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King James III of Scotland ROYALTY, REIGNED 1460-88, born 07/10/1451

John Calvin French theologian, founder of Calvinism, born 07/10/1509

Odet de Coligny born 07/10/1517

Antonio Del Castillo Y Saavedra artist, born 07/10/1616

Aphra Behn Author, born 07/10/1640

Roger Cotes scientist, born 07/10/1682

Princess Amelia Of Great Britain British royalty, born 07/10/1711

Ulrika Pasch artist, born 07/10/1735

Gloucester And Edinburgh, Maria Walpole, Duchess Of British royalty, born 07/10/1736

St. George Tucker United States federal judge, born 07/10/1752

Wolfred Nelson mayor, born 07/10/1791

George M. Dallas office holder, born 07/10/1792

William Todd businessman, member of parliament, born 07/10/1803

Jacob M. Howard senator, born 07/10/1805

Jacques-Joseph Ebelmen scientist, born 07/10/1814

Pierre Louis Gratiolet PHYSICIAN, PHYSIOLOGIST, NATURALIST, AUTHOR, born 07/10/1815

Joseph Aristide Landry congressman, born 07/10/1817

John Stuart Williams Confederate Army general, born 07/10/1818

Andrew Porter United States Army officer, military person, born 07/10/1820

Louis Antoine Vidal MUSICIAN, CELLIST, WRITER, born 07/10/1820

Christopher C. Augur Union Army General, military person, born 07/10/1821

Sanford Robinson Gifford artist, born 07/10/1823

Louis-Napoleon Casault office holder, born 07/10/1823

Benjamin Paul Akers artist, born 07/10/1825

Camille Pissarro ARTIST, IMPRESSIONIST PAINTER, artist, born 07/10/1830

Benjamin Franklin Decosta Union Army chaplain, born 07/10/1831

Alvan Graham Clark American astronomer, scientist, born 07/10/1832

Isaac Smith Kalloch office holder, born 07/10/1832

Lucius E. Polk Confederate Army general, military person, born 07/10/1833

Firmin Isidore Leautaud ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 07/10/1834

James Abbott Mcneill Whistler artist, born 07/10/1834

Henryk Wieniawski MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, VIOLINIST, born 07/10/1835

Adolph Busch BREWERY EXECUTIVE, CO-FOUNDER OF ANHEUSER-BUSCH, Brewing Executive and Founder, born 07/10/1839

Albert Vander Veer American Civil War surgeon, born 07/10/1841

Beriah Wilkins American politician, born 07/10/1846

Elisabeth Forster-Nietzsche WRITER, NOTED FAMILY, born 07/10/1846

Henry A. Houston businessman, office holder, born 07/10/1847

John Griggs office holder, born 07/10/1849

Samuel Wendell Williston American paleontologist, scientist, born 07/10/1851

Friedrich von Wieser born 07/10/1851

George Fred Williams congressman, born 07/10/1852

Nikola Tesla Serbian–American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer, scientist, born 07/10/1856

Jules Mouquet French composer, born 07/10/1860

Walter Inglewood Smith United States federal judge, born 07/10/1862

Austin Chapman Australian politician, Company director, member of parliament, born 07/10/1864

Jimmy McAleer Baseball player, baseball player, born 07/10/1864

Ed Conley Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 07/10/1864

George William Kyte office holder, born 07/10/1864

Bobby Lowe baseball player, born 07/10/1865

Serge Voronoff Tissue transplant specialists, scientist, born 07/10/1866

Prince of Baden Maximilian Chancellor of Germany, chancellor, born 07/10/1867

Finley Peter Dunne born 07/10/1867

Maurice Lugeon GEOLOGIST, PROFESSOR, AUTHOR, born 07/10/1870

Arthur Copp office holder, born 07/10/1870

Anne Schaefer Actor, actor, born 07/10/1870

Marcel Proust French Novelist, essayist, Novelist, essayist, critic, writer, born 07/10/1871

Cornelius Joseph Ahern Australian politician, Solicitor, member of parliament, born 07/10/1871

Hugh Dorsey Lawyer, office holder, born 07/10/1871

Anton Olsen United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, archaea, born 07/10/1873

Anton Olsen United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/10/1873

Mary Jane McLeod Bethune Educator, civil rights activist, Educator, Author, and African American Civil Rights Leader, born 07/10/1875

Mary McLeod Bethune EDUCATOR, born 07/10/1875

Hélène Dutrieu Cyclist, stunt driver and aviator, Cycle racer, stunt driver and aviator, born 07/10/1877

Otto Freundlich artist, born 07/10/1878

Laura Oakley Actor, drug, born 07/10/1879

Heriberto Jara Corona governor, born 07/10/1879

Nikola Marinov artist, born 07/10/1879

Ima Hogg Philanthropist, patron of the arts, one of the most respected Texas women of the 20th century, born 07/10/1882

Johannes Blaskowitz NAZI MILITARY, WEHRMACHT GENERAL, military person, born 07/10/1883

Friedrich Flick INDUSTRIALIST, WAR CRIMINAL (JAILED 1947-50), born 07/10/1883

Sam Wood Film director, writer, producer, actor, real estate broker, actor, born 07/10/1883

Pierre Larquey Actor, drug, born 07/10/1884

George Robert Webb member of parliament, born 07/10/1886

Giorgio de Chirico ARTIST, PAINTER, born 07/10/1888

Giorgio Chirico artist, born 07/10/1888

Robert Barrat Stage, film, television actor, actor, born 07/10/1889

Wyoming Statehood STATE, born 07/10/1890

Bullock, Harold Malcolm, 1st Baronet British soldier and politician, born 07/10/1890

Sammy Brooks Actor, drug, born 07/10/1891

Robert Barrat FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, born 07/10/1891


Rexford Tugwell governor, born 07/10/1891

John Bambury actor, born 07/10/1891

Spessard Holland governor, born 07/10/1892

Slim Summerville Actor & Director, actor, born 07/10/1892

Ján Móry Slovak composer and pedagogue, born 07/10/1892

George William Johnson office holder, born 07/10/1892

Hans-Karl Freiherr Esebeck military person, born 07/10/1892

Knud Heglund Actor, actor, born 07/10/1894

Bernhard Letterhaus German trade unionist, born 07/10/1894

Jimmy Machugh Songwriter, musical artist, born 07/10/1894

Carl Orff German composer, born 07/10/1895

Paul Betz German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 07/10/1895

William M. Conselman actor, born 07/10/1896

Hasan Ahmad Rashid Egyptian composer and operatic baritone, born 07/10/1896

David Oliver Watkins Australian politician, Storeman, member of parliament, born 07/10/1896

Byrne, William Matthew, Sr. United States federal judge, born 07/10/1896

Charles R. Dolive military person, born 07/10/1896


Legs Diamond GANGSTER, born 07/10/1897

Isaac Duncan Macdougall member of parliament, born 07/10/1897

Renée Björling Actor, drug, born 07/10/1898

Pierre Mollaret Neurologist, scientist, born 07/10/1898

David Waldo Malott born 07/10/1898

Tal Henry Bandleader, musical artist, born 07/10/1898

Johannes Bruhn German general and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 07/10/1898

John Gilbert Actor, Actor, director, writer, actor, born 07/10/1899

Margit Lilius-Mustapa BALLET DANCER, born 07/10/1899

Evelyn Laye actress, Actress, actor, born 07/10/1900

Mitchell Parish Lyricist, musical artist, born 07/10/1900

Kenneth Stewart Cole Scientist, born 07/10/1900

Francis D. Rauber 2nd Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, military person, born 07/10/1901

Daniel V. Gallery military person, born 07/10/1901

Brian Maginess politician, born 07/10/1901

Ernie Dixon soccer player, born 07/10/1901

Kurt Alder ORGANIC CHEMIST, NOBEL PRIZE/CHEMISTRY 1950, scientist, born 07/10/1902

Gunther Weisenborn PHYSICIAN, PLAYWRIGHT, NOVELIST, PHILOSOPHER, born 07/10/1902

Nicolas Guillen writer, born 07/10/1902

Fred Rutley born 07/10/1902

John Wyndham Science fiction writer, born 07/10/1903


Lili Damita actress, actor, born 07/10/1904

Gunnar Olsson Actor, actor, born 07/10/1904

Sylvia Henrotin TENNIS PLAYER, born 07/10/1904

Helen S. Steinbrecher PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER, NOTED FAMILY, born 07/10/1904

Tom Tippett soccer player, born 07/10/1904

Haim Ben-Asher born 07/10/1904

Thomas Gomez Actor, actor, born 07/10/1905

Reginald Charles Wright Australian politician, politician, born 07/10/1905

Urie McCleary Art director, drug, born 07/10/1905

Mildred Benson Author, writer, born 07/10/1905

Ivie Anderson Singer, musical artist, born 07/10/1905

Eric Rosenthal South African historian and author, born 07/10/1905


Cyril Reed cricketer, born 07/10/1906

Keith Dunn born 07/10/1906

Blind Boy Fuller musical artist, born 07/10/1907

John Michaels baseball player, born 07/10/1907

John Ignatius Armstrong Australian politician, office holder, born 07/10/1908

Henry John Heinz II INDUSTRIALIST, NOTED FAMILY, born 07/10/1908

Nietta Zocchi Actor, drug, born 07/10/1909

Edwin Gilliland scientist, born 07/10/1909

Ron Doig born 07/10/1909

Mary Bunting Educator, microbiologist; college president, born 07/10/1910

Jose Mendoza Lopez World War II Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/10/1910

Thomas C. Mendenhall Professor of history at Yale University, the sixth President of Smith College, born 07/10/1910

Gordon Pai'ea Chung-Hoon military person, born 07/10/1910

Cosette Lee Actress, actor, born 07/10/1910

Jack Banham Coggins American artist, Author, Illustrator, and Artist, born 07/10/1911

Cootie Williams musical artist, born 07/10/1911

George Rumbold soccer player, born 07/10/1911

Bruno Vale soccer manager, born 07/10/1911

Robert Lees Screenwriter, actor, actor, born 07/10/1912

Isabel Rawsthorne artist, born 07/10/1912

Haydn Dackins soccer player, born 07/10/1912

Harald von Hirschfeld German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 07/10/1912

Joan Marsh American actress, Actress, actor, born 07/10/1913

Salvador Espriu Catalan writer, Playwright, poet, novelist, writer, born 07/10/1913

William Goddard scientist, born 07/10/1913

Alessandro Due soccer player, born 07/10/1913

Elizabeth Inglis Film actress, actor, born 07/10/1913

Joe Shuster Co-creator of Superman, comics creator, born 07/10/1914

Charles Donnelly Irish poet, left-wing activist, born 07/10/1914

William Paddon office holder, born 07/10/1914

Thein Pe Myint writer, publisher , journalist, politician, writer, born 07/10/1914

George Dickey baseball player, born 07/10/1915

The Great Omani escapologist and stunt performer, born 07/10/1915

Nick Damore ice hockey player, born 07/10/1916

Denis Ryan born 07/10/1916

Nicholas D'Antonio Salza born 07/10/1916

Donald Jeffry Herbert American television host, actor, born 07/10/1917

Eugene Andrew Gordon United States federal judge, born 07/10/1917

Don Herbert TV ACTOR, born 07/10/1917

Pierre Pellizza TENNIS PLAYER, born 07/10/1917

Hugh Alexander baseball player, born 07/10/1917

Amina Shah Author, poet, storyteller, writer, born 07/10/1918

Fred Wacker Formula One racer, born 07/10/1918

Frank Lambert scientist, born 07/10/1918

Robinson, James E., Jr. United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/10/1918

Chuck Stevens baseball player, born 07/10/1918

Harry Zeller born 07/10/1918

Dain Clay BASEBALL PLAYER, born 07/10/1919

Gerald W. Johnson MILITARY, LT. GENERAL, born 07/10/1919

Dain Clay baseball player, born 07/10/1919

Pierre Gamarra Writer, writer, born 07/10/1919

Charles Rogers Greer United States Marine, born 07/10/1920

David Brinkley TV NEWS COMMENTATOR, ANCHORMAN, born 07/10/1920

Virginia Brooks CHILD MURDER VICTIM, KIDNAPPED 2-11-31 AGE 11, born 07/10/1920

Owen Chamberlain PHYSICIST, NOBEL PRIZE/PHYSICS 1959, born 07/10/1920

David Brinkley television news anchor, born 07/10/1920

Owen Chamberlain scientist, born 07/10/1920

Warwick Snedden cricketer, born 07/10/1920

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Founder of the Special Olympics precursor and sister to John F. Kennedy, born 07/10/1921

Jeff Donnell Actor, actor, born 07/10/1921

John Hughes Professional footballer, soccer player, born 07/10/1921

Ginette Doyen MUSICIAN, PIANIST, born 07/10/1921

Remo Gaspari LAWYER, POLITICIAN, MINISTER, born 07/10/1921

Jake LaMotta BOXER, WORLD MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION 1949-51, born 07/10/1921

John Kirk Singlaub MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 07/10/1921

Jake Lamotta boxer, born 07/10/1921

Alvise Zorzi WRITER, HISTORICAL NOVELIST, born 07/10/1922

Ewald-Heinrich Von Kleist-Schmenzin Wehrmacht Officer, born 07/10/1922

Fred Furniss soccer player, born 07/10/1922

Charles Joseph Berry United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/10/1923

Suzanne Cloutier ACTRESS, MODEL, FILM PRODUCER, born 07/10/1923

Carol Weissleader PRISON GUARD, REALTOR, born 07/10/1923

Hamner, Earl, Jr. Writer, Producer, writer, born 07/10/1923

John Bradley military person, born 07/10/1923

Kulkarni Author and Professor, writer, born 07/10/1923

Suzanne Cloutier Actress, producer, actor, born 07/10/1923

Philip Ward military person, born 07/10/1924

Elwy Yost TV PERSONALITY, FILM REVIEWER, born 07/10/1925

Mildred Kornman Film actress, actor, born 07/10/1925

Pavle VuisićПавле Вујисић actor, born 07/10/1926

Carleton Carpenter STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, SINGER, COMPOSER, AUTHOR, born 07/10/1926

Fred Gwynne STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, COMEDIAN, WRITER, ILLUSTRATOR, actor, born 07/10/1926

Tony Settember Formula One racer, born 07/10/1926

David N. Dinkins 106th Mayor of New York City, politician, born 07/10/1927

David Dinkens POLITICIAN, MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY, born 07/10/1927

Don Revie SOCCER PLAYER, SOCCER TEAM MANAGER, soccer manager, born 07/10/1927

William Smithers FILM/TV ACTOR, born 07/10/1927

Luigi Waites Jazz drummer, vibraphonist, musical artist, born 07/10/1927

Roley Williams soccer player, born 07/10/1927


Alejandro de Tomaso Formula One racer, born 07/10/1928

Bernard Buffet artist, born 07/10/1928

George Estregan actor, born 07/10/1928

John Glenn baseball player, born 07/10/1928

Winnie Ewing office holder, born 07/10/1929

Jose Vicente Rangel politician, born 07/10/1929

Bob Bullock American politician, office holder, born 07/10/1929

George Clayton Johnson Draftsman, telegraph operator, writer, writer, born 07/10/1929

Franco Graziosi Actor, actor, born 07/10/1929

Chuck Sewell AVIATOR, TEST PILOT, born 07/10/1930

Giorgio Ghezzi soccer manager, born 07/10/1930

Eileen Rodgers musical artist, born 07/10/1930

Nick Adams Actor, screenwriter, Actor, actor, born 07/10/1931

Daniel A. Baugh Naval historian, born 07/10/1931

Franco Interlenghi STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 10/29/1931

Julian May AUTHOR, SCI-FI/FANTASY NOVELIST, born 07/10/1931


Jerry Herman MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, LYRICIST, born 07/10/1932

Jan Degaetani SINGER, born 07/10/1933

Ivan Passer FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 07/10/1933

Jan van der Lans scientist, born 07/10/1933

Alfred Biolek TV ENTERTAINER & MODERATOR, LAWYER, born 07/10/1934

Charles Wilson Tuckey Australian politician, politician, born 07/10/1935

Wilson Whineray Former captain of the New Zealand national rugby union team, rugby player, born 07/10/1935

Ronald Ray Cyrus Kentucky-born Democratic politician, Politician, born 07/10/1935

Adelio Ferrero WRITER, FILM CRITIC, born 07/10/1935

P. K. Gurudasan office holder, born 07/10/1935

Ed Limato Talent agent, born 07/10/1936

Barbara B. Kennelly congressman, born 07/10/1936

Al Hurricane musical artist, born 07/10/1936

Ernie Chambers Barber, office holder, born 07/10/1937

Edwards Barham Farmer, office holder, born 07/10/1937

Justin Fritz Leiber American philosopher and writer, philosopher, born 07/10/1938

Lee Morgan musical artist, born 07/10/1938

Don Floyd american football player, born 07/10/1938

Fred Cress artist, born 07/10/1938

Lawrence Pressman STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, Film, television actor, actor, born 07/10/1939

Mills Watson American Actor, actor, born 07/10/1940

Julie Payne ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, born 07/10/1940

Helen Donath Singer, Soprano, actor, born 07/10/1940

Brian Priestley Pianist, musical arranger, musical artist, born 07/10/1940

Tommy Troelsen soccer manager, born 07/10/1940

Erkki Kurenniemi INVENTOR, COMPUTER PROGRAMMER, born 07/10/1941

Robert Pine FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 07/10/1941

Jackie Lane Actor, actor, born 07/10/1941

Hermann Burger Swiss writer, born 07/10/1942

Ronnie James Dio Musician, singer-songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 07/10/1942

Phil Gingrey OB/GYN, congressman, born 07/10/1942

Diane Hegarty Satanist religious leader, born 07/10/1942

Jose Antonio Munoz comics creator, born 07/10/1942

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez Singer-songwriter, guitarist, poet, musical artist, born 07/10/1942

Franco Masetto soccer player, born 07/10/1942

Arthur Robert Ashe American tennis player, tennis player, born 07/10/1943

Arthur Ashe, Jr. TENNIS CHAMPION, DIABETIC, AIDS VICTIM, born 07/10/1943

Jerry Miller of MOBY GRAPE MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, born 07/10/1943

Gavin Steel Strang POLITICIAN, LABOUR M.P., born 07/10/1943

Gavin Strang office holder, born 07/10/1943

Lou Andrus american football player, born 07/10/1943

Amalia Mesa-Bains artist, born 07/10/1943

Carlos Ruckauf president, born 07/10/1944

Ron Glass Actor, actor, born 07/10/1945

Peter Michalica Slovak violinist, born 07/10/1945

Virginia Wade tennis player, born 07/10/1945

Hal Macrae baseball player, born 07/10/1945

John Motson Football commentator, born 07/10/1945

Toni Fritsch soccer player, born 07/10/1945

Gerry Sweeney soccer manager, born 07/10/1945

Roger Abbott of ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FARCE RADIO/TV COMEDIAN, Stand-up comedian, born 07/10/1946

Sue Lyon actor, born 07/10/1946

Jean-Pierre Jarier Formula One racer, born 07/10/1946

Henryk Kasperczak soccer manager, born 07/10/1946

Elga L. Jefferies office holder, born 07/10/1946

Billy Wilson soccer player, born 07/10/1946

Mauree A. Gingrich office holder, born 07/10/1946

Bo Petersson soccer manager, born 07/10/1946

Arlo Guthrie MUSICIAN, SON OF WOODY GUTHRIE, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 07/10/1947

Allen Fong Film director, artist, born 07/10/1947

Horst Blankenburg soccer player, born 07/10/1947

Fernando Tome soccer player, born 07/10/1947

Theo Buecker soccer manager, born 07/10/1948

Yuri Mironov soccer manager, born 07/10/1948

Mark Shera STAGE/TV ACTOR, actor, born 07/10/1949

Greg Kihn Musician, radio personality, novelist, musical artist, born 07/10/1949

Winston Rekert Actor, born 07/10/1949

Karel Zich Singer, musical artist, born 07/10/1949

Bob Larkin comics creator, born 07/10/1949

Tony Baldry member of parliament, born 07/10/1950

Nick Jameson actor, born 07/10/1950

Parveen Sultana Hindustani Classical Music, musical artist, born 07/10/1950

K. C. Kondaiah Industrialist, office holder, born 07/10/1950

Andy Weber ARTIST, PAINTER, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, born 07/10/1951

Judy Mallaber member of parliament, born 07/10/1951

Babu Rao Mediyam office holder, born 07/10/1951

Rajnath Singh born 07/10/1951

Romulo Valles born 07/10/1951

Michael Schottenberg Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/10/1952

Kim Mitchell Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 07/10/1952

Hae Chan Lee office holder, born 07/10/1952

Mick Ellem Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 07/10/1952

Nancy Frangione ACTRESS, TV SOAP STAR, Soap opera, television actress, actor, born 07/10/1953

Rik Emmett Musician, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 07/10/1953

Marco Rodriguez actor, born 07/10/1953

Zoogz Rift musician, composer, painter, pro wrestling entertainer, musical artist, born 07/10/1953

B.B. Watson Singer, musical artist, born 07/10/1953

Masanori Ito writer, born 07/10/1953

Michelle Simson member of parliament, born 07/10/1953

Bill Thompson office holder, born 07/10/1953

Edouard Guillaud military person, born 07/10/1953


Neil Tennant of PET SHOP BOYS MUSICIAN, SINGER, born 07/10/1954

Doug Jackson office holder, born 07/10/1954

Rajagopal Krishnasamy footballer, soccer manager, born 07/10/1956

Tom Macclintock office holder, born 07/10/1956

Alok Nath actor, born 07/10/1956

Cindy Lee Miller Sheehan Activist, born 07/10/1957

Ron Klein Attorney, congressman, born 07/10/1957

Bela Fleck Musician, songwriter, composer,, musical artist, born 07/10/1958

Fiona Shaw Actress/Theatre director, actor, born 07/10/1958

Clive Efford member of parliament, born 07/10/1958

Russ Carnahan Attorney, congressman, born 07/10/1958

Davis Phinney Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/10/1959

Sandy West American musician, singer, songwriter, and drummer; founding member of The Runaways, Musician, songwriter, drummer, musical artist, born 07/10/1959

Janet Julian Actress, actor, born 07/10/1959

Anjani musical artist, born 07/10/1959

Ellen Kuras Cinematographer, director, actor, born 07/10/1959

Martyn P. Casey Australian musician, musician, bassist, singer, musical artist, born 07/10/1960

Darryl V. Talley FOOTBALL PLAYER, LINEBACKER, born 07/10/1960



Donald Kevin Thorp Former professional American football defensive lineman, gridiron football player, born 07/10/1962

Grant Kirkhope Musician, Composer, Sound Designer, musical artist, born 07/10/1962

Christopher Martin rapper, musical artist, born 07/10/1962

Gary Aubuchon office holder, born 07/10/1962

Ronan Pensec Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/10/1963

Brad Henry governor, born 07/10/1963

Conor Murphy politician, born 07/10/1963

Urban Meyer American college football player, college football coach, BCS national champion, college coach, born 07/10/1964

Kevin Evans Ice Hockey Player, ice hockey player, born 07/10/1965

Crown Princess Alexia of Greece ROYALTY, born 07/10/1965

Danny Boffin SOCCER PLAYER, MIDFIELDER, born 07/10/1965

Peter Duncan member of parliament, born 07/10/1965

Scott Maccarron golf player, born 07/10/1965

Alec Mapa Actor, Comedian, Writer, actor, born 07/10/1965

Ken Mellons Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 07/10/1965

Gina Bellman British actress, Actress, actor, born 07/10/1966

Carlos Leon actor, born 07/10/1966

John Yoo Law professor, former official in the United States Department of Justice, born 07/10/1967

Ikki Sawamura adult actor, born 07/10/1967

Anthony Coffey Artist, illustrator, born 07/10/1967

Hassiba Boulmerka OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION ATHLETE, Author, writer, born 07/10/1968

Alexandra Hedison actor, born 07/10/1969

Gale Harold Actor, actor, born 07/10/1969

John Simm Actor, Musician, Actor, actor, born 07/10/1970

Helen Sjöholm Swedish singer and actress, born 07/10/1970

Jason Orange English singer and dancer, musical artist, born 07/10/1970

Luis Prieto Film director, Writer, writer, born 07/10/1970

Rowan Lee Mills Professional association footballer, soccer player, born 07/10/1970

Bodhi Tree Bookstore METAPHYSICAL BOOKSTORE, born 07/10/1970

Gary Levox Singer-Songwriter, Musician, musical artist, born 07/10/1970

Gustavo Gonzalez Hernandez Lawyer, office holder, born 07/10/1970

Jeffrey Angles Translator, Writer, Professor, writer, born 07/10/1971

Sofía Vergara Model and actress, Actress/Model, actor, born 07/10/1972

Christoph Hochhäusler Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/10/1972

Peter Serafinowicz actor, born 07/10/1972

Michael Yingling actor, born 07/10/1972

Simone Bianchi Italian comic book illustrator, painter and graphic designer, comics creator, born 07/10/1972

Craig Heap Gymnast, born 07/10/1973

Commonwealth of the Bahamas COMMONWEALTH, born 07/10/1973

Annie Mumolo Actress, voice actress, comedienne, screenwriter, actor, born 07/10/1973

Víctor Hugo Peña Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/10/1974

Rebekah Johnson Nugent NOTED FAMILY, born 07/10/1974

Imelda May Musician, musical artist, born 07/10/1974

Amber Holland born 07/10/1974

Mohamed Emara soccer player, born 07/10/1974

Dan Liljenquist Businessman/Attorney, politician, born 07/10/1974

Martina Colombari BEAUTY QUEEN, MISS ITALY 1991, born 07/10/1975

Jessie Miskelly criminal, born 07/10/1975

Stefan Karl Stefansson Stage and film actor, actor, born 07/10/1975

Chukie Nwokorie gridiron football player, born 07/10/1975

Edward Paul Reyes Educator and Politician, politician, born 07/10/1975

Adrian Grenier Actor, director, producer, musician, Actor, director, musician, actor, born 07/10/1976

Wilfried Cretskens Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/10/1976

Matt Disher Lacrosse player, born 07/10/1976

Elijah Skye Blue Allman MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, NOTED FAMILY, born 07/10/1976

Maylaffayza actor, born 07/10/1976

Stacey Tookey Dancer, choreographer, actor, born 07/10/1976

Chiwetel Ejiofor Actor, actor, born 07/10/1977

Schapelle Corby Shop assistant, criminal, born 07/10/1977

Sonia Aquino Actress, actor, born 07/10/1977

Gwendoline Yeo Actress, musician, voice actress, actor, born 07/10/1977

Flora Martinez actress, singer, actor, born 07/10/1977

Sinan Tuzcu Actor, born 07/10/1977

Sarah-Jane Mee Newsreader; TV presenter, journalist, born 07/10/1978

Amanda Rishworth member of parliament, born 07/10/1978

Marko Zaror actor, born 07/10/1978

Thomas Van Den Spiegel basketball player, born 07/10/1978

Jessica Simpson American singer-songwriter and actress, Singer-songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 07/10/1980

Adam Petty nascar driver, born 07/10/1980

Thomas Ian Nicholas actor, born 07/10/1980

Vanderlei Bernardo Oliveira soccer player, born 07/10/1980

Sylvia Marty actor, born 07/10/1980

Julie Crochetiere Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 07/10/1980

Lawry Joseph Tilbury Singer-songwriter, musician,, musical artist, born 07/10/1980

Robert Jez soccer player, born 07/10/1981

Alex Arrowsmith American singer-songwriter, Musician, producer, engineer, musical artist, born 07/10/1982

Juliya Chernetsky actor, born 07/10/1982

Simos Krassas soccer player, born 07/10/1982

Jakob Green Jensen born 07/10/1982

Gaurav Dagaonkar Music Composer, Singer-songwriter, Producer, musical artist, born 07/10/1982

Hai Ocean Singer, musical artist, born 07/10/1982

Maieco Domingos Henrique Antonio soccer player, born 07/10/1982

Joelson José Inácio Brazilian footballer, soccer player, born 07/10/1983

Golshifteh Farahani Actress, musician, singer, actor, born 07/10/1983

Gemma Sanderson model, born 07/10/1983

Manjari Phadnis Actor, Model, actor, born 07/10/1983

Doug Kramer born 07/10/1983

Giuseppe De Feudis Italian footballer, soccer player, born 07/10/1983

Mark Dennis González Hoffman Chilean footballer, soccer player, born 07/10/1984

Rageb Gul Aga Kenyan cricketer, cricketer, born 07/10/1984

Graham Weir Scottish footballer, soccer player, born 07/10/1984

James Blake Miller United States Marine, military person, born 07/10/1984

Maria Julia Mantilla born 07/10/1984

Aviva Actress, actor, born 07/10/1984

Ibon Gutierrez soccer player, born 07/10/1984

Nataliya Gotsiy Ukrainian model, model, born 07/10/1985

Diego Milán Jiménez Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/10/1985

Emily King Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 07/10/1985

Miljuschka Witzenhausen model, born 07/10/1985

Jason Watkins American college football player, professional football player, offensive lineman, offensive tackle, BCS national champion, american football player, born 07/10/1985

Ilario Aloe Italian footballer, soccer player, born 07/10/1986

Wyatt Hawn Russell NOTED FAMILY, born 07/10/1986

Benjamin Schwarz soccer player, born 07/10/1986

Miodrag Jovanovic soccer player, born 07/10/1986

Antara Mitra musical artist, born 07/10/1987

Delundon Rapper, Record producer, musical artist, born 07/10/1987

Sarah Walker dj racer, cyclist, born 07/10/1988

Orjan Royrane soccer player, born 07/10/1988

Loretta Chow Actress, actor, born 07/10/1988

Eddie Murphy, Jr. NOTED FAMILY, born 07/10/1989

Ismail Koybasi soccer player, born 07/10/1989

Akeem Ayers born 07/10/1989

Nils Teixeira Professional football player, soccer player, born 07/10/1990

Atsuko Maeda musical artist, born 07/10/1991

Danielle Horvat Actress, actor, born 07/10/1991

Maria Chacon Singer, actress,, musical artist, born 07/10/1991

Stefan Payne soccer player, born 07/10/1991

Larissa Marolt model, born 07/10/1992

Haley Pullos Actress, actor, born 07/10/1998