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Henry 01 Of France British royalty, born 05/04/1008

King Joao II of Portugal ROYALTY, born 05/04/1455

Alice Spencer born 05/04/1559

Augustinus Terwesten artist, born 05/04/1649

Francoise Marie De Bourbon British royalty, born 05/04/1677

Hieronim Florian Radziwill born 05/04/1715

Jean Charles De Borda scientist, born 05/04/1733

John Brooks governor, born 05/04/1752

Nikolay Lvov architect, born 05/04/1753

Sri Thyagaraja MUSICIAN, MASTER OF SOUTH INDIAN MUSIC, born 05/04/1767

Tyagaraja Carnatic Composer, musical artist, born 05/04/1767

Richard Bourke office holder, born 05/04/1777

Jose Gregorio Monagas president, born 05/04/1795

Joseph Pannell Taylor Union United States Army general, military person, born 05/04/1796

William Hickling Prescott HISTORIAN, born 05/04/1796

Horace Mann College President, born 05/04/1796

William Pennington office holder, born 05/04/1796

Charles Wentworth Upham congressman, born 05/04/1802

Dixon Miles Union Army officer, born 05/04/1804

Gurdon Buck scientist, born 05/04/1807

John W. Stevenson 19th century American state and federal politician, office holder, born 05/04/1812

Auguste Francois Ravier ARTIST, PAINTER, born 05/04/1814

John W. Houston office holder, born 05/04/1814

John Whiteaker governor, born 05/04/1820

Charles Boucher de Boucherville president, born 05/04/1822

Peel, Robert, 3rd Baronet office holder, born 05/04/1822

Thomas Henry Huxley BIOLOGIST, PHYSICIAN, ESSAYIST, NOTED FAMILY, scientist, born 05/04/1825

Thomas Henry Huxley BIOLOGIST, PHYSICIAN, ESSAYIST, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/04/1825

Augustus Le Plongeon antiquarian and amateur archaeologist, writer, born 05/04/1825

Frederic Edwin Church artist, born 05/04/1826

John Speke Officer and Explorer, born 05/04/1827

Hugh Macdonald office holder, born 05/04/1827

Samuel L. Montague office holder, born 05/04/1829

John Armour office holder, born 05/04/1830

John Calvin Fiser Confederate Army general, military person, born 05/04/1838

George Gray office holder, born 05/04/1840

Henry E. Turner office holder, born 05/04/1842

Louis Henry Davies office holder, born 05/04/1845

Thomas Ferens Politician, Industrialist, Philanthropist, politician, born 05/04/1847

Winfield T. Durbin politician, born 05/04/1847

Jyotirindranath Tagore Playwright, musician, editor and painter, born 05/04/1849

Henrietta Barnett Humanitarian, activist, writer, born 05/04/1851

Thomas Dewing artist, born 05/04/1851

Alice Liddell born 05/04/1852

Lawrence Maxwell born 05/04/1853

Jim Shanley Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 05/04/1854

Emil Nikolaus Freiherr von Reznicek Austrian late Romantic composer, born 05/04/1860

Hans Georg Friedrich Groß German balloonist and airship constructor, military person, born 05/04/1860

Enrico Caviglia Marshal of Italy, military person, born 05/04/1862

Alimardan Topchubashov Lawyer, politician, born 05/04/1862

Charles S. Deneen office holder, born 05/04/1863

Thomas Ray Hamer congressman, born 05/04/1864

Clarence D. Van Duzer congressman, born 05/04/1864

David John Gordon Journalist, member of parliament, born 05/04/1865

Kennedy Jones Journalist, editor, journalist, born 05/04/1865

Ricardo Acevedo Bernal artist, born 05/04/1867

Alexander Mitchell Palmer American politician, office holder, born 05/04/1872

Omer Letorey MUSICIAN, ORGANIST, COMPOSER, born 05/04/1873

Bernhard Hoetger German sculptor, painter and handicrafts artist of the Expressionist movement, born 05/04/1874

John Halligan military person, born 05/04/1876

Henry W. Goddard judge, born 05/04/1876

Harry Herbert Miller United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/04/1879

Werner Boy scientist, born 05/04/1879

Kemin Wang politician, born 05/04/1879

Clairvoyant CLAIRVOYANT, born 05/04/1881

Alexander Kerensky office holder, born 05/04/1881

Wang Chung-wei POLITICIAN, president, born 05/04/1883

Thomas William Bird clergyman, member of parliament, born 05/04/1883

John Donelson Sr Martin United States federal judge, born 05/04/1883

Frits Lugt artist, born 05/04/1884

David Thompson actor, born 05/04/1884

Hans Stohwasser military person, born 05/04/1884

Teddy Buist born 05/04/1885

William Durrand military person, born 05/04/1885

Shelton Brooks popular music and jazz composer, writer, born 05/04/1886

Charles Lydiard Aubrey Abbott Australian politician, Jackeroo, soldier, member of parliament, born 05/04/1886

Robert Nugen Wilkin United States federal judge, born 05/04/1886

Henry George Ivatt born 05/04/1886

Andrew Dasburg artist, born 05/04/1887

Francis Cardinal Spellman ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, CARDINAL, GAY, born 05/04/1889

Stephen M. Young senator, born 05/04/1889

Franklin Carmichael artist, born 05/04/1890

Ivan Wischnegradsky LAWYER, MUSICIAN, AVANT GARDE COMPOSER, THEORIST, born 05/04/1893

Edgar Dearing actor, born 05/04/1893

Jeno Ghyczy office holder, born 05/04/1893

Rene Mayer POLITICIAN, PREMIER OF FRANCE 1953, BUSINESS EXEC, prime minister, born 05/04/1895

Robert Odell Art director, drug, born 05/04/1896

Oliver Frederick Stanley office holder, born 05/04/1896

Alton Ochsner born 05/04/1896

María Corda Actor, actor, born 05/04/1898

Joy Hancock military person, born 05/04/1898

Jerzy Bajan Polish aviator, born 05/04/1901

George Moorhouse soccer player, born 05/04/1901

Aubrey Gibson businessman, born 05/04/1901

Jimmy Haydon soccer player, born 05/04/1901

Mona Mårtenson Actor, drug, born 05/04/1902

Ronnie Aird cricketer, born 05/04/1902

Erwin Roestel military person, born 05/04/1902

Luther Adler STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 05/04/1903

Elmer Layden born 05/04/1903

Princess Anna Of Saxony British royalty, born 05/04/1903

Guenther Sachs German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 05/04/1903


Josef Pieper philosopher, born 05/04/1904

Al Dexter Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 05/04/1905

Akhtar Sheerani Urdu poet, writer, born 05/04/1905

Esmond Knight Actor, dialogue coach, actor, born 05/04/1906

Oliver Gasch United States federal judge, born 05/04/1906

Maxence Van der Meersch LAWYER, WRITER, NOVELIST, JOURNALIST, born 05/04/1907

Howard Da Silva Actor, actor, born 05/04/1909

Pierre Satre AVIATOR, born 05/04/1909

Margaret Mary Masterman Linguist, scientist, born 05/04/1910


Barry Wood gridiron football player, born 05/04/1910

Edgar Jones rugby player, born 05/04/1910

Kurt Fimmen military person, born 05/04/1911

Bernard A. Clarey United States Navy admiral, military person, born 05/04/1912

Britta Brunius Actor, drug, born 05/04/1912

Cyriel Van Overberghe CYCLIST, born 05/04/1912

Sid Gautreaux baseball player, born 05/04/1912

Allaire Du Pont Aviatrix, born 05/04/1913

Hisaya Morishige Actor, composer, lyricist, announcer, actor, born 05/04/1913

Antonio Lopez Herranz soccer manager, born 05/04/1913

Grant Deachman office holder, born 05/04/1913

Frankie Covelli boxer, born 05/04/1913

Hans Traupe military person, born 05/04/1913

Albrecht von Boxberg German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 05/04/1913

Emmanuel Robles AUTHOR, PLAYWRIGHT, NOVELIST, born 05/04/1914

Hugo Butler born 05/04/1914

Bert Tann soccer manager, born 05/04/1914

Sam Baum soccer player, born 05/04/1914

Moshe Dayan MILITARY, GENERAL, POLITICIAN, AUTHOR, born 05/04/1915

Florian Marciniak born 05/04/1915

Curt Conway actor, born 05/04/1915

Ran Laurie Physician, born 05/04/1915

Dick Witham soccer player, born 05/04/1915

Jane Jacobs Writer, Urban theorist, writer, born 05/04/1916

Henry Garrioch governor, born 05/04/1916

Elliot Montroll scientist, born 05/04/1916

Alexander Ratiu Priest in Giurtelecu Şimleului,, born 05/04/1916

Josef Wurmheller German World War II fighter pilot, military person, born 05/04/1917

Thomas Francis Mead Australian politician and journalist, born 05/04/1918

Kakuei Tanaka office holder, born 05/04/1918

Albert William Baker born 05/04/1918

Dory Funk wrestler, born 05/04/1919

Cyril Stanley Bamberger military person, born 05/04/1919

Regis Charlet SKI CHAMPION, born 05/04/1920

Bob Johnson Actor, actor, born 05/04/1920

Luis Alberto Pedemonte soccer player, born 05/04/1920

Klaus Bretschneider German fighter ace and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 05/04/1920

Mathukumalli Venkata Subbarao Mathematician, born 05/04/1921


Frederick A. Shannon herpetologist and medical doctor, born 05/04/1921

Patsy Garrett Actress, actor, born 05/04/1921

Norman Sillman born 05/04/1921

Harry Riebauer Actor, actor, born 05/04/1921

John Paul Hammerschmidt Entrepreneur, office holder, born 05/04/1922

Eugenie Clark born 05/04/1922

Eric Sykes Scriptwriter, comic actor, comedian, born 05/04/1923

Guy Warren Ghanian musician / drummer, Singer-songwriter, arranger, actor, record producer, musical artist, born 05/04/1923

Sir Charles Graham Irving POLITICIAN, M.P., born 05/04/1923

Douglas Stephen ARCHITECT, born 05/04/1923

Ed Cassidy musical artist, born 05/04/1923

Gillis William Long Investment banker, office holder, born 05/04/1923

Assi Rahbani musical artist, born 05/04/1923

Godfrey Quigley actor, born 05/04/1923

Will Inman Poet, writer, born 05/04/1923


Prince Michael Feodorovich Of Russia British royalty, born 05/04/1924

Astrid Gräfin von Hardenberg Chairperson of the Carl-Hans von Hardenberg Foundation, born 05/04/1925

Olive Osmond actor, born 05/04/1925

Maurice R. Greenberg lawyer and insurance executive, born 05/04/1925

Luis Herrera Campins president, born 05/04/1925

Jeno Buzanszky soccer manager, born 05/04/1925

Dave Macintosh soccer player, born 05/04/1925

Peter Blum Poet, writer, born 05/04/1925

Syed Ahmad Bin Syed Mahmud Shahabuddin president, born 05/04/1925

David Allan Bromley Canadian-American physicist, scientist, born 05/04/1926

Kenneth Hopper Management History Author, born 05/04/1926

Enzo Garinei Actor, drug, born 05/04/1926

Milton Orville Thompson Test Pilot, astronaut, born 05/04/1926

Abner Wimberly gridiron football player, born 05/04/1926

Valeriano Lopez soccer player, born 05/04/1926

Bert Thiel baseball player, born 05/04/1926

Peter G. Ossorio philosopher, born 05/04/1926

Peter H. Boenisch JOURNALIST, NEWSPAPER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, born 05/04/1927

Terry Scott actor, comedian, born 05/04/1927

Herbie Martin cricketer, born 05/04/1927

Maynard Ferguson Jazz trumpet player; Bandleader, Bandleader, trumpeter, musical artist, born 05/04/1928

Betsy Rawls GOLFER, golf player, born 05/04/1928

Lorenzo Rocci BOXER, born 05/04/1928

Joseph Tydings senator, born 05/04/1928

Lawrence G. Rawl United States Marine, Chairman & CEO at Exxon, born 05/04/1928

Cyril Connell Former rugby league player in Australia, former scout for Brisbane Broncos, rugby player, born 05/04/1928

Audrey Hepburn actress, Actress, actor, born 05/04/1929

Ernie Bond Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/04/1929

Manuel Contreras criminal, born 05/04/1929

Ronald Golias actor, born 05/04/1929

Raymond Grassi BOXER, born 05/04/1930

Roberta Peters OPERA SINGER, COLORATURA SOPRANO, born 05/04/1930

Ed Cassady of SPIRIT MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 05/04/1931

Giorgio Dal Monte SOCCER PLAYER, born 05/04/1931

Gennady Nikolayevich Rozhdestvensky MUSICIAN, CONDUCTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/04/1931

Bruce Haack Musician, Producer, musical artist, born 05/04/1931

Don Laughlin Gambling Entrepreneur, born 05/04/1931

S. Paul Ehrlich, Jr. PHYSICIAN, GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, born 05/04/1932

Nella Jones PSYCHIC, born 05/04/1932

Ivor Wood Stop-motion animator, born 05/04/1932

Sid Watson gridiron football player, born 05/04/1932

Edward Roy Becker United States federal judge, judge, born 05/04/1933

Fred Baden Politician, Master Plumber, mayor, born 05/04/1934

Patrick Odonoghue born 05/04/1934

Donald Friedman MUSICIAN, PIANIST, COMPOSER, EDUCATOR, born 05/04/1935

Donald Calne scientist, born 05/04/1936

Dick Dale of THE DEL-TONES MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, BANDLEADER, SONGWRITER, Musician, Guitarist, musical artist, born 05/04/1937

Piroschka Muharay COMEDIAN, born 05/04/1937

Ron Carter musical artist, born 05/04/1937

Eleanor Coppola actor, born 05/04/1937

Kurt Huber Swiss singer, born 05/04/1937

Carlos Monsivais Prominent Mexican writer, Writer and journalist, writer, born 05/04/1938

American Federation of Astrologers FOUNDATION CHART OF AFA, born 05/04/1938

Neil Hartigan office holder, born 05/04/1938


Paul Gleason Actor, actor, born 05/04/1939

Robin Cook Novelist, ophthalmologist, aquanaut, Author, Ophthalmologist, Aquanaut, writer, born 05/04/1940

Lars Gunnar Åberg Swedish actor, musician, film director, and artist, Actor, artist, film director, musician, actor, born 05/04/1940

John Tiffen Patterson Television director, film director., actor, born 05/04/1940

Sean Barrett Voice actor, actor, born 05/04/1940

John Ridgeway comics creator, born 05/04/1940

Gordon McDougall THEATER DIRECTOR, born 05/04/1941

Alain Garcia RAPIST, "THE 100 WOMEN RAPIST", born 05/04/1942

Jeffrey Grayson Co-founder of Capitol Consultants, born 05/04/1942

Sam Pitroda Telecom engineer, inventor, development guru, entrepreneur, born 05/04/1942


Ronnie Bond of THE TROGGS MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 05/04/1943

Georgi Asparuhov soccer player, born 05/04/1943

Peter John Lindsay Australian politician, Journalist, member of parliament, born 05/04/1944

Paul Gleason ACTOR, born 05/04/1944

Russi Taylor Voice actress, actor, born 05/04/1944

Peggy Santiglia Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 05/04/1944

Jim Higgins politician, born 05/04/1945

Jan Mulder soccer player, born 05/04/1945

Rene Lachemann baseball player, born 05/04/1945

Monika Van Paemel writer, born 05/04/1945

Michael Porter born 05/04/1945

Garrett Sr. Ford american football player, born 05/04/1945

Renee Powell Professional golfer, golf player, born 05/04/1946

Cadou Gilles HOCKEY PLAYER, born 05/04/1946

Ville Komsi POLITICIAN, GREEN PARTY ACTIVIST, M.P., born 05/04/1946

Yves Lecoq ACTOR, MIMIC, born 05/04/1946

John Watson Formula One racer, born 05/04/1946

Colin Breed member of parliament, born 05/04/1947

John William Bosley member of parliament, born 05/04/1947

Richard Jenkins Actor, actor, born 05/04/1947

Butch Beard born 05/04/1947

Chris Baines born 05/04/1947

Lynn Winchell Playboy Playmate, born 05/04/1947

Dasari Narayana Rao Journalist, born 05/04/1947

E. Michael Jones Author, professor, editor, born 05/04/1948

Joseph F. Toomy Insurance broker, office holder, born 05/04/1948

Zal Cleminson of NAZARETH MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, Guitarist, musical artist, born 05/04/1949

John Force born 05/04/1949

Hilly Hicks character actor, actor, born 05/04/1950

Harald Paalgard Cinematographer, actor, born 05/04/1950

Sharon Joy Grierson Australian politician, Teacher, member of parliament, born 05/04/1951

Rolf de Heer Film director, writer, producer, Director, Producer and Writer, actor, born 05/04/1951

Jackie Jackson SINGER, NOTED FAMILY, Singer-songwriter, musician, dancer, musical artist, born 05/04/1951

James C. Greenwood congressman, born 05/04/1951

Mick Mars Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter, musical artist, born 05/04/1951

Colin Bass musical artist, born 05/04/1951

Pete Adams gridiron football player, born 05/04/1951

Antony Hamilton Actor, Model, Dancer, Actor, model, dancer, actor, born 05/04/1952

Michael Barrymore TV GAME SHOW HOST, QUIZ MASTER, GAY, born 05/04/1952

Chris Carter Secondary school teacher, member of parliament, born 05/04/1952

David Della Rocco actor, born 05/04/1952

Kevin Scarce governor, born 05/04/1952

Guoqiang Tang artist, born 05/04/1952

Barbel Hohn office holder, born 05/04/1952

Oleta Adams American singer, Singer, musical artist, born 05/04/1953

Henk Lubberding Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/04/1953

Lulu Santos Singer, guitarist, songwriter, music producer, musical artist, born 05/04/1953

Donald Gallinger Novelist, Short story writer, writer, born 05/04/1953

Pia Zadora Actress, singer, actor, born 05/04/1954

Waheed Mirza Pakistani cricketer, cricketer, born 05/04/1955

Michael L. Macdonald office holder, born 05/04/1955

Dalia Doksaite artist, born 05/04/1955

Kenneth Raymond Oberkfell Baseball player and manager, baseball player, born 05/04/1956

Pia Zadora ACTRESS, born 05/04/1956

David Guterson Novelist, short story writer, poet, journalist, and essayist, born 05/04/1956

Ubaldo Heredia Baseball starting pitcher, born 05/04/1956

Kevin Rooney American boxer and boxing trainer, born 05/04/1956

Arnold Lanni producer, musical artist, born 05/04/1956

Sharon Jones Musician, musical artist, born 05/04/1956

Marijke Vos politician, born 05/04/1957

Soozie Tyrell musical artist, born 05/04/1957

Stefan Harabin office holder, born 05/04/1957

Keith Haring ARTIST, PAINTER, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, GAY AIDS VICTIM, artist, born 05/04/1958

Jane Kennedy member of parliament, born 05/04/1958

Caroline Spelman office holder, born 05/04/1958

Dori J. Maynard journalist, born 05/04/1958

Michael Freytag office holder, born 05/04/1958

Maurizio Cheli ASTRONAUT, born 05/04/1959

Randy Travis MUSICIAN, C&W SINGER, GUITARIST, born 05/04/1959

Inger Nilsson actor, born 05/04/1959

Alice Randall author, songwriter, screenwriter, educator, writer, born 05/04/1959

Franco Baresi SOCCER PLAYER, born 05/04/1960

Gertrude Astor ACTRESS, born 05/04/1961

Rosca Monika actor, born 05/04/1961

Pyruz musical artist, born 05/04/1961

Herbert Vianna Singer, songwriter, guitarist, musical artist, born 05/04/1961

Tracy Vaccaro Playboy Playmate, born 05/04/1962

Tess Kingham member of parliament, born 05/04/1963

Sikhanyiso Ndlovu office holder, born 05/04/1963

George Charamba office holder, born 05/04/1963

Hiroshi Kojina artist, born 05/04/1963

Rocco Siffredi adult actor, born 05/04/1964

Joseph Gallagher born 05/04/1964

Wayne Lai artist, born 05/04/1964

Murray Macarthur Actor, actor, born 05/04/1966

Damon Packard Film director, actor, actor, born 05/04/1967

Matt Crane TV ACTOR, MODEL, SOAP STAR, Actor, actor, born 05/04/1967

Kate Garraway Journalist, presenter, journalist, born 05/04/1967

Akiko Yajima Seiyū, actor, born 05/04/1967

Ana Gasteyer Actress, actor, born 05/04/1967

Outi Alanne writer, born 05/04/1967

Anna Botting Newsreader, journalist, born 05/04/1967

Ken Rosato Journalist, journalist, born 05/04/1967

Haydar Zorlu actor, born 05/04/1967

Bion Tsang Cellist, Professor, musical artist, born 05/04/1967

Francesca Bortolozzi FOIL FENCER, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 05/04/1968

David A. Bader American computer scientist, scientist, born 05/04/1969

Luis Resto Producer, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/04/1969

Xiaoyan Zhuang Martial artist, Judo coach, born 05/04/1969

Karla Leanne Homolka serial killer, criminal, born 05/04/1970

Will Arnett Actor; Comedian, Actor, actor, born 05/04/1970

Sergio Basanez Actor, actor, born 05/04/1970

Li Lin born 05/04/1970

Juno Roxas Actor, Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Music producer, musical artist, born 05/04/1971

Jan Hoffmann soccer player, born 05/04/1971

Olia Lialina artist, born 05/04/1971

Dave Aronberg office holder, born 05/04/1971

Mike Dirnt Bass player; Rock Musician, Musician, Bassist, Songwriter, musical artist, born 05/04/1972

Troy Graves American serial rapist serving life sentence for 1998 murder of Shannon Schieber., maintenance worker, U.S. Air Force airman, criminal, born 05/04/1972

Chris Tomlin Singer, songwriter, instrumentalist worship leader, musical artist, born 05/04/1972

Ray Gonzalez wrestler, born 05/04/1972

Otis Deley TV presenter, actor, born 05/04/1973

Jake Bergey Lacrosse player, born 05/04/1974

Kenneth Ulman office holder, born 05/04/1974

Laci Peterson Murder victim, Substitute teacher, born 05/04/1975

Jonathan Moss Australian cricketer, cricketer, born 05/04/1975

Kimora Lee Simmons Model, actress, designer, CEO, author, model, born 05/04/1975

Bill Kendrick Software engineer, born 05/04/1975

Anza musical artist, born 05/04/1976

Heather Kozar Playboy Playmate, born 05/04/1976

Yasuhiro Hato soccer player, born 05/04/1976

Robinson Cancel baseball player, born 05/04/1976

Emily Perkins Actress, actor, born 05/04/1977

Ale Garza comics creator, born 05/04/1977

Spencer Krug musical artist, born 05/04/1977

Erin Andrews Television sports reporter for ESPN, journalist, born 05/04/1978

Daisuke Ono Seiyū, actor, born 05/04/1978

Sammul Chan Actor, singer, presenter, actor, born 05/04/1978

Matthew Shaffer actor, born 05/04/1978

Warren Barfield musical artist, born 05/04/1979

Hristo Yanev soccer player, born 05/04/1979

Darryl Gibson born 05/04/1979

Anni-Kristiina Juuso actor, born 05/04/1979

Nikola Jolovic soccer player, born 05/04/1979

Andrew Raycroft Canadian ice hockey goalie, ice hockey player, born 05/04/1980

Kristi Cline Playboy Playmate, born 05/04/1980

Sonja Kolacaric Actress, actor, born 05/04/1980

Cat Simmons Actress, actor, born 05/04/1980

David de la Fuente cyclist, born 05/04/1981

Mike Hominuck Lacrosse player, born 05/04/1981

Alexandr Kolobnev Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/04/1981

Vanessa Cardenas born 05/04/1981

Nathan Tyson Footballer, soccer player, born 05/04/1982

Kaiser Cement Corporation BUILDING MATERIALS/CEMENT CORPORATION, born 05/04/1982

Chad Macnamara Actor, actor, born 05/04/1982

Maura Murray born 05/04/1982

Georgios Tsiaras basketball player, born 05/04/1982

Auriel Antonio Gallardo soccer player, born 05/04/1982

Robert Zwinkels Professional football player, soccer player, born 05/04/1983

Carlos Javier Grossmüller Footballer, soccer player, born 05/04/1983

Trisha Krishnan Film actress, model, actor, born 05/04/1983

Jesse Moss Actor, actor, born 05/04/1983

Joao Mawete soccer player, born 05/04/1983

Manjural Islam Rana cricketer, born 05/04/1984

Enrico Cardoso Nazare soccer player, born 05/04/1984

Christian Howard born 05/04/1984

Daniel Wolf Austrian footballer, soccer player, born 05/04/1985

Anthony Fedorov Musician, musical artist, born 05/04/1985

Francesc Fàbregas Soler Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/04/1987

Jaime Peters football player, soccer player, born 05/04/1987

Alex Boone american football player, born 05/04/1987

Nastya Kamenskih musical artist, born 05/04/1987

Zhang Jingna artist, born 05/04/1988

Rory Macilroy golf player, born 05/04/1989

Aris Tatarounis basketball player, born 05/04/1989

Gabriel Davis Barreto NOTED FAMILY, born 05/04/1990

David Hasler soccer player, born 05/04/1990

Miles Guthrie Tomalin NOTED FAMILY, born 05/04/1992

Courtney Jines Actor, actor, born 05/04/1992

Shannon Lively Actor, born 05/04/1992

Ashley Rickards actor, born 05/04/1992

Pauline Grace Ducruet-Grimaldi NOTED FAMILY, born 05/04/1994

Princess Pauline of Monaco ROYALTY, born 05/04/1994