Hearne cricketer, born 05/03/1867


John Edward Murphy United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/03/1869

Julia Arthur actor, born 05/03/1869

George Martin New Zealand cricketer, born 05/03/1869

Warren Jay Terhune Naval officer and Governor of American Samoa, Naval officer, governor, born 05/03/1869

Princess Helena Victoria Of Schleswig-Holstein British royalty, born 05/03/1870

Angel De Cora Ho-chunk painter and illustrator who taught art at the early 20th century, born 05/03/1871

Wallace Rider Farrington Journalist, governor, born 05/03/1871

Pavlo Skoropadsky president, born 05/03/1873


V. Walfrid Ekman scientist, born 05/03/1874

Ralph Earle United States Navy admiral, military person, born 05/03/1874

Karl Abraham PSYCHIATRIST, PSYCHOANALYST, born 05/03/1877

Arthur Graeme Slaght member of parliament, born 05/03/1877

Jean Chiappe MILITARY, GENERAL, POLITICIAN, AVIATOR, born 05/03/1878

McMaster, Fergus, Sir Businessman and entrepreneur, Businessman, soldier, born 05/03/1879

Pat Walsh Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 05/03/1879

Henri Rene Lenormand WRITER, PLAYWRIGHT, born 05/03/1882

Joe Hall ice hockey player, born 05/03/1882

Walter DeLeon Screenwriter, drug, born 05/03/1884

Yvonne de Bremond d'Ars WRITER, born 05/03/1884

Richard Oliver Gerow born 05/03/1885

Werner Bettenhauser MILITARY, ADMIRAL, born 05/03/1886


Ebba Thomsen Actress, actor, born 05/03/1887

Beulah Bondi Actor, Actress, actor, born 05/03/1888

Clara Williams Actress, actor, born 05/03/1888

Blane Nathaniel Sexton Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 05/03/1891

Henri Silvain Rolin POLITICIAN, SECRETARY OF STATE, born 05/03/1891

Eppa Rixey baseball player, born 05/03/1891

Thomas John Bentley agrologist, farmer, organizer, member of parliament, born 05/03/1891

Martin Grase German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 05/03/1891

George Paget Thomson English Physicist, scientist, born 05/03/1892

Jacob Viner born 05/03/1892

Janos Gyongyosi office holder, born 05/03/1893


Vengalil Krishnan Krishna Menon LAWYER, POLITICIAN, EDITOR, born 05/03/1896

Dodie Smith Novelist, Playwright, writer, born 05/03/1896

V. K. Krishna Menon office holder, born 05/03/1896

Golda Meir Prime Minister of Israel, canal, born 05/03/1898

Antoine Balpêtré Actor, actor, born 05/03/1898

Septima Poinsette Clark TEACHER, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST, born 05/03/1898

Aline MacMahon Actor, actor, born 05/03/1899

Richard Finsterwalder GEODESIST, SURVEYOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/03/1899

Juliette Compton actor, born 05/03/1899

Jean Carlu ARTIST, PAINTER, born 05/03/1900

Madame Billy BROTHEL KEEPER, born 05/03/1901

Gino Cervi STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/03/1901

Philippe Pares MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 05/03/1901

Giuseppe Aliberti soccer player, born 05/03/1901

Walter Slezak Actor, actor, born 05/03/1902

Hugo Friedhofer MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, ARRANGER, born 05/03/1902

Alfred Kastler PHYSICIST, NOBEL PRIZE/PHYSICS 1966, scientist, born 05/03/1902

Jack LaRue STAGE/FILM ACTOR, RESTAURATEUR, born 05/03/1902

Yan Le Quellec GOLFER, born 05/03/1902

Seton I. Miller SCREENWRITER, FILM PRODUCER, ACTOR, born 05/03/1902

Bing Crosby Singer, actor, musical artist, born 05/03/1903

George Richard Briggs Footballer, soccer player, born 05/03/1903

Ferdinand Adams soccer player, born 05/03/1903

Ming Wang president, born 05/03/1904

Roberto Agramonte born 05/03/1904

Francis De Erdely artist, born 05/03/1904

Red Ruffing baseball player, born 05/03/1905

Duke Albrecht Of Bavaria British royalty, born 05/03/1905

Adelino da Palma Carlos prime minister, born 05/03/1905

Mary Astor Actress, author, Actress, actor, born 05/03/1906

Anna Roosevelt Halsted AUTHOR OF CHILDREN'S BOOKS, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/03/1906

Rene Huyghe WRITER, ART CRITIC, ART HISTORIAN, born 05/03/1906

Enrique A. Laguerre writer, poet, critic, teacher, writer, born 05/03/1906

Johnmichael Macdonald office holder, born 05/03/1906

Douglas Reginald Berry Australian politician, Butcher, member of parliament, born 05/03/1907


Earl Wilson GOSSIP COLUMNIST, born 05/03/1907

Edgar Lustgarten novelist and journalist, writer, born 05/03/1907

Dorothy Young Assistant to Harry Houdini and stage actress, actor, born 05/03/1907

Jack Zander Animator, born 05/03/1908

John A. Notte governor, born 05/03/1909

Frank Butler american football player, born 05/03/1909

Crox Alvarado Actor, drug, born 05/03/1910

Norman Corwin Writer and professor, born 05/03/1910

Virgil Fox MUSICIAN, ORGANIST, born 05/03/1912

May Sarton POET, AUTHOR, NOVELIST, LESBIAN, born 05/03/1912

May Sarton born 05/03/1912

Paul Gehrman baseball player, born 05/03/1912

Piotr Belousov Artist, artist, born 05/03/1912

Sheila Birkenhead AUTHOR, born 05/03/1913


Dick Ebdon soccer player, born 05/03/1913

Leo Morgan born 05/03/1913

Joyce Barkhouse writer, born 05/03/1913

Costantino Sala soccer player, born 05/03/1913

Armando Bo actor, born 05/03/1914

Georges Emmanuel Clancier WRITER, JOURNALIST, LITERARY CRITIC, POET, born 05/03/1914

Genevieve Guitry ACTRESS, born 05/03/1914

Itsuo Tsuda Aikido teacher and philosopher, born 05/03/1914

Josef Bremm military person, born 05/03/1914

Eugen-Ludwig Zweigart military person, born 05/03/1914

Richard Lippold ARTIST, SCULPTOR, born 05/03/1915

Stu Hart wrestler, born 05/03/1915

Lydia Ugoini Italian author, Writer, writer, born 05/03/1915


Henry B. Gonzalez congressman, born 05/03/1916

Ken Silvestri baseball player, born 05/03/1916

Otto Dommeratzky German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 05/03/1916

Albert James Penberthy Twentieth century Australian composer and journalist, born 05/03/1917

Leopoldo Trieste Actor, drug, born 05/03/1917

Maxine Gates Actor, Actress, actor, born 05/03/1917

Albrecht Fleckenstein PHYSIOLOGIST, PHARMACOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 05/03/1917

Betty Comden Actress/Screenwriter, actor, born 05/03/1917

Kiro Gligorov president, born 05/03/1917

Betty Comden PLAYWRIGHT, LYRICIST, SCREENWRITER, born 05/03/1918

Ted Bates soccer manager, born 05/03/1918

Augusto Petro born 05/03/1918

Joe Casey Fish plant operator, steamship pilot, politician, politician, born 05/03/1918

Pete Seeger MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, SINGER, GUITARIST, BANJOIST, Singer-songwriter, activist, musical artist, born 05/03/1919

Reg Allen soccer player, born 05/03/1919

Gil Steinke born 05/03/1919

Charles F. Bowman born 05/03/1919

Sugar Ray Robinson BOXER, PHILANTHROPIST, born 02/19/1940

John Lewis musical artist, born 05/03/1920

Dan Bankhead baseball player, born 05/03/1920

Achala Sachdev actor, born 05/03/1920

Horst Rudat military person, born 05/03/1920

Sugar Ray Robinson Hall of Fame American pugilist, boxer, born 05/03/1921

Walter Starcke METAPHYSICAL AUTHOR, born 05/03/1921

Sergio Andreoli SOCCER PLAYER, born 05/03/1922

Len Shackleton soccer player, born 05/03/1922

Vasco Goncalves prime minister, born 05/03/1922

Harry M Caudill Author, historian, lawyer, legislator, and environmentalist, writer, born 05/03/1922

Ernest Groth baseball player, born 05/03/1922

Sergio Andreoli soccer player, born 05/03/1922

Mary Mackenzie British Actress, Actress, actor, born 05/03/1922

Ralph Hall attorney, congressman, born 05/03/1923

Renato Balestra FASHION DESIGNER, born 05/03/1924

Thomas Bibb Hayward MILITARY, VICE ADMIRAL, born 05/03/1924

Yehuda Amichai born 05/03/1924

Thomas B. Hayward military person, born 05/03/1924

Ken Kearney rugby player, born 05/03/1924

Tom Ohorgan Theatre director, composer, actor, actor, born 05/03/1924

Robert Jonquet SOCCER PLAYER, born 05/03/1925

Robert Jonquet soccer manager, born 05/03/1925

Charles Pierce Davey boxer, born 05/03/1925

Ann B. Davis STAGE/TV ACTRESS, COMEDIENNE, born 01/26/1944


Milton Santos scientist, born 05/03/1926

Jimmy Cleveland musical artist, born 05/03/1926

Mel Lazarus CARTOONIST, born 05/03/1927

Bob Davis american football player, born 05/03/1927

Brown, James Joseph, Jr. Singer, songwriter, record producer, Entertainer, musician, songwriter, dancer, bandleader, record producer, rapper, musical artist, born 05/03/1928

Dave Dudley Singer, musical artist, born 05/03/1928

Jacques-Louis Lions scientist, born 05/03/1928

Jeanne Bal actor, born 05/03/1928

Carlo Palazzi Fashion designer, born 05/03/1928

Richard Arnowitt scientist, born 05/03/1928

George Eckstein actor, born 05/03/1928

Louis Edward Gelineau born 05/03/1928

Arthur Berckmans comics creator, born 05/03/1929

Billy Cross american football player, born 05/03/1929

Armando Segato SOCCER PLAYER, born 05/03/1930

William Edwin Franklin Seventh bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Davenport, Iowa, USA., born 05/03/1930

Richard Leroy Walters homeless philantropist, born 05/03/1931


Hirokazu Kanazawa Martial artist, born 05/03/1931

Joe Layton Choreographer, dancer, actor, born 05/03/1931

Jose Ortiz Pino NEW MEXICO BRUJO, SHAMAN, born 05/03/1932

Robert Osborne TCM Host, born 05/03/1932

Steven Weinberg Physicist, scientist, born 05/03/1933

Alex Cord Actor, actor, born 05/03/1933

Ernie Alexander Educator, businessman, office holder, born 05/03/1933

Henry Cooper BOXER, born 05/03/1934

Georges Moustaki POP SINGER, born 05/03/1934

Frankie Valli SINGER, born 05/03/1934

Giulio Brogi Actor, drug, born 05/03/1935

Asen Kisimov Actor, drug, born 05/03/1936

Jonathan Weiss Author and academic, Professor, Biographer, Author, Academic Administrator, Interpreter, writer, born 05/03/1937

Louis Tobback POLITICIAN, born 05/03/1938

Napoleon 14 musical artist, born 05/03/1938

Agnaldo Rayol musical artist, born 05/03/1938

Gates Brown BASEBALL PLAYER, born 05/03/1939

Michel Roussin POLITICIAN, MINISTER, born 05/03/1939

Dennis Oneil comics creator, born 05/03/1939

Clemens Westerhof Dutch football manager; managed Nigerian national team, winning African Cup of Nations; also managed Zimbabwean national team and top division teams in Belgium, Zimbabwe and South Africa, soccer manager, born 05/03/1940

Ron Brown POLITICIAN, M.P. (LABOUR) FOR LEITH, born 05/03/1940

David H. Koch Executive vice president Koch Industries, born 05/03/1940

John Bragg born 05/03/1940

Richard D. Robinson FOOTBALL PLAYER, born 05/03/1941

Olli Viiri ARTIST, PAINTER, born 05/03/1941

Nona Gaprindashvili born 05/03/1941

Peter F. Martin office holder, born 05/03/1941

Malcolm Beard Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/03/1942

Ron Eisenberg RADIO TALK SHOW HOST, born 05/03/1942

Jean Marie Vidal PHARMACIST, NAVIGATOR, born 05/03/1942

C. L. Otter governor, born 05/03/1942

Niall Fennelly judge, born 05/03/1942

Jim Risch office holder, born 05/03/1943

Robert Thomas DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, born 05/03/1944

Robert G. Marshall Consultant, office holder, born 05/03/1944

Rusty Wier musical artist, born 05/03/1944

Jean-François Davy Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 05/03/1945

Davey Lopes baseball player, born 05/03/1945

Terry Odea born 05/03/1945

Zygmunt Maszczyk soccer player, born 05/03/1945

Humberto Nunez soccer player, born 05/03/1945

Tim Fischer Australian politician, office holder, born 05/03/1946

Ronnie Harold Terpening American writer and educator, author, professor of Italian, writer, born 05/03/1946

Silvino Francisco born 05/03/1946

Paul Partain actor, born 05/03/1946

Greg Gumbel Sportscaster, journalist, born 05/03/1946

Jean Auclair office holder, born 05/03/1946


John Hamill actor, born 05/03/1947

John Little gridiron football player, born 05/03/1947

Imre Konya office holder, born 05/03/1947

Peter Oosterhuis GOLFER, born 05/03/1948

Chris Mulkey actor, born 05/03/1948

Manny Babbitt Convicted killer, Vietnam veteran, criminal, born 05/03/1949

Albert Sacco, Jr. CHEMICAL ENGINEER, ASTRONAUT, born 05/03/1949

Ron Wyden LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. REP (DEM OR), Legal services executive, senator, born 05/03/1949

Ron Canada Actor, actor, born 05/03/1949

Liam Donaldson office holder, born 05/03/1949

Jeffrey Lundgren self-proclaimed prophet, criminal, born 05/03/1950

Alan Scarfe Ninth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa., born 05/03/1950

Alex Dampier Ice hockey player; Ice hockey coach, ice hockey player, born 05/03/1951

Christopher Cross MUSICIAN, POP SINGER, GUITARIST, born 05/03/1951

Jan Krzysztof Bielecki office holder, born 05/03/1951

Tony Cornish office holder, born 05/03/1951

Richard Harned artist, born 05/03/1951

Caitlin Clarke actor, instructor, actor, born 05/03/1952

Claudio Edinger Brazilian photographer, artist, born 05/03/1952

Keiji Haino musical artist, born 05/03/1952

Diana Hagee Chief of Staff, John Hagee Ministries, San Antonio, Texas, born 05/03/1952

Toni Naples actor, born 05/03/1952

Matt Benson-Lidholm office holder, born 05/03/1952

Jake Hooker Musician, born 05/03/1953

Gary Young musical artist, born 05/03/1953

Denis Pronovost member of parliament, born 05/03/1953

Peter Duncan actor, born 05/03/1954

Patricia Macclain Playboy Playmate, born 05/03/1954

Jim Morris Oil and natural gas business, office holder, born 05/03/1954

David Hookes Cricketer, cricketer, born 05/03/1955

Kirsty Wark POLITICAL TV JOURNALIST, born 05/03/1955

Jing Wong artist, born 05/03/1955

Zena Tooze born 05/03/1955

S. Chandrasena office holder, born 05/03/1955

Joe Petro Sculptor, printmaker, artist, born 05/03/1956

Natalya Andrejchenko Actress, born 05/03/1956

Akio Toyoda President and CEO,, born 05/03/1956

Jeffrey Gardere Psychologist, born 05/03/1956

Jo Brand Comedian, comedian, born 05/03/1957

James F. Gennaro office holder, born 05/03/1957

Yasuhiko Fukuda Composer, arranger, producr, keyboardist,, musical artist, born 05/03/1957

George Campbell soccer manager, born 05/03/1957

Aleksandr Bokiy soccer manager, born 05/03/1957

Sarah Steelman Politician, State Treasurer of Missouri, politician, born 05/03/1958

Bill Sienkiewicz comics creator, born 05/03/1958

Kevin Kilner Film and Television Actor, actor, born 05/03/1958

Susanna Kwan Singer, Actress, actor, born 05/03/1958

Joe Oteng-Adjei Minister for Energy, office holder, born 05/03/1958

Jannis Zotos born 05/03/1958

Shigeru Kan-no Japanese composer and conductor, born 05/03/1959

James Lebon British film and music video director, born 05/03/1959

David Ball of SOFT CELL MUSICIAN, born 05/03/1959

David Bell of SOFT CELL MUSICIAN, KEYBOARDIST, born 05/03/1959


Geraint Davies politician, born 05/03/1960

Amy Steel actor, born 05/03/1960

Derek Abbott scientist, born 05/03/1960

Beth Mackenzie politician, born 05/03/1960

Mark Thomas Miller actor, born 05/03/1960

Alan Thomson Musician, musical artist, born 05/03/1960

David Bruce Vitter U.S. Senator from Louisiana, Attorney, senator, born 05/03/1961

Ewa Björling Politician, Physician, politician, born 05/03/1961

Joe Murray Animator, Television producer, Writer, actor, born 05/03/1961

Anders Graneheim A Swedish bodybuilder, model, born 05/03/1962

Shakila Singer, musical artist, born 05/03/1962

John Carter Ice Hockey Player, ice hockey player, born 05/03/1963

Jeffrey Hornacek BASKETBALL PLAYER, GUARD, born 05/03/1963

Ahu Tugba Actress, actor, born 05/03/1963

Ron Hextall ice hockey player, born 05/03/1964

Sterling Campbell Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/03/1964

Suraj Singh office holder, born 05/03/1964

Michael Marshall Smith British author, Author, writer, born 05/03/1965

Rob Brydon Actor, comedian, radio presenter, born 05/03/1965

Nina Garcia Fashion Journalist, journalist, born 05/03/1965

Tony Wegas singer actor, actor, born 05/03/1965

Wahid Shams Kolahi scientist, born 05/03/1965

Peter Abbay Actor, actor, born 05/03/1966

Rob Astorino Politician, Broadcaster, Radio Producer, politician, born 05/03/1967

Jay Darlington of KULA SHAKER MUSICIAN, KEYBOARDIST, born 05/03/1968

Bob Glouberman Actor/Voice actor, actor, born 05/03/1968

Nina Paley comics creator, born 05/03/1968

Caprioglio actor, born 05/03/1968

Daniel Ralph Iassogna Major League Baseball umpire, born 05/03/1969

Daryl F. Mallett Publisher, Editor, Short story writer, Screenwriter, Columnist, Actor, Producer, writer, born 05/03/1969

Lou Bonnevie pop rock, actor, born 05/03/1969

Suzi Perry Television presenter, born 05/03/1970

Douglas Carswell member of parliament, born 05/03/1971

Bill Postmus politician, born 05/03/1971

Kseniya Kachalina Actress, actor, born 05/03/1971

Reza Aslan Writer, scholar, Writer, Scholar, writer, born 05/03/1972

Marnie Alexenburg Actress, actor, born 05/03/1972

David Vincent Voice Actor, actor, born 05/03/1972

Brad Martin Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 05/03/1973

Ritch Workman office holder, born 05/03/1973

Rea Garvey Irish musician, Musician, musical artist, born 05/03/1973

Zoltan Gal J. office holder, born 05/03/1973

Christophe Detilloux Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/03/1974

Zakhar Pashutin Russian basketball player, born 05/03/1974

Christina Hendricks American actress, Actress, actor, born 05/03/1975

Courtney Allison Schultz NOTED FAMILY, born 05/03/1975

Dule Hill actor, born 05/03/1975

Valentino Lanus actor, born 05/03/1975

Willie Geist Television personality, journalist, born 05/03/1975

Jonas Ball Film, television actor, actor, born 05/03/1975

Alfonso De Nigris actor, born 05/03/1976

Jamie Moffett Director, producer, born 05/03/1976

Joel Smith born 05/03/1977

Eric Church Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 05/03/1977

Susan Oconnor born 05/03/1977

Jon Elrod office holder, born 05/03/1977

Aram Bedrosian musical artist, born 05/03/1977

Autumn Patricia Phillips Wife of Peter Phillips, who is the only son of The Princess Anne, The Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips, and the eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh., born 05/03/1978

Eric Pacey Lacrosse player, born 05/03/1978

Paul Banks musical artist, born 05/03/1978

Eli Degibri saxophonist, composer, arranger, bandleader, musical artist, born 05/03/1978

Michal Pospisil Czech footballer, soccer player, born 05/03/1979

Genevieve Nnaji Actress, Model, Singer, actor, born 05/03/1979

Lexy singer, rapper, musical artist, born 05/03/1979

Chus Bravo soccer player, born 05/03/1979

Annemieke Schollaardt born 05/03/1979

PRITIPAL SINGH Rapper, Rapper, Singer, musical artist, born 05/03/1980

Zuzana Ondraskova tennis player, born 05/03/1980

Janine Mellor Actor, actor, born 05/03/1980

Benoit Cheyrou French footballer (soccer), soccer player, born 05/03/1981

U;Nee Singer, actor, Actress, Singer, Dancer, Rapper, musical artist, born 05/03/1981

Gillian Shaw NOTED FAMILY, born 05/03/1981

Charlie Brooks Actress, actor, born 05/03/1981

Natalie Tong Actress, actor, born 05/03/1981

Murilo Endres born 05/03/1981

Suradej Saotaisong soccer player, born 05/03/1981

Lenadro Teofilo soccer player, born 05/03/1981

R. J. Umberger ice hockey player, born 05/03/1982

Tobias Rathgeb soccer player, born 05/03/1982

Ivano Ciano soccer player, born 05/03/1983

Cheryl Burke born 05/03/1984

Nam Sang Mi Actress, model, born 05/03/1984

Pez musical artist, born 05/03/1984

Zulkifli Syukur soccer player, born 05/03/1984

Christian Kux Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/03/1985

Chris Leak American college football player, professional football player, quarterback, BCS National Champion, Grey Cup champion, gridiron football player, born 05/03/1985

Ruben Rivera Corral soccer player, born 05/03/1985

Snigdha Akolkar Model/Actress, actor, born 05/03/1985

Pooja Chopra born 05/03/1985

Marian Carja Romanian footballer, soccer player, born 05/03/1987

Anders Lindback ice hockey player, born 05/03/1988

Sara Ghulam born 05/03/1989

Zuzana Snow model, born 05/03/1989

Selah Sue Musician, musical artist, born 05/03/1989

Jesse Bromwich rugby player, born 05/03/1989

Zoe Belkin Actress, born 05/03/1993

Augustine Ann Brooks NOTED FAMILY, born 05/03/1994