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Louis 01 Of Naples British royalty, born 07/23/1339

Clement 11 pope, born 07/23/1649

Jonathan Belcher office holder, born 07/23/1710

Josiah Wedgwood POTTER, ENTREPRENEUR, born 07/23/1730

Bedford, Francis Russell, 5th Duke of born 07/23/1765

Franklin Wharton United States Marine Corps Commandant, military person, born 07/23/1767

Abraham Colles born 07/23/1773

Thomas Brisbane governor, born 07/23/1773

Eugène François Vidocq French criminal and criminalist, born 07/23/1775

Thomas Denman office holder, born 07/23/1779

Francisco Antonio Pinto president, born 07/23/1785

Prideaux John Selby ornithologist, botanist, artist, writer, born 07/23/1788

Manuel Maria Lombardini President of Mexico (1853), president, born 07/23/1802

Apollinaire Bouchardat PHYSICIAN, PHARMACIST, born 07/23/1806

Hara Chandra Ghosh Social reformer, Judge, born 07/23/1808

Albert Miller Lea United States Army officer, born 07/23/1808

Nelson Tift Confederate Navy officer and politician, born 07/23/1810

James Henry Dickey Henderson congressman, born 07/23/1810

Sylvester Judd Novelist, born 07/23/1813

Charlotte Saunders Cushman STAGE ACTRESS, LESBIAN, born 07/23/1816

Charlotte Saunders Cushman actor, born 07/23/1816

Normanby, George Phipps, 2nd Marquess of office holder, born 07/23/1819

James Nesmith senator, born 07/23/1820

Joseph Despard Pemberton born 07/23/1821

Darius Couch Union Army general, military person, born 07/23/1822

David MacConaughy Union Army officer, born 07/23/1823

Coventry Patmore POET, born 07/23/1823

Gabriel C. Wharton Confederate Army general American soldier & engineer, military person, born 07/23/1824

Kuno Fischer philosopher, born 07/23/1824

Roswell Farnham Union United States Army officer, governor, born 07/23/1827

John A. Wharton Confederate Army general, military person, born 07/23/1828

Devonshire, Spencer Cavendish, 8th Duke Of office holder, born 07/23/1833

James Gibbons ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, CARDINAL, AUTHOR, born 07/23/1834

Heros Von Borcke military person, born 07/23/1835

Antonia Ford American Civil War spy, born 07/23/1838

William G. Thompson Union Army officer, born 07/23/1840

John Adams Hyman congressman, born 07/23/1840

John E. Rickards Book keeper, governor, born 07/23/1848

Seth Bullock Lawman, born 07/23/1849

Charles Parlange United States federal judge, born 07/23/1851

Arthur Bird American composer, born 07/23/1856

Bala Gangadhara Tilak WRITER, SANSKRIT SCHOLAR, INDIAN LEADER, born 07/23/1856

Albert Shaw American journalist, born 07/23/1857

Dixon Edward Hoste Missionary to China, second director of the China Inland Mission, born 07/23/1861

Charles Lucien Leandre ARTIST, PAINTER, LITHOGRAPHER, DRAUGHTSMAN, born 07/23/1862

Timothy Sullivan politician, businessman, real estate., congressman, born 07/23/1862

Samuel Henry Kress Businessman, philanthropist, Founder of S. H. Kress & Co., born 07/23/1863

Apolinario Mabini office holder, born 07/23/1864

Edward Terry Sanford United States federal judge, judge, born 07/23/1865

George Septimus Rennie member of parliament, born 07/23/1866

Simeon S. Pennewill farmer, office holder, born 07/23/1867

George Ewan Maccraney office holder, born 07/23/1868

Ovide Decroly EDUCATOR, TEACHER, PSYCHOLOGIST, born 07/23/1871

Edward Adrian Wilson Explorer, born 07/23/1872

Ettore Pozzoli Italian classical pianist, born 07/23/1873

Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons JOCKEY, THOROUGHBRED RACEHORSE TRAINER, born 07/23/1873

Rose Kelly born 07/23/1874

Aino Ackté Finnish soprano, born 07/23/1876

Frederick Sykes military person, born 07/23/1877

Aime Boucher Civil law notary, member of parliament, born 07/23/1877

Georg John Actor, actor, born 07/23/1879

Oscar Westover United States Army general, military person, born 07/23/1883

Stuart Paton Film director, actor, born 07/23/1883

Sir Alan Francis Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke MILITARY, ARMY FIELD MARSHAL, CHURCHILL'S ADVISOR, military person, born 07/23/1883

Emil Jannings actor, Actor, born 07/23/1884

Albert Warner Film executive, actor, born 07/23/1884

Robert L. Bacon Lawyer and politician, congressman, born 07/23/1884

Izaak Walton Killam Financier, born 07/23/1885

Sir Arthur Brown AVIATOR, born 07/23/1886

Raymond Chandler Novelist, screenwriter, Novelist, writer, born 07/23/1888


Robert Defries born 07/23/1889

Walter Schilling German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 07/23/1890

Harry Cohn president and production director of Columbia Pictures, Film producer, actor, born 07/23/1891

Haile Selassie 01 Of Ethiopia British royalty, born 07/23/1892

Fred Macintosh born 07/23/1893

Stronge, Sir Norman, 8th Baronet Member of the, Northern Ireland House of Commons, killed by Provisional Irish Republican Army, politician, born 07/23/1894

Hans Peters Art director, drug, born 07/23/1894

Charles Sterling Hutcheson United States federal judge, born 07/23/1894

Arthur Treacher ACTOR, COMEDIAN, SEEN AS PERFECT BUTLER, Actor, actor, born 07/23/1894

Frederick Bellenger office holder, born 07/23/1894

Aileen Pringle American actress, Actress, actor, born 07/23/1895

George Clinton Sweeney United States federal judge, born 07/23/1895

Florence Vidor FILM ACTRESS, FILM PRODUCER, born 07/23/1895

C. Norris Poulson politician, born 07/23/1895

Mukul Dey artist, born 07/23/1895

George Hugh Castleden member of parliament, born 07/23/1895

Marcel Alessandri military person, born 07/23/1895

Art Rico Professional baseball player, baseball player, born 07/23/1895

Hermann Kress German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 07/23/1895


Anton Schmid military person, born 07/23/1897

Jacob Marschak scientist, born 07/23/1898

Reg Osborne soccer player, born 07/23/1898

Clarence Gonstead Chiropractor Teacher, born 07/23/1898

Gustav Heinemann German politician, President of Germany 1969-1974, president, born 07/23/1899

Ruth Ellis LGBT rights activist, born 07/23/1899

Nerio Bernardi Actor, drug, born 07/23/1899

Albert Vickers Bryan United States federal judge, born 07/23/1899


Robert Aime Merle d'Aubigne PHYSICIAN, SURGEON, AUTHOR, born 07/23/1900

Jimmie Wilson baseball player, born 07/23/1900

Earl Campbell ice hockey player, born 07/23/1900

Prince Kaya Tsunenori military person, born 07/23/1900

John Babcock Canadian World War I veteran, military person, born 07/23/1900

Donald A. Gary United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/23/1901

Helen Ferguson actress, publicist, actor, born 07/23/1901

Donald Reed Actor, drug, born 07/23/1901

Hank Worden actor, born 07/23/1901

Norman Lewis artist, born 07/23/1901

Otto Laporte physicist, quantum mechanics, electromagnetic wave propagation theory, spectroscopy, fluid dynamics, born 07/23/1902

Frank Soskice office holder, born 07/23/1902

Patterson scientist, born 07/23/1902

George Theodore Mickelson United States federal judge, born 07/23/1903

David Willis Wilson Henderson MICROBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH DIRECTOR, DEPT OF DEFENSE, born 07/23/1903

Roger Leenhardt FILM DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, CRITIC, born 07/23/1903

Turnbull, Jr., Doug Clayland Lacrosse player, college coach, born 07/23/1903

Leopold Engleitner Austrian Holocaust Survivor, Lecturer, born 07/23/1905

Clancy Cooper Actor, drug, born 07/23/1906

Vladimir Prelog scientist, born 07/23/1906

Marston Bates scientist, born 07/23/1906

Chandrasekhar Azad born 07/23/1906

Erich Zurn military person, born 07/23/1906

Armando Dugand Botanist, Geobotanist, born 07/23/1906

Charles Bradfield Jr. Morrey American mathematician, scientist, born 07/23/1907

Karl Swenson RADIO/FILM/TV ACTOR, actor, born 07/23/1908

Antonio Vivaldi MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, VIOLINIST, TEACHER, born 07/23/1908

Ival Goodman baseball player, born 07/23/1908

Phil Andros Novelist, tattoo artist, born 07/23/1909

Helen Martin Stage, television actress, actor, born 07/23/1909

Joe Carter gridiron football player, born 07/23/1909

Maurice Richard CYCLIST, born 07/23/1910

Patriarch Pimen 01 Of Moscow Christian Bishop, born 07/23/1910

Paul Chervinko baseball player, born 07/23/1910

Fernando De Santiago Y Diaz De Mendivil prime minister, born 07/23/1910

Heinrich Schonder German World War II U-boat commander, born 07/23/1910

Karl Adamek soccer manager, born 07/23/1910

Edward John Harper First Bishop of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, born 07/23/1910

Elisabeth Klein Danish pianist, born 07/23/1911

Althea Henley Actress, actor, born 07/23/1911

Jean Louis Maxime Van Heijenoort Historian of mathematical logic and personal secretary to Leon Trotsky, born 07/23/1912

Arnold Joseph Drury Australian politician, born 07/23/1912

Michael Wilding, Sr. FILM/STAGE/VAUDEVILLE ACTOR, born 07/23/1912

Michael Wilding actor, born 07/23/1912

Ali Benouna soccer player, born 07/23/1912

Nick Udall American politician and attorney, former mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, politician, born 07/23/1913

Sven Weden Swedish politician, born 07/23/1913

Coral Browne STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 07/23/1913

Michael Foot office holder, born 07/23/1913

Julie Mitchum Danish painter, born 07/23/1914

Carl Foreman actor, born 07/23/1914

Reidar Kvammen soccer manager, born 07/23/1914

Frank Croucher baseball player, born 07/23/1914

Sir Angus Mackay Mackintosh DIPLOMAT, born 07/23/1915

Bob Masterson gridiron football player, born 07/23/1915

Boris Kraas military person, born 07/23/1915

Horace Hahn actor, born 07/23/1915

Pierre Pibarot soccer manager, born 07/23/1916

Raymond Zussman Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/23/1917

Jack C. Montgomery United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/23/1917

Patricia Burke STAGE/RADIO/FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 07/23/1917

Kurt Kreuger ACTOR, born 07/23/1917

Sir Charles Kerruish office holder, born 07/23/1917

Teddy Maguire soccer player, born 07/23/1917

Omar Yoke Lin Ong office holder, born 07/23/1917

Pee Wee Reese baseball player, born 07/23/1918

Ruth Duccini actor, born 07/23/1918

Hans Oesterheld comics creator, born 07/23/1919

Davis Grubb Novelist, short story writer, born 07/23/1919

Jesse Monroe Knowles Supervisor for Amoco in Lake Charles, office holder, born 07/23/1919

Griffin, Loyal Martin, Jr. American environmentalist, Doctor, writer, environmentalist, vintner, writer, born 07/23/1920

Adolphe-Maria Gustave Hardy born 07/23/1920

Calvert Grant DeForest American comedian, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 07/23/1921

Sandra Gould actress, writer, Actress, writer, actor, born 07/23/1921

Arthur Luther Whitaker American religious leader, born 07/23/1921

Milivoj Emil Lajovic Australian politician, Accountant, member of parliament, born 07/23/1921

Robert Brown actor, born 07/23/1921

Buzz Kulik Film director, Film producer, actor, born 07/23/1922

Damiano Damiani FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 07/23/1922

Sidney Lassick actor, born 07/23/1922

Alf Burnett soccer player, born 07/23/1922

Donald Nicholl British historian and theologian, born 07/23/1923

Claude Luter JAZZ MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CLARINETIST, BANDLEADER, musical artist, born 07/23/1923

Cyril M. Kornbluth Novelist, short story author, Editor, writer, born 07/23/1923

Luis Aloma baseball player, born 07/23/1923

Pat Boyette comics creator, born 07/23/1923

Hugh Kelly soccer manager, born 07/23/1923

Massimo Franciosa Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 07/23/1924

Brad Johnson Actor, drug, born 07/23/1924


Claude Penz CHAMPION SKIER, born 07/23/1924

Samad Rizvi scientist, born 07/23/1924

Brad Johnson Actor, actor, born 07/23/1924

Gloria DeHaven American actress, Film, television actress, actor, born 07/23/1925

Pierre Baugniet Belgian figure skater, figure skater, born 07/23/1925

Alain Decaux AUTHOR, HISTORIAN, POLITICIAN, born 07/23/1925

Quett Masire president, born 07/23/1925

T Ahmed prime minister, born 07/23/1925

Erk Russell College football coach, college coach, born 07/23/1926


Charlotte Mitchell actor, born 07/23/1926

Cedella Marley Booker Singer, Author, musical artist, born 07/23/1926

Johnny Groth baseball player, born 07/23/1926

Gérard Brach Writer, actor, born 07/23/1927

Abdelazziz Ben Tifour SOCCER PLAYER, born 07/23/1927

Dante Bini BOXER, born 07/23/1927

Elliot See Test pilot, astronaut, born 07/23/1927

Dhondutai Kulkarni Hindustani classical music, musical artist, born 07/23/1927

John Chenhall soccer player, born 07/23/1927

Leon Fleischer MUSICIAN, PIANIST, CONDUCTOR, born 07/23/1928

Vera Rubin born 07/23/1928

Arthur Pembroke military person, born 07/23/1928

Chuck Blair ice hockey player, born 07/23/1928

Johnny Campbell soccer player, born 07/23/1928

Billy Maxwell golf player, born 07/23/1929

Danny Barcelona Drummer, musical artist, born 07/23/1929

Robert M Quackenbush writer, born 07/23/1929

Lateef Kayode Jakande Journalist, governor, born 07/23/1929

Fred Elliott soccer player, born 07/23/1929

Roger Hassenforder Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/23/1930

Richie Kamuca JAZZ MUSICIAN, TENOR SAXOPHONIST, born 07/23/1930

Moon Landrieu office holder, born 07/23/1930

Pierre Vidal-Naquet scientist, born 07/23/1930

Richie Kamuca saxophonist, musical artist, born 07/23/1930

Te Atairangi Kaahu Māori Queen, monarch, born 07/23/1931


Heinrich Schweiger Actor, actor, born 07/23/1931

Janusz Andrzej Zakrzewski physicist, born 07/23/1932

Bert Convy Actor, singer, television personality, director, Actor, game show host, singer, actor, born 07/23/1933

Benedict Joseph Groeschel born 07/23/1933

Bert Convy STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, TV HOST, born 07/23/1934

Tommy Tibbs BOXER, born 07/23/1934

Steve Lacy Saxophonist, musical artist, born 07/23/1934

Tony Lee Musician, musical artist, born 07/23/1934

Micky Del Prete SINGER, born 07/23/1935

Irvin Roberson american football player, born 07/23/1935

Delbert O. Jennings United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/23/1936

Anthony McLeod Kennedy Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, musical, born 07/23/1936


Anthony M. Kennedy LAWYER, U.S. SUPREME COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE, born 12/17/1939

Don Drysdale baseball player, born 07/23/1936


Robert W. Morgan born 07/23/1937

Bruce Surtees actor, born 07/23/1937

Misha Geller Composer, born 07/23/1937

Götz George German actor, actor, born 07/23/1938

Frans Weisz Film director, drug, born 07/23/1938

Gotz George STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 07/23/1938

Ronny Cox Actor, singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor, born 07/23/1938

Bert Newton Television personality, born 07/23/1938

Charles Harrelson Hitman, criminal, born 07/23/1938

Brenda Frazer POET OF BEAT GENERATION, NOTED FAMILY, born 07/23/1939

Don Imus Radio personality, Radio and television talk show host, writer, humorist, born 07/23/1940

Schioppa Tommaso Padoa ECONOMIST, AUTHOR OF ECONOMIC TEXTS, born 07/23/1940

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa prime minister, born 07/23/1940

Johnny Darrell Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 07/23/1940

Jimmy G. Shoalmire born 07/23/1940

Heinz Anger Austrian Impressionist painter, artist, born 07/23/1941

Eddie Reese American college swimming coach, Olympic swimming coach, International Swimming Hall of Fame member, college coach, born 07/23/1941

Madeline Bell American singer-songwriter, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 07/23/1942

Larry Manetti actor, born 07/23/1942

Eduardo Araujo musical artist, born 07/23/1942

Tony Colman politician and activist, member of parliament, born 07/23/1943

Tony Joe White musical artist, born 07/23/1943

Paolo Costa prime minister, born 07/23/1943

Bob Hilton Announcer, Game show host, actor, born 07/23/1943

Richard A. Sossi office holder, born 07/23/1943

Lucy Lee Flippin actor, born 07/23/1943

Evans, Donald W., Jr. United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 07/23/1943

Alex Buzo born 07/23/1944

Lisa Alther Novelist, born 07/23/1944

Pepe Serna actor, born 07/23/1944

Mandy Miller English actress, actor, born 07/23/1944

Dino Danelli of THE RASCALS MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 07/23/1945

Jon Sammels soccer player, born 07/23/1945

John Lennox TV PRODUCER, born 07/23/1946

Andy Mackay of ROXY MUSIC MUSICIAN, SAXOPHONIST, WOODWIND PLAYER, Musician, Songwriter, producer, Educator, Author, Film scorer, musical artist, born 07/23/1946

Abigail actor, born 07/23/1946

Dan K. Macneill military person, born 07/23/1946

John Frederick Steele Former English cricketer, born 07/23/1946

Keith Ferguson Musician, musical artist, born 07/23/1946

Asghar Qadir scientist, born 07/23/1946

Spencer Christian WEATHERCASTER, SPORTSCASTER, REPORTER, Broadcaster, journalist, author, born 07/23/1947

David Essex ACTOR, ROCK SINGER, musical artist, born 07/23/1947

Gardner Dozois Editor, writer, writer, born 07/23/1947

Parker, Robert M., Jr. Wine critic, writer, born 07/23/1947

L Subramaniam Violinist, composer, conductor, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, record producer, pedagogue, musical artist, born 07/23/1947

Torsten Palm Formula One racer, born 07/23/1947

John Dicks actor, born 07/23/1947

George Phillies Physics Professor, politician, born 07/23/1947

Gunnar Lund office holder, born 07/23/1947

Ross Cranston member of parliament, born 07/23/1948

Lenore Kasdorf Actress, actor, born 07/23/1948

John Cushnahan politician, born 07/23/1948

John Hall musician, congressman, born 07/23/1948

Martin Looney politician, born 07/23/1948

Steve Tannen All-American college football player, professional football player, cornerback, safety, defensive back, american football player, born 07/23/1948

Carlos Bonell MUSICIAN, CLASSICAL GUITARIST, born 07/23/1949

Kaity Tong American television journalist/news anchor, journalist, born 07/23/1949

Belinda Montgomery ACTRESS, born 07/23/1950

Alex Kozinski judge, born 07/23/1950

Cheryl Hall Actor, teacher, actor, born 07/23/1950

Felipe Sola governor, born 07/23/1950

Ian Thomas Singer, songwriter, actor, author, musical artist, born 07/23/1950

Kim Commons CHESSMASTER, TEEN CHESS PRODIGY, born 07/23/1951

Eleanor Scott office holder, born 07/23/1951

Edie Macclurg Actress, actor, born 07/23/1951

Paul Hibbert cricketer, born 07/23/1952

Henk Kamp Politician, politician, born 07/23/1952

Avaz Alakbarov Politician, Scientist, office holder, born 07/23/1952

Claude Barzotti POP SINGER, born 07/23/1953

Najib Tun Razak Prime Minister, prime minister, born 07/23/1953

Nicky Wagner Business, office holder, born 07/23/1953

Annie Sprinkle adult actor, born 07/23/1954

Arthur Morgan politician, born 07/23/1954

Bernard Amadei scientist, born 07/23/1954

Denis Odonovan office holder, born 07/23/1955

Yvonne Timmerman-buck Politician, politician, born 07/23/1956

Rob S. Miles Computer scientist, scientist, born 07/23/1957

B. d' At de Saint-Foulc DANCER, born 07/23/1957

Theo van Gogh Film director, film producer, columnist, author, actor, born 07/23/1957

Kate Buffery Actress, actor, born 07/23/1957

Edson Lopes composer, musical artist, musical artist, born 07/23/1957

Ron Cassidy american football player, born 07/23/1957

David M. Medina Attorney; Judge, office holder, born 07/23/1958

Chuck Jeffreys Actor, actor, born 07/23/1958

Alan Barnes Performer, Bandleader,, musical artist, born 07/23/1959

Nancy Savoca Director, Writer, Producer, actor, born 07/23/1959

Per Bauhn Philosopher, born 07/23/1960

Rick Miller politician, born 07/23/1960

Woody Harrelson STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST, Actor, born 07/23/1961

Robin Leslie Lawford NOTED FAMILY, born 07/23/1961

Tom Holland office holder, born 07/23/1961

Eriq La Salle Actor/Director, actor, born 07/23/1962

Lydia Cornell Actress, writer, actor, born 07/23/1962

Kelley Jones comics creator, born 07/23/1962

Vince Albritton gridiron football player, born 07/23/1962

Yunus-bek Yevkurov President of Ingushetia, office holder, born 07/23/1963

Geoff Connor politician, born 07/23/1963

Grace Mugabe (nee Marufu) First lady of Zimbabwe; wife of Robert Mugabe, Secretary, born 07/23/1964

Julian Brian Leitch MUSICIAN, born 07/23/1964

Nick Menza Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 07/23/1964

Wayne Haddix American football player, american football player, born 07/23/1965

Pierpaolo Ferrazzi SLALOM CANOEIST, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 07/23/1965


Slash Musician, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 07/23/1965

Erinn Chalene Cosby NOTED FAMILY, born 07/23/1966

Samantha Beckinsale Actress, actor, born 07/23/1966

Philip Seymour Hoffman Actor, Actor/Theater director, actor, born 07/23/1967

Kirsten Costas High school student, born 07/23/1968

Elden Campbell BASKETBALL PLAYER, FORWARD, CENTER, born 07/23/1968

Gary Payton BASKETBALL PLAYER, GUARD, born 07/23/1968

Beth Ehlers Actress, actor, born 07/23/1968

Declan Ganley politician, born 07/23/1968

Leon Errazuriz filmmaker, born 07/23/1968

Stephanie Seymour Model, actress, model, born 07/23/1969

David Kaufman actor, born 07/23/1969

Matthew Leutwyler actor, born 07/23/1969

Bill Chott actor,comedian, actor, born 07/23/1969

Charisma Carpenter Actor, actor, born 07/23/1970

Sultanate of Oman SULTANATE, born 07/23/1970

Kenji Nomura actor, born 07/23/1970

Rya Kihlstedt actress, actor, born 07/23/1970

Steven Handley born 07/23/1970

Alison Krauss American musical artist, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Producer, Bandleader, musical artist, born 07/23/1971

Joel Stein American Journalist, Columnist, writer, born 07/23/1971

Chad Gracey musical artist, born 07/23/1971

Marlon Wayans Actor, Actor, producer, comedian, screenwriter, director, actor, born 07/23/1972

Ulf Raschke soccer player, born 07/23/1972

Monica Samille Lewinsky American woman involved in President Bill Clinton's sex scandals, White House intern, born 07/23/1973

Monica S. Lewinsky NEWS FIGURE, U.S.WHITE HOUSE STAFF INTERN, born 07/23/1973

Musashi born 07/23/1973

Francis Healy musical artist, born 07/23/1973

Himesh Reshammiya Music director, singer, actor, television producer, musical artist, born 07/23/1973

Rosy Lamb artist, born 07/23/1973

Ryan Jones soccer player, born 07/23/1973

Meenakshi Natarajan office holder, born 07/23/1973

Lars Halvor Jensen Record producer, Songwriter, Record producer, songwriter, vocal producer, publisher, musical artist, born 07/23/1973

Maurice Greene America athlete, Olympic medalist, born 07/23/1974

Rik Verbrugghe Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 07/23/1974

Princess Maria Carol of the Netherlands ROYALTY, born 07/23/1974

Stephanie March Actress, actor, born 07/23/1974

Kathryn Hahn Actress, actor, born 07/23/1974

Donald Vega Musician, musical artist, born 07/23/1974

Surya Sivakumar Film actor, actor, born 07/23/1975

Dan Rogerson member of parliament, born 07/23/1975

Stephen Martines actor, born 07/23/1975

Stephen Armstrong Soccer player, soccer player, born 07/23/1976

Judit Polgar born 07/23/1976

Ralph Stockli born 07/23/1976

Jason Mackeever born 07/23/1976

Gail Emms Retired English badminton player, badminton player, born 07/23/1977

Shawn Thornton ice hockey player, born 07/23/1977

Silvia Colloca actor, born 07/23/1977

Pekka Strang actor, born 07/23/1977

Iain Anderson soccer player, born 07/23/1977

Tom Parker Actor/Journalist, actor, born 07/23/1977

Antonio Pedro De Brito Lopes soccer player, born 07/23/1978

Sotiris Kyrgiakos Greek international footballer, soccer player, born 07/23/1979

Tasha Tilberg Canadian model, model, born 07/23/1979

Zhivko Zhelev Bulgarian footballer, soccer player, born 07/23/1979

Emily Whitehurst American singer, stadium, born 07/23/1979

Emily Whitehurst American singer, musical artist, born 07/23/1979

Sandeep Parikh actor, born 07/23/1980

Steve Jocz Musician, Songwriter, Drummer, Music video director, musical artist, born 07/23/1981

Stephen Howarth artist, born 07/23/1981

Paul Wesley Actor, actor, born 07/23/1982

Ömer Aysan Bariş Turkish football midfielder, soccer player, born 07/23/1982

Aaron Wells Peirsol American athlete; competitive swimmer, born 07/23/1983

Andrew Michael Eiden American actor, actor, born 07/23/1983

David Strettle born 07/23/1983

Kaid Mohamed Footballer, soccer player, born 07/23/1984

Brandon Roy basketball player, born 07/23/1984

Jennifer Blushi actor, born 07/23/1984

Celeste Thorson Film actress, actor, born 07/23/1984

Blake Shephard Voice Actor/Animator/Visual Designer/Musician, actor, born 07/23/1984

Yann Jouffre soccer player, born 07/23/1984

Olafur Hannesson Talk show host, actor, born 07/23/1985

Ayaka Komatsu actor, born 07/23/1986

Reece Ritchie Actor, actor, born 07/23/1986

Viktor Szabo soccer player, born 07/23/1986

Don Drysdale, Jr. NOTED FAMILY, born 07/23/1987

Imanol Landeta Actor and Singer, actor, born 07/23/1987

Jonhy Vasquez soccer player, born 07/23/1987

Paul Anderson footballers, soccer player, born 07/23/1988

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe British actor, Actor, actor, born 07/23/1989

Zhong An Qi Singer, musical artist, born 07/23/1989

Dennis Blomke tennis player, born 07/23/1989

Faryl Smith Singer, musical artist, born 07/23/1995

Rachel G. Fox Actress, actor, born 07/23/1996