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Murakami monarch, born 06/02/ 926

Glarean poet and humanist, born 06/02/1488

Pope Leo XI ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, POPE, REIGNED 28 DAYS, pope, born 06/02/1535

Martha Washington First Lady of the United States, office holder, born 06/02/1731

Sir John Francis Edward Acton MILITARY, ADMIRAL, GENERAL, POLITICIAN, ADVENTURER, born 06/02/1737

Duke Ernest Augustus 02 Of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach British royalty, born 06/02/1737

Marquis de Sade Novelist, philosopher, Noble, writer, poet, critic, delegate to the National Convention, philosopher, writer, born 06/02/1740

Conte Alessandro di Cagliostro ADVENTURER, HYPNOTIST, FREEMASON, HERETIC, MEDIUM, born 06/02/1743

Wilhelm Cramer London violinist and conductor, born 06/02/1746

Martin Kinsley congressman, born 06/02/1754

Edward Brace British Royal Navy admiral, military person, born 06/02/1770

John Randolph senator, born 06/02/1773

William Bristol United States federal judge, born 06/02/1779

Reuel Williams senator, born 06/02/1783

Sefstrom scientist, born 06/02/1787

William Savin Fulton senator, born 06/02/1795

Charles-Gérard Eyschen Luxembourgian politician, born 06/02/1800

Ivan Soshenko artist, born 06/02/1807

Alexander Murray Scottish geologist, scientist, born 06/02/1810

Daniel Pollen office holder, born 06/02/1813

William H.H. Ross farmer, office holder, born 06/02/1814

Philip Kearny Union Army general, military person, born 06/02/1815

Mary Cecilia Bailly Christian Bishop, born 06/02/1815

Richard Franchot Union United States Army officer, born 06/02/1816

George Henry Corliss Mechanical Engineer, born 06/02/1817

Willard Sr. Saulsbury office holder, born 06/02/1820

Charles Zacharie Landelle ARTIST, PAINTER, born 06/02/1821

Ion Bratianu prime minister, born 06/02/1821

Marlborough, John Spencer-Churchill, 7th Duke Of office holder, born 06/02/1822

Antal Csengery writer, born 06/02/1822

Gedeon Ouimet president, born 06/02/1823

Mark Wilkes Collet Union Army officer, born 06/02/1826

Erasmo Escala born 06/02/1826


Benjamin Hardin Helm Confederate Army general, military person, born 06/02/1831

Pope Saint Pius X POPE, pope, born 06/02/1835

Harry J. Mandy United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/02/1840

Thomas Hardy NOVELIST, POET, ARCHITECT, PLAYWRIGHT, born 06/02/1840

Emile Munier artist, born 06/02/1840

John Lancaster Spalding born 06/02/1840

Ebenezer T Moseley lawyer, politician, born 06/02/1844

MacArthur, Arthur, Jr. United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/02/1845

Hubert Joseph Henry MILITARY, COLONEL, ESPIONAGE OFFICER, born 06/02/1846

Victorino Abente Y Lago artist, born 06/02/1846

Emma Sansom an Alabama farmgirl noted for her bravery during the American Civil War, born 06/02/1847

James Argue office holder, born 06/02/1848

Paul Albert Besnard ARTIST, PAINTER, PRIX DE ROME 1874, born 06/02/1849

Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer Physiologist, scientist, born 06/02/1850

Georges Tanguay member of parliament, born 06/02/1856

Edward Elgar English composer, born 06/02/1857

Karl Adolp Gjellerup writer, born 06/02/1857

Henry Osborn office holder, born 06/02/1859

Joseph H Pendleton military person, born 06/02/1860

Helen Herron Taft First Lady of the United States, office holder, born 06/02/1861


Mac Barnes Actor, actor, born 06/02/1863

Ben Webster actor, born 06/02/1864

George Lohmann cricketer, born 06/02/1865


Charles Marconnet AVIATOR, born 06/02/1869

Ruffin Pleasant Lawyer, office holder, born 06/02/1871

Will Walling Actor, drug, born 06/02/1872

George MacQuarrie Actor, drug, born 06/02/1873

Ferenc Harrer office holder, born 06/02/1874


Charles Stewart Mott office holder, born 06/02/1875

James Rogers military person, born 06/02/1875

Hakon Borrensen Danish composer, born 06/02/1876

Chief John Big Tree Actor, actor, born 06/02/1877

Gustave Samazeuilh MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, MUSIC CRITIC, AUTHOR, born 06/02/1877

Wallace Hartley MUSICIAN, BANDMASTER OF "THE TITANIC", born 06/02/1878

Don S.S. Goodloe born 06/02/1878

Frederic Joseph DeLongchamps architect, born 06/02/1882

Thomas James Oneill member of parliament, born 06/02/1882

William Henry Gowan United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/02/1884

Eric Hanussen PSYCHIC, CLAIRVOYANT, MAGICIAN, born 06/02/1889

Martha Wentworth actor, born 06/02/1889

J. George Stewart office holder, born 06/02/1890

Chauncey William Reed congressman, born 06/02/1890

Jef Bever CYCLIST, born 06/02/1891

Takijirō Onishi military person, born 06/02/1891

Thurman Arnold Lawyer, office holder, born 06/02/1891

Rene Dousinelle military person, born 06/02/1891

Carleton H. Wright United States Navy admiral, military person, born 06/02/1892

Newton Manly Young member of parliament, born 06/02/1892

Ruth Isabel Seabury missionary, writer, educator, writer, born 06/02/1892

Albert Desbrisay Carter military person, born 06/02/1892

Edward LeRoy Bowerman farmer, member of parliament, born 06/02/1892

Charles Revol-Tissot military person, born 06/02/1892

John H. Burke American lawyer, real estate broker and politician, congressman, born 06/02/1894

Wilhelm Abeln German Politician, Politician, born 06/02/1894

Edward Wilhelm Bentz American bank robber, Bank robber, criminal, born 06/02/1894

Lal Hilditch soccer manager, born 06/02/1894

Josef Veltjens military person, born 06/02/1894

Julian Harcourt Ferguson member of parliament, born 06/02/1895

John Dedman Farmer, office holder, born 06/02/1896

John Victor Sorsoleil Canadian WWI flying ace, military person, born 06/02/1898

Norge WRITER, POET, born 06/02/1898

Helmut Bechler German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 06/02/1898

Martha Wentworth FILM/RADIO/TV ACTRESS, "LADY OF 100 VOICES", born 06/02/1899

Robert Blyth soccer player, born 06/02/1900

Leslie Plummer Politician, Newspaper executive, politician, born 06/02/1901

Raymond Asso French lyricist and Legionnaire, born 06/02/1901

Fred Kunzel United States federal judge, born 06/02/1901

George Waterfield soccer player, born 06/02/1901

Georges Coudray office holder, born 06/02/1902

Johnny Weissmuller Swimmer and actor, actor, born 06/02/1904

Frantisek Planicka soccer player, born 06/02/1904

Eduard Gruner Engineer, born 06/02/1905

Erich Grundmann military person, born 06/02/1906

Keith Alexander Laught Australian politician, born 06/02/1907

Franz Kleffner MILITARY, WAFFEN SS, born 06/02/1907

Willy Langkeit German general and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 06/02/1907

Boyd-Carpenter, John Boyd-Carpenter, Baron office holder, born 06/02/1908

Marcel Langiller soccer player, born 06/02/1908

June MacCloy American actress, Actress, actor, born 06/02/1909

Robin Orr MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 06/02/1909

Ben Schwartzwalder American football coach, college coach, born 06/02/1909

Thomas Leather cricketer, born 06/02/1910

Hong Xiao born 06/02/1911

Joan Davis cricketer, born 06/02/1911

George R. Mather military person, born 06/02/1911

Asmus Nicolai Clausen German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 06/02/1911

William Meskill Bourke Australian politician, member of parliament, born 06/02/1913

Walter Andreas Schwarz singer, author, Kabarettist, author of radio dramas and translator, Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 06/02/1913

Elsie Tu office holder, born 06/02/1913

Don Deacon ice hockey player, born 06/02/1913

Johnny Bulla golf player, born 06/02/1914

Jorge Salcedo actor, born 06/02/1915

Lester del Rey AUTHOR, SCI-FI WRITER, NOVELIST, EDITOR, born 06/02/1915

Lester del Rey Novelist, short story writer, editor, Novelist, Short story writer, writer, born 06/02/1915

David Trench governor, born 06/02/1915

Walter Tetley voice actor, actor, born 06/02/1915

Florence Holway Advocate for victims of sexual assault, born 06/02/1915

Jason D. Lee Attorney, jurist, politician, born 06/02/1915

Frederic Warriner ACTOR, born 06/02/1916

William Laird senator, born 06/02/1916

Alexander Vallance Riddell Johnstone military person, born 06/02/1916

Abraham Seidenberg scientist, born 06/02/1916

Willi Esslinger military person, born 06/02/1916

Max Showalter Actor, musician, Actor, composer, pianist, singer, actor, born 06/02/1917

Peggy Antonio Cricketer, cricketer, born 06/02/1917

Anton Hafner German World War II fighter pilot, military person, born 06/02/1918

Kazuo Otani United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/02/1918

Ellis Warner Williamson MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 06/02/1918

Henoch Leibowitz born 06/02/1918

Kathryn Tucker Windham Journalist, short story writer, storyteller, photographer, writer, born 06/02/1918

Ruth Atkinson Ford comics creator, born 06/02/1918

Agustin Ramos Calero United States Army soldier, military person, born 06/02/1919

Hans Gotz military person, born 06/02/1919

Marcel Reich-Ranicki German literary critic, writer, born 06/02/1920

Maurice Quentin Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/02/1920

Gino Cappello SOCCER PLAYER, born 06/02/1920

Tex Schramm american football player, born 06/02/1920

Johnny Speight Scriptwriter, writer, born 06/02/1920

Don Branson Formula One racer, born 06/02/1920

Yolande Donlan Actress, actor, born 06/02/1920

Michael Ohehir Sports Broadcaster, born 06/02/1920

Gino Cappello soccer player, born 06/02/1920

Don Clegg Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/02/1921

Marty Napoleon musical artist, born 06/02/1921

Carmen Silvera Stage and TV actress, Actress, actor, born 06/02/1922

Clair Patterson scientist, born 06/02/1922

Charlie Sifford golf player, born 06/02/1922

Fredrick W. Mote scientist, born 06/02/1922

Judith Westphalen Painter, born 06/02/1922

Frank Salvatore office holder, born 06/02/1922

Wesley Phelps United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/02/1923

Margot Trooger Actor, drug, born 06/02/1923

Lloyd Shapley scientist, born 06/02/1923

Al Ruscio Actor, actor, born 06/02/1924

Leo Schamroth South African cardiologist, born 06/02/1924

June Callwood Author, journalist, born 06/02/1924

Pat Evison Actress, actor, born 06/02/1924

Eric Voice scientist, born 06/02/1924

Dennis Cocke politician, born 06/02/1924

Ahmed Mihoubi soccer player, born 06/02/1924

Tommy Scannell born 06/02/1925

Raul Hilberg Political scientist and historian, born 06/02/1926

Milo Oshea Actor, actor, born 06/02/1926

Chiyonoyama Masanobu born 06/02/1926

Albert S Humphrey scientist, born 06/02/1926

Dick Butler ice hockey player, born 06/02/1926

Francois Van Der Noot MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, born 06/02/1927

Harriet Woods POLITICIAN, LT.GOVERNOR OF MISSOURI, born 06/02/1927

Thomas Hill actor, born 06/02/1927

W. Watts Biggers Novelist, screenwriter, copywriter, composer, born 06/02/1927

Malik Allahyar Khan Lawyer, Politician, landowner, agriculturalist and philanthropist, born 06/02/1927

Colin Brittan soccer player, born 06/02/1927

Jacques Sereys ACTOR, born 06/02/1928

Rafael A. Lecuona born 06/02/1928

Ron Reynolds soccer player, born 06/02/1928

Ken Macgregor tennis player, born 06/02/1929

Leonard Parkin newsreader, born 06/02/1929

Robert Dana Poet, scientist, born 06/02/1929

Richard Fitch military person, born 06/02/1929

Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr. ASTRONAUT, born 06/02/1930

Pete Conrad Test Pilot, astronaut, born 06/02/1930

Loi Estrada office holder, born 06/02/1930

Allan R. Mackinnon office holder, born 06/02/1930

Alfredo Ernest Novak born 06/02/1930

Robert E. Cleary 10th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, military person, born 06/02/1931

David H. MacNerney United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/02/1931

Anders Ehnmark Swedish author and journalist, born 06/02/1931

Leonard Keogh member of parliament, born 06/02/1931

Michel Soutter Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/02/1932

Mohamed Tedjini BOXER, born 06/02/1932

Moshe Harif born 06/02/1933

Murray Ian Hill Brooker botanist, born 06/02/1934

Bruce Alan Grandstaff United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/02/1934

Robert Tessier Actor, Stuntman, actor, born 06/02/1934

Johnny Carter musical artist, born 06/02/1934

Carol Ann Shields American author, Author, writer, born 06/02/1935

John Metcalfe Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/02/1935

Giulia Rubini Actor, drug, born 06/02/1935

Roger Brierley actor, born 06/02/1935

Jack Montgomery Attorney, office holder, born 06/02/1936

Sally Kellerman ACTRESS, Actress, producer, singer, voice-over, actor, born 06/02/1937

Jimmy Jones Singer, musical artist, born 06/02/1937

Pierre Favre musical artist, born 06/02/1937


Edda Goring NOTED FAMILY, born 06/02/1938


Danielle Denie ACTRESS, born 06/02/1939

Charles Miller of WAR MUSICIAN, REED PLAYER, born 06/02/1939

Clem Simich member of parliament, born 06/02/1939

John W. Hickman Banker, politician, born 06/02/1939

Gordon Harris Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/02/1940

Christopher Bernau TV ACTOR, born 06/02/1940

King Constantine II of Greece ROYALTY, REIGNED 1964-74, born 06/02/1940

Christopher Bernau Actor, actor, born 06/02/1940

Edgar Jose Perea Arias Sports commentator, politician., ambassador, born 06/02/1940

Johnny Young ambassador, born 06/02/1940

Stacy Keach Actor, Actor/Narrator, actor, born 06/02/1941

Cécile Vassort Actor, drug, born 06/02/1941

Charlie Watts of THE ROLLING STONES MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, Musician, composer,, musical artist, born 06/02/1941

David A. G. Sumberg POLITICIAN, M.P., born 06/02/1941

Anita Harris ACTRESS, PANTOMIME PERFORMER, born 06/02/1942

Mike Ahern president, born 06/02/1942

Larry Smith nascar driver, born 06/02/1942

Maree Cheatham actor, born 06/02/1942

Charles Haid ACTOR, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, Actor, actor, born 06/02/1943

Jose Miguel Insulza president, born 06/02/1943

Frank Shu scientist, born 06/02/1943

Ilaiyaraaja Film score composer, lyricist, music director, musical artist, born 06/02/1943

Rangachar Narayana Iyengar Engineer, scientist, born 06/02/1943

Marvin Hamlisch MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, Composer, conductor, musical artist, born 06/02/1944

Roger Moe educator, consultant, legislator, politician, born 06/02/1944

Steve Lindberg office holder, born 06/02/1944

Fintan Jnr Coogan Fine Gael politician from Galway, Ireland, born 06/02/1944

Jon Pagano Peters American film producer, actor, born 06/02/1945

Bjorn Engquist scientist, born 06/02/1945

David Price member of parliament, born 06/02/1945

Georges Lech soccer player, born 06/02/1945

Joan Pringle Actress, actor, born 06/02/1945

Peter Sutcliffe born 06/02/1946

Lasse Hallstrom Film director, actor, born 06/02/1946

Roger Freed baseball player, born 06/02/1946

George Sterman scientist, born 06/02/1946

Pietro Marcenaro prime minister, born 06/02/1946

Glen Corey AIDS VICTIM, born 06/02/1947

Albert Innurato PLAYWRIGHT, WRITER, TEACHER, born 06/02/1947

Frantisek Miklosko president, born 06/02/1947

Pat Hughes gridiron football player, born 06/02/1947

Robert Farmer born 06/02/1947

Jan Ferraris golf player, born 06/02/1947

Jerry Mathers American actor, Actor, actor, born 06/02/1948

Joan Fitz-Gerald office holder, born 06/02/1948

Roni Bar-On born 06/02/1948

Stewart Ginn GOLFER, born 06/02/1949

Tommy Mandel Musician, musical artist, born 06/02/1949

John Eugene Mulligan AUTHOR, born 06/02/1950

Jeff Siemon FOOTBALL PLAYER, LINEBACKER, born 06/02/1950

Jonathan Evans politician, born 06/02/1950

Joanna Gleason Actress, singer, actor, born 06/02/1950

Lawrence Maccutcheon gridiron football player, born 06/02/1950

Peter Kattuk politician, born 06/02/1950

Miguel Keith United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/02/1951

Marguerite "Maguy" Marin BALLET DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, born 06/02/1951

Bill Sizemore Political activist, politician, born 06/02/1951

Anant Gangaram Geete office holder, born 06/02/1951

Alexander Wylie judge, born 06/02/1951

Jack Byrne politician, born 06/02/1951

Ron Amstutz office holder, born 06/02/1952

Craig Stadler PRO GOLFER, born 06/02/1953

Armond Budish office holder, born 06/02/1953

Jeannine Taylor American actress, actor, born 06/02/1954

Pavla Ustinov NOTED FAMILY, born 06/02/1954

Dennis Haysbert Actor, actor, born 06/02/1954

Dana Carvey Comedian, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 06/02/1955

Miguel Angel Gutierrez Avila Mexican anthropologist, born 06/02/1955

Vickilyn Reynolds Actor, actor, born 06/02/1955

Gary Grimes ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 06/02/1955

Mark Tatge Journalist, journalist, born 06/02/1955

Hernaldo Zuniga Singer, songwriter, musician, producer, musical artist, born 06/02/1955

Curtis Crowe of PYLON MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 06/02/1956

Chris King Television actor, actor, born 06/02/1956

Harold Weinbrecht mayor, born 06/02/1956

Efi Oshaya born 06/02/1956

Mike Binder Film, television actor,, actor, born 06/02/1958

Cale Case office holder, born 06/02/1958

Hoby Brenner PRO FOOTBALL PLAYER, TIGHT END, gridiron football player, born 06/02/1959

Lydia Lunch Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 06/02/1959

Emilio Rached office holder, born 06/02/1959

Ada Cappellini governor, born 06/02/1959

Kyle Eugene Petty RACE CAR DRIVER, NOTED RACING FAMILY, born 06/02/1960

Tony Hadley Singer–songwriter, actor, radio presenter, musical artist, born 06/02/1960

Ivan Miklos office holder, born 06/02/1960

Liam Cunningham Actor, actor, born 06/02/1961

Alejandro Agresti Film director and producer, born 06/02/1961

Phil Henderson WICCAN, born 06/02/1961

Dez Cadena Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, musical artist, born 06/02/1961

Sean Chapman actor, born 06/02/1961

Bob Ligashesky American football player and coach, born 06/02/1962

Ian Shaw JAZZ MUSICIAN, SINGER, PIANIST, born 06/02/1962

R. Senthil office holder, born 06/02/1962

Alex Datcher actor, born 06/02/1962

Rolf-Göran Bengtsson Swedish show jumper, born 06/02/1962

Trevor Welch actor, born 06/02/1962

Norm Lewis Actor; Singer, born 06/02/1963

Kishanbhai Vestabhai Patel office holder, born 06/02/1964

Jerry Frissen American comic book writer and toy designer, comics creator, born 06/02/1964

Mark Edward Waugh Cricketer, cricketer, born 06/02/1965

Stephen Rodger Waugh Cricketer, cricketer, born 06/02/1965

Jim Knipfel WRITER, COLUMNIST, AKA "SLACKJAW", born 06/02/1965

Sean Stewart AUTHOR, SCI-FI/HORROR NOVELIST, born 06/02/1965

Joaquin Cardiel Musician, musical artist, born 06/02/1965

Catherine Fiond King Australian politician, office holder, born 06/02/1966

Pedro Guerra Canarian singer-songwriter, born 06/02/1966

Abdul-Khalim Saidullayev president, born 06/02/1966

Sudam Marndi office holder, born 06/02/1967

Christina Lugner television presenter, born 06/02/1968

Anne Briand WINTER OLYMPICS ATHLETE, born 06/02/1968

Merril Bainbridge Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 06/02/1968

Talant Duyshebaev soccer manager, born 06/02/1968

Íñigo Cuesta Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/02/1969

David Wheaton TENNIS PLAYER, born 06/02/1969

Cy Chadwick actor, born 06/02/1969

Alexander Leipold German freestyle wrestler, born 06/02/1969

Louis Freese American musician, musical artist, born 06/02/1970

Sofia Aparício Model and actress, model, born 06/02/1970

Eric Riley BASKETBALL PLAYER, CENTER, born 06/02/1970

Karen Mok singer, actress, composer, producer, designer, actor, born 06/02/1970

Dr. Ring-Ding musical artist, born 06/02/1970

Matt Garrison Musician, musical artist, born 06/02/1970

Jon Goodman Sports Scientist, soccer player, born 06/02/1971

Puente, Tito, Jr. Musician, born 06/02/1971

Dhananjay Kumar scientist, born 06/02/1971

Wayne Brady Comedian, improv actor, Actor, television personality, comedian, singer, game show host, actor, born 06/02/1972

Wentworth Miller Golden Globe-nominated British-born American actor, Actor, actor, born 06/02/1972

Zak Ibsen soccer player, born 06/02/1972

HAZE musician, singer, songwriter, Singer, songwriter,, musical artist, born 06/02/1973

David Bezmozgis actor, born 06/02/1973

Tom Gleeson Comedian, Stand-up comedian, born 06/02/1974

Ashley Sawdaye Actor, actor, born 06/02/1974

Lisandro Alonso Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/02/1975

Paz Bascunan Actress, actor, born 06/02/1975

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Mixed martial artist, born 06/02/1976

Tim Rice-Oxley Musician, musical artist, born 06/02/1976

Nathan Lowndes footballer, soccer player, born 06/02/1977

Alexander Esters German painter and sculptor, born 06/02/1977

Nikki Cox Actress, Dancer, Actress/Dancer, actor, born 06/02/1978

Yi So-yeon Astronaut, Researcher, astronaut, born 06/02/1978

Steve Sanders Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/02/1978

Janne Hietanen soccer player, born 06/02/1978

Dominic Cooper actor, born 06/02/1978

Joe Líder wrestler, born 06/02/1978

Gari Scott american football player, born 06/02/1978

Bjorn Bohning politician, born 06/02/1978

Alekos Petroulas basketball player, born 06/02/1978

Morena Baccarin Actress, actor, born 06/02/1979

James Ransone Actor, drug, born 06/02/1979

Leigh Bromby footballer, soccer player, born 06/02/1980

Fabrizio Moretti Drummer, musical artist, born 06/02/1980

Tomasz Wroblewski Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 06/02/1980

Nikolay Davydenko tennis player, born 06/02/1981

Kurt Hovelijnck Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/02/1981

Vadym Kyrypov soccer player, born 06/02/1981

Marouan Kechrid basketball player, born 06/02/1981

Wendy Valdez Actress, actor, born 06/02/1982

Jordi Hoogstrate footballer, soccer player, born 06/02/1983

Brooke White Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 06/02/1983

Loose Logic Rapper, songwriter, musical artist, born 06/02/1983

Tyler Farrar Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/02/1984

Paulius Grybauskas Lithuanian footballer, soccer player, born 06/02/1984

Kevin Duhaney actor, born 06/02/1984

Jacqueline Fernandez Actress, Model, born 06/02/1984

Keegan Macintosh actor, born 06/02/1984

Jason Gunnlaugson born 06/02/1984

Donnis Rapper, musical artist, born 06/02/1984

Erin Good born 06/02/1985

Bella Igla born 06/02/1985

Tao Zheng soccer player, born 06/02/1985

Pekahau Cowan rugby player, born 06/02/1986

Guess Who Rapper, musical artist, born 06/02/1986

Darin Singer, musical artist, born 06/02/1987

Alexis Masbou born 06/02/1987

Atanas Chipilov soccer player, born 06/02/1987

Pascale Jeuland Racing cyclist, cyclist, born 06/02/1987

Dennis Persson Swedish ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 06/02/1988

Amber Marshall actor, born 06/02/1988

Jonathan Quartey soccer player, born 06/02/1988

Omar Hernandez Garcia soccer player, born 06/02/1988

Taïna Barioz Alpine skier, born 06/02/1988

Hemachandra born 06/02/1988

Freddy Adu Footballer, soccer player, born 06/02/1989

Liviu Antal Romanian footballer, soccer player, born 06/02/1989

Stephan Bender actor, born 06/02/1989

Jo Sondre Aas soccer player, born 06/02/1989

Brittany Curran Actress, singer, actor, born 06/02/1990

Jon Ludvig Hammer born 06/02/1990

Oliver Baumann Professional football player, soccer player, born 06/02/1990

Sherif Fawzy soccer player, born 06/02/1990

Noell Coet Film, television actress, actor, born 06/02/1994

Jack Paris Brinkley Taubman NOTED FAMILY, born 06/02/1995