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Flavius Placidus Valentinianus Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, monarch, born 07/02/ 419

Thomas Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury, Christian Bishop, born 07/02/1489

Princess Elizabeth Tudor ROYALTY, born 07/02/1492

Elizabeth Tudor British royalty, born 07/02/1492

Janusz Radziwill born 07/02/1579

Johann Staden German Baroque organist and composer, born 07/02/1581

Georg Daniel Speer German composer and writer, born 07/02/1636

Louis Charles Duc D' Estrees French military commander and Marshal of France, born 07/02/1695

Christoph Willibald von Gluck MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 07/02/1714

Jan Jakub Zamoyski born 07/02/1716

Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock German poet, born 07/02/1724

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada CITY, born 07/02/1749

Stephen Allen mayor, born 07/02/1767

Lansdowne, Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquess of prime minister, born 07/02/1780

Sheldon Thompson politician, born 07/02/1785

Exeter, Brownlow Cecil, 2nd Marquess of office holder, born 07/02/1795

Francisco Javier Echeverria President of Mexico (1841), president, born 07/02/1797

Jonathan Cilley congressman, born 07/02/1802

Robert Augustus Toombs Confederate Army general and First Confederate States Secretary of State, office holder, born 07/02/1810

Juan Nepomuceno Mendez President of Mexico (1876-77), office holder, born 07/02/1820

George Law Curry Politician, politician, born 07/02/1820

Charles Tupper 6th Prime Minister of Canada (1896), prime minister, born 07/02/1821

Mark H. Dunnell Union Army officer, politician, born 07/02/1823

James W. Patterson congressman, born 07/02/1823

Cyrus G. Luce governor, born 07/02/1824

Olivier Emile Ollivier POLITICIAN, AUTHOR, MINISTER, NOVELIST, HISTORNIAN, prime minister, born 07/02/1825

Gerhard von Zezschwitz LUTHERN THEOLOGIAN, born 07/02/1825

John Bordenave Villepigue Confederate Army general, born 07/02/1830

Henry Montagu Butler Headmaster, Academic, born 07/02/1833

Henry Eugene Davies Union Army General, military person, born 07/02/1836

Francis Amasa Walker Union Army general, Economist, born 07/02/1840

Antonio Labriola Philosopher and Marxist thinker, philosopher, born 07/02/1843

Horace Noble Pym Confidential Solicitor in the Cty of London, Art and Literature Connoiseur, editor of Memories of Old Friends, born 07/02/1844

Mathias Marie Duval ANATOMIST, BIOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 07/02/1844

Charles Terry Saxton American judge, lawyer, politician and Union Army officer, born 07/02/1846

Donald Greenfield Macdonell office holder, born 07/02/1849

Robert Ridgway American ornithologist, born 07/02/1850

William Burnside scientist, born 07/02/1852

John Kelly office holder, born 07/02/1852

Georg Vilhelm Pauli Swedish painter, born 07/02/1855

William Henry Bragg English scientist, scientist, born 07/02/1862

Ludvig Hektoen born 07/02/1863

Fred Carroll baseball player, born 07/02/1864

John Enright United States Navy sailor and Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/02/1864

Herbert Prior English Actor, actor, born 07/02/1867

Wickliffe Covington artist, born 07/02/1867

Harry Fragson music hall singer & comedian, born 07/02/1869

Liane Pougy dancer, courtesan, novelist, born 07/02/1869

Walter S. Plock Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 07/02/1869

Wilhelm Mirbach politician, born 07/02/1871

John P. Chatham United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/02/1872

George Mundelein cardinal, born 07/02/1872

Samuel Hale Sibley United States federal judge, born 07/02/1873

John D. Coughlin Head of the NYPD detectives division from 1920-1928; chief investigator of the unsolved murder of Arnold Rothstein., Police officer, private detective, born 07/02/1874

Marguerite Sylva OPERA SINGER, SOPRANO, born 07/02/1875

Hubert D. Stephens senator, born 07/02/1875

Fritz Ullmann scientist, born 07/02/1875

Wilhelm Cuno POLITICIAN, CHANCELLOR, SHIPPING ENTREPRENEUR, chancellor, born 07/02/1876

Hermann Hesse German novelist, short story writer, essayist and poet, Novelist, short story author, essayist, poet, writer, born 07/02/1877

Hayden Stevenson Actor, drug, born 07/02/1877

William Comstock governor, born 07/02/1877

Robert Zuppke college coach, born 07/02/1879

Claudius Charles Davies member of parliament, born 07/02/1879

John C. Wetherby Philippine-American War Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/02/1880

Royal H. Weller American politician, congressman, born 07/02/1881

Marie Bonaparte, Princess of Greece PHYSICIAN, PSYCHOANALYST, AUTHOR, ROYALTY, British royalty, born 07/02/1882

Ercole Manfredi architect, born 07/02/1883

Alfons Maria Jakob scientist, born 07/02/1884

Jack Patterson member of parliament, born 07/02/1884

Sidney O'Flaherty Australian politician, born 07/02/1886

Geoffrey Saxton White military person, born 07/02/1886

Francis W. Rockwell United States Navy Admiral, military person, born 07/02/1886

James Boyd Novelist, newspaper publisher, born 07/02/1888

Åke Claesson Actor, drug, born 07/02/1889

Sir Cameron Badenoch COLONIAL ADMINISTRATOR, K.C.I.E. 1944, born 07/02/1889

Richard Henry Nash Australian politician, Tramway worker, member of parliament, born 07/02/1890

Gherardo Gherardi PLAYWRIGHT, STAGE/FILM DIRECTOR, born 07/02/1891

Jack Hylton Band leader, impresario, musical artist, born 07/02/1892

Erich Schopper German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 07/02/1892

Ralph Hancock landscape gardener, born 07/02/1893

André Kertész Photographer, born 07/02/1894

John Edmund Greene Canadian WWI ace pilot, military person, born 07/02/1894

Lewis Williams Douglas Politician and American businessman, congressman, born 07/02/1894

Milton LeRoy Gardner Professional American football guard, american football player, born 07/02/1894

Warren Leroy Jones United States federal judge, born 07/02/1895

Gen Paul Painter, born 07/02/1895

Colin Gubbins military person, born 07/02/1896

Clifford MacKay McEwen Canadian Air Vice-Marshal, military person, born 07/02/1897

Anthony Macauliffe United States Army general, military person, born 07/02/1898

Hugh Latimer Dryden scientist, born 07/02/1898

George Fosley born 07/02/1898

Tyrone Guthrie Actor, actor, born 07/02/1900

Muhammad Asad Journalist, Traveler, Writer, Social Critic, Linguist, Thinker, Reformer, Diplomat, Political Theorist, Translator and Scholar, born 07/02/1900

Sophie Harris actor, born 07/02/1900

Wawrzyniec Cyl soccer player, born 07/02/1900

Joe Bennett baseball player, born 07/02/1900

Meyer Lansky MAFIA-SYNDICATE GANGSTER, born 07/02/1902

Anna Mccune Harper tennis player, born 07/02/1902

Takahiko Yamanouchi scientist, born 07/02/1902

Douglas-Home, Alexander Frederick, Baron Home of the Hirsel Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1963–1964), prime minister, born 07/02/1903

LeRoy Mason Actor, drug, born 07/02/1903

Sir Alexander Douglas-Home POLITICIAN, P.M. 1963-64, born 07/02/1903

King Olav V of Norway ROYALTY, BECAME KING 9-21-1957, born 07/02/1903

Charles Poletti governor, born 07/02/1903

Billy Libbis born 07/02/1903

Mario Simoes Dias Violinist, Music Critic, Writer, musical artist, born 07/02/1903

Jean Rene Lacoste CHAMPION TENNIS PLAYER, FASHION DESIGNER, tennis player, born 07/02/1904

Frank Southall cyclist, born 07/02/1904

Pete Susko baseball player, born 07/02/1904

James Edward Grant American film writer and director, actor, born 07/02/1905

Tatsuzo Ishikawa writer, born 07/02/1905

Eugene Lindsey military person, born 07/02/1905

Robert E. Gross born 07/02/1905

Hans Bethe Physicist, scientist, born 07/02/1906

Hans Albrecht Eduard Bethe PHYSICIST, NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS 1967, born 07/02/1906

Seraphin Martin RUNNER, OLYMPIC TRACK & FIELD ATHLETE, born 07/02/1906

Blanton Collier college coach, born 07/02/1906

Alan Webb actor, born 07/02/1906

Tsaganeas Hristos actor, born 07/02/1906

Ernst Kupfer German World War II Stuka pilot, military person, born 07/02/1907

Ellen Jansø Actor, drug, born 07/02/1907

Wolfgang Kretzschmar military person, born 07/02/1907

Franz Kleffner military person, born 07/02/1907

Paul Cambo ACTOR, born 07/02/1908

Phil Karlson FILM DIRECTOR, born 07/02/1908

Thurgood Marshall JURIST, LAWYER, SUPREME COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE, judge, born 07/02/1908

Gil English baseball player, born 07/02/1909

Mian Hayauddin Pakistan Army Officer, military person, born 07/02/1910

Jeff Alexander Conductor, arranger, composer, musical artist, born 07/02/1910

H. G. Adler born 07/02/1910

Lorne Carr Hockey player, born 07/02/1910

Louise Laroche born 07/02/1910


Reg Parnell Formula One racer, born 07/02/1911

Frederick Harris Professional footballer, soccer player, born 07/02/1912

Hercules Miranda Footballer, soccer player, born 07/02/1912

Edwin L. Mechem senator, born 07/02/1912

Rene Begin wholesaler, member of parliament, born 07/02/1912

Harold Jacob Smith Writer, Screenwriter, actor, born 07/02/1912

Isabela Corona actress, actor, born 07/02/1913

Ethelreda Leopold Actor, actor, born 07/02/1914

Hannes Bok author, illustrator, writer, born 07/02/1914

Mario Schenberg scientist, born 07/02/1914

Erich Topp German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 07/02/1914

George Cobb Golf course designer, born 07/02/1914

Junior Durkin Actor, actor, born 07/02/1915

Standish Michael Keon Australian politician, member of parliament, born 07/02/1915

Hubert Irving Teitelbaum United States federal judge, born 07/02/1915

Wellington, Arthur Valerian Wellesley, 8th Duke Of born 07/02/1915

Hans-Ulrich Rudel German World War II Stuka pilot, military person, born 07/02/1916

Ken Curtis TV/FILM ACTOR, SINGER, born 07/02/1916

Manuel Ortiz BOXER, boxer, born 07/02/1916

Harry E. Claiborne NEVADA FEDERAL JUDGE, IMPEACHED, born 07/02/1917

Leonard J. Arrington Mormon historian, Historian, born 07/02/1917

Murry Wilson Machine business owner, songwriter, manager, born 07/02/1917

Dennis Westcott soccer player, born 07/02/1917

Bob Dille basketball player, born 07/02/1917

Albert Batteux SOCCER PLAYER, born 07/02/1919

Albert Batteux soccer manager, born 07/02/1919

Jim Stuart american football player, born 07/02/1919

Bruno Quaresima soccer player, born 07/02/1920

Iosif Petschowski soccer player, born 07/02/1921

John Tanner soccer player, born 07/02/1921

William Proctor Wilson Businessman:, born 07/02/1921

Andrei Monin scientist, born 07/02/1921

Juan Antonio Bardem FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 07/02/1922

Pierre Cardin FASHION DESIGNER, born 07/02/1922

Dan Rowan ACTOR, COMEDIAN, TV HOST, TV PRODUCER, born 02/02/1933

Jacques Pollet Formula One racer, born 07/02/1922

Gil Stratton Actor, sportscaster, Actor, born 07/02/1922

Otto Newman scientist, born 07/02/1922

Donald J. Ruhl United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/02/1923

Wislawa Szymborska poet, essayist, translator, writer, born 07/02/1923

Constantin Dascalescu prime minister, born 07/02/1923

Margaret Taylor Hance office holder, born 07/02/1923

Charley Winner american football player, born 07/02/1924

Mitchell Red Cloud United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/02/1924

Robert Schliske Educator; state administrator, office holder, born 07/02/1924

Rick Besoyan Singer, director, composer, songwriter, playwright, musical artist, born 07/02/1924

Len Richley soccer manager, born 07/02/1924

Patrice Lumumba POLITICIAN, P.M., MURDER VICTIM, born 07/02/1925

Patrice Lumumba prime minister, born 07/02/1925

Medgar Evers activist, born 07/02/1925

Olga Arsenievna Oleinik scientist, born 07/02/1925

Marvin Rainwater singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 07/02/1925

Don Kindt gridiron football player, born 07/02/1925

Robert Simpson Maclellan member of parliament, born 07/02/1925

Lee Allen MUSICIAN, born 07/02/1926

Medgar Evers CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST, MARTYR, born 07/02/1926

Morag Beaton Opera singer, actor, born 07/02/1926

Brock Peters Actor, actor, born 07/02/1927

Ruth Berghaus German stage director of opera, born 07/02/1927

James Peter Mackay, Lord Mackay of Clashfern POLITICIAN, LORD CHANCELLOR IN GOVERNMENT, born 07/02/1927

James Mackay of Clashfern office holder, born 07/02/1927

Derek John Claremont Jones British and Hong Kong government official, born 07/02/1927

Jacques Chancel TV JOURNALIST, born 07/02/1928

Line Renaud ACTRESS, SINGER, born 07/02/1928

Sidney Kibrick Film actor, actor, born 07/02/1928

Peter Taylor soccer manager, born 07/02/1928

Neil Dansie cricketer, born 07/02/1928

Imelda Romuáldez Marcos Former First Lady of the Philippines, office holder, born 07/02/1929

Carl Jean Johnson Physician, born 07/02/1929

John A. Cade office holder, born 07/02/1929

Ahmad Jamal Pianist, composer, musical artist, born 07/02/1930

O. V. Vijayan Novelist, short story writer, cartoonist, journalist, writer, born 07/02/1930

Frank Williams English comedy actor, Comedy actor, actor, born 07/02/1931

Robin Gray office holder, born 07/02/1931

Robert Ito actor, born 07/02/1931

David Thomas an American restaurant owner and philanthropist, Businessman, philanthropist, born 07/02/1932

Terry Major Ball banker, columnist and media personality, born 07/02/1932

Kenneth Macmillan Actor, actor, born 07/02/1932

Cap Dierks office holder, born 07/02/1932

Austin Leslie New Orleans Chef, born 07/02/1934

Ed Bullins Playwright, writer, born 07/02/1935

Erkko Kivikoski Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/02/1936

Ian Moutray Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 07/02/1936

Polly Holliday Actress, actor, born 07/02/1937

Humbert Roque Versace United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/02/1937

Richard Lee Petty RACING STOCK CAR DRIVER, NOTED FAMILY, born 07/02/1937

Owen, David Anthony Llewellyn, Baron Owen of Plymouth British politician and life peer. Foreign Secretary (1977–1979)., Site of Special Scientific Interest, born 07/02/1938

David Anthony Llewellyn Owen PHYSICIAN, POLITICIAN, AUTHOR, born 07/02/1938

Hal Reniff BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 07/02/1938

Joseph A. Galante born 07/02/1938

Paul Williams Singer, Choreographer, Singer, choreographer, musical artist, born 07/02/1939

Gordon Marshall Anglo-Scottish footballer, soccer player, born 07/02/1939

Barbara Colby FILM/STAGE/TV ACTRESS, MURDER VICTIM, born 07/02/1939

M. A. Foster WRITER, MUSICIAN, POET, BONSAI GROWER, born 07/02/1939

John H. Sununu office holder, born 07/02/1939

Michael N. Castle congressman, born 07/02/1939

Iga Cembrzyńska Polish actress, actress, producer, actor, born 07/02/1939

John Francis Banzhaf III law professor and legal activist, Professor, born 07/02/1940

Barbara Colby Actress, actor, born 07/02/1940

Kenneth Clarke office holder, born 07/02/1940

Mogens Frey Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/02/1941

Julio A. Garcia office holder, born 07/02/1941

Vicente Fox President of Mexico (2000 - 2006), Businessman; Politician, president, born 07/02/1942

Izzat Ibrahim Ad-Douri office holder, born 07/02/1942

Walter Godefroot CYCLIST, OLYMPIC BRONZE MEDAL CHAMPION, born 07/02/1943

Frank Oleary office holder, born 07/02/1943

Piera Martell Singer, musical artist, born 07/02/1943

Jeff Pomerantz Actor, actor, born 07/02/1943

Ronald Frederick Edwards Australian politician, Lecturer, member of parliament, born 07/02/1945

Harriet A. Hall Medical doctor & skeptic, born 07/02/1945

Randy Holden musical artist, born 07/02/1945

Linda Warren novelist, writer, born 07/02/1945

Basil Bark gridiron football player, born 07/02/1945

Maria Kurnatowska office holder, born 07/02/1945

Timur Selçuk Turkish musician, born 07/02/1946

Miklós Ajtai Computer scientist, scientist, born 07/02/1946

Ron Silver STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 07/02/1946

Ron Silver Actor, director, producer, political activist, actor, born 07/02/1946

Richard Axel scientist, born 07/02/1946

Travis Payze born 07/02/1946

Elgin Maccann ice hockey player, born 07/02/1946

Larry David Writer, comedian, producer, comedian, born 07/02/1947

Jayanto Chattopadhyay Bengali actor reciter, Actor, Reciter, actor, born 07/02/1947

Ann Taylor LABOUR PARTY POLITICIAN, M.P., TEACHER, office holder, born 07/02/1947

Winifred Ann Taylor LABOUR PARTY POLITICIAN, M.P., born 07/02/1947

Luci Baines Johnson born 07/02/1947

Stephen Stucker actor, born 07/02/1947

Saul Rubinek Actor, actor, born 07/02/1948

Joseph LaPointe United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/02/1948

Mario Villanueva governor, born 07/02/1948

Roy Bittan musical artist, born 07/02/1949

Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Actor, born 07/02/1949

Michael Dennis (Mike) Nahan Australian politician, born 07/02/1950

Chris Mancini MUSICIAN, NOTED FAMILY, born 07/02/1950

Jon Trickett member of parliament, born 07/02/1950

Serge Cardin member of parliament, born 07/02/1950

Jane Cordy office holder, born 07/02/1950

Jorge del Castillo prime minister, born 07/02/1950

Joanne Mari Lancaster NOTED FAMILY, born 07/02/1951

Michele Santoro Journalist, anchorman, television host and presentator, born 07/02/1951

Elisabeth Brooks Film, television actress, actor, born 07/02/1951

Sylvia Rivera born 07/02/1951

Jarmo Koski actor, born 07/02/1951

Ronny Coutteure Actor, actor, born 07/02/1951

Ahmed Ouyahia office holder, born 07/02/1952

Grant Dodwell Creative Producer, Actor, Writer, Director, actor, born 07/02/1952

Pat Ciarrocchi actor, born 07/02/1952

Gene Taylor Musician, musical artist, born 07/02/1952

Isabelle Babilee DANCER, NOTED FAMILY, DAU OF DANCER JEAN BABILEE, born 07/02/1953

Brian Clarke artist, born 07/02/1953

Mark Hart Musician, Producer, musical artist, born 07/02/1953

Wendy Schaal Actress/Voice actress, actor, born 07/02/1954

Kim Mclane Wardlaw judge, born 07/02/1954

Randall-Page artist, born 07/02/1954

Kim John Carr Australian politician, Politician, office holder, born 07/02/1955

Jean West DANCER, born 07/02/1955

Jerry Hall FASHION MODEL, NOTED FAMILY, model, born 07/02/1956

Tufani Saroj office holder, born 07/02/1956

Marcha Singer, musical artist, born 07/02/1956

Euler Renato Westphal Brazilian Lutheran theologian, born 07/02/1957

Gary Hutchens MULTIPLE BIRTH, SIAMESE TWIN, born 07/02/1957

Lary Hutchens MULTIPLE BIRTH, SIAMESE TWIN, born 07/02/1957

Guilloume Perez Zapata artist, born 07/02/1957

Boris Vieru politician, born 07/02/1957

Aleksandra Yakovleva Actress, born 07/02/1957

Nebojsa Covic office holder, born 07/02/1958

Rainer Hasler soccer player, born 07/02/1958

Farhad Kazemi soccer manager, born 07/02/1959

Terry Rossio actor, born 07/02/1960

Julia Montgomery actor, born 07/02/1960

Ben Thomas American football defensive lineman, american football player, born 07/02/1961

Jimmy McNichol TV/FILM ACTOR, born 07/02/1961

Alba Parietta SINGER, born 07/02/1961

Frederic Talgorn MUSICIAN, COMPOSER FOR FILMS, born 07/02/1961

Jimmy Macnichol Actor, actor, born 07/02/1961

Julio Cesar Chavez CHAMPION BOXER, PHILANTHROPIST, born 07/02/1962

Ganesh Singh office holder, born 07/02/1962

Mark Kermode Film critic, presenter, musician, born 07/02/1963

John Joubert born 07/02/1963

Nikolay Kostov soccer manager, born 07/02/1963

Jose Canseco BASEBALL PLAYER, OUTFIELDER, IDENTICAL TWIN, baseball player, born 07/02/1964

Ozzie Canseco BASEBALL PLAYER, IDENTICAL TWIN, born 07/02/1964

Joe Magrane BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 07/02/1964

Andrea Yates born 07/02/1964

Tim Sullivan film director, screenwriter, actor, and producer, actor, born 07/02/1964

Cheung Tat-ming actor, born 07/02/1964

Hisakatsu Oya wrestler, born 07/02/1964

Valerio Tebaldi Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/02/1965

Tim Breacker soccer player, born 07/02/1965

Jackson, Frank E, Jr actor, born 07/02/1965

Norbert Rottgen office holder, born 07/02/1965

Peter De Clercq Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/02/1966

Kathryn Erbe Actress, actor, born 07/02/1966

Debee Ashby English adult model and actress, adult actor, born 07/02/1967

Ron Goldman WAITER, MURDER VICTIM, born 07/02/1968

Gouthami Tadimalla actor, born 07/02/1968

So Taguchi Baseball player, born 07/02/1969

Matthew Bevan Cox Convicted felon, confidence man, Mortgage broker, criminal, born 07/02/1969

Andrea Collinelli Italian track cyclist, 1996 Olympic gold 4000m individual pursuit, born 07/02/1969

Bahman Motamedian Film director, photographer and screenwriter, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Photographer, actor, born 07/02/1969

Tim Rodber born 07/02/1969

Jenni Rivera musical artist, born 07/02/1969

Sirous Dinmohammadi Retired Iranian footballer, soccer player, born 07/02/1970

Rick Ballard MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, born 07/02/1970

Yancy Victoria Butler American television and film actress, Actress, actor, born 07/02/1970

Monie Love musical artist, born 07/02/1970

Kim Hock Yap badminton player, born 07/02/1970

Joyce Peppin office holder, born 07/02/1970

Christian von Koenigsegg Swedish entrepreneur, born 07/02/1972

Lee Boardman actor, born 07/02/1972

Peter Kay English writer, producer, actor and comedian, comedian, born 07/02/1973

Tanya Stephens Deejay, Singer, musical artist, born 07/02/1973

Rocky Gray Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 07/02/1974

So ri Moon Actress, born 07/02/1974

Shy Nobleman Singer, Songwriter, Actor, musical artist, born 07/02/1974

Robert Thalheim stage and film director and screenwriter, born 07/02/1974

Colin Murdock Professional footballer, soccer player, born 07/02/1975

Eric Daze ice hockey player, born 07/02/1975

David Saelens born 07/02/1975

Danni Carlos Singer, songwriter, composer, actress, musical artist, born 07/02/1975

Laurent Lefèvre Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/02/1976

Paolo Bossoni Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/02/1976

Mihkel Tüür Estonian architect, born 07/02/1976

Socialist Republic of Vietnam REPUBLIC, born 07/02/1976

Paul Meany musical artist, born 07/02/1976

Terri Kwan Actress, Singer, Model and Author, actor, born 07/02/1976

Darren Jude Wates Australian cricketer, cricketer, born 07/02/1977

Will Brooks American Southern artist, artist, born 07/02/1977

Gianluca Zanetti soccer player, born 07/02/1977

Carlton Mellick Novelist, writer, born 07/02/1977

Ganesh Actor, Producer, actor, born 07/02/1977

Randy Macdowell actor, born 07/02/1977

Victor Manuel Fuentes soccer player, born 07/02/1978

Joseph Gomis basketball player, born 07/02/1978

Lyndel Soon Actress, model, born 07/02/1978

Ayiesha Woods Christian musician, musical artist, born 07/02/1979

Levar Fisher american football player, born 07/02/1979

Diana Gurtskaya Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 07/02/1979

Nicole Briscoe American sports journalists, born 07/02/1980

Ciara Sotto Actress/Singer/Host, actor, born 07/02/1980

Nathan Ellington Footballer, soccer player, born 07/02/1981

Cranny Robert F. musical artist, born 07/02/1981

Jiri Vojtik Olympic sprinter, born 07/02/1981

Mario Villasanti Footballer, soccer player, born 07/02/1982

Michael Koch Film director and actor, actor, born 07/02/1982

Ferras Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 07/02/1982

Nils Kenneth Udjus footballer, soccer player, born 07/02/1983

Michelle Branch Singer-songwriter, musician, actress, musical artist, born 07/02/1983

Abdel-Fadil Sherif soccer player, born 07/02/1983

Lars Grorud soccer player, born 07/02/1983

Vanessa Lee Chester actress, Actress, actor, born 07/02/1984

Johnny Weir Figure skater, figure skater, born 07/02/1984

Wladimir Balentien baseball player, born 07/02/1984

Oksana Andersson model, born 07/02/1984

Lena Fujii model, born 07/02/1984

Vinny Magalhaes born 07/02/1984

Tara Rushton actor, born 07/02/1984

Ashley Michelle Tisdale American singer, actor, Actress, singer, songwriter, dancer, television producer, musical artist, born 07/02/1985

Rhett Bomar American football player, american football player, born 07/02/1985

Jurgen Roelandts Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/02/1985

Nikolay Trusov Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/02/1985

Miki Nishimura Professional bowler, born 07/02/1985

Ali Peyrovani soccer player, born 07/02/1985

Dolly Shahine Model,Singer, actress, musical artist, born 07/02/1985

Renee Chen Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 07/02/1985

Lindsay Lohan American actress and pop singer, Actress, singer, fashion designer, model, musical artist, born 07/02/1986

Hongsuk Paek Professional go player, born 07/02/1986

Young-ho Heo born 07/02/1986

Charles Buko Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, musical artist, born 07/02/1986

Sam Trickett poker player, born 07/02/1986

Ruslana Korshunova Fashion model, model, born 07/02/1987

Matteo Lunati soccer player, born 07/02/1987

Robert Muraine born 07/02/1987

Irven Avila soccer player, born 07/02/1990

Margot Robbie Actress, actor, born 07/02/1990

James Forde Character actor, actor, born 07/02/1997