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Princess Philippa of Clarence ROYALTY, born 08/16/1355

5th Countess Of Ulster Philippa Plantagenet British royalty, born 08/16/1355

Jacqueline, , Countess Of Hainaut British royalty, born 08/16/1401

Christina Of Lorraine British royalty, born 08/16/1565

King Frederick V of Bohemia, Elector Palatine ROYALTY, REIGNED 11-04-1619 TO 11-08-1620, born 08/16/1596

Maria Celeste Roman Catholic Nun, born 08/16/1600

Bernhard Of Saxe-Weimar British royalty, born 08/16/1604

Duke Louis Of Burgundy British royalty, born 08/16/1682

Aaron Hart Businessman, born 08/16/1724

Pierre Francois Andre Mechain scientist, born 08/16/1744

Carl Frederik von Breda Swedish portrait painter, artist, born 08/16/1759

Frederick Of York And Albany, Duke, Prince British royalty, born 08/16/1763

Henry William DeSaussure office holder, born 08/16/1763

Joseph Jr. Clay United States federal judge, born 08/16/1764

William Johnstone Hope British Royal Navy admiral and politician, military person, born 08/16/1766

Jonathan Roberts Farmer, senator, born 08/16/1771

Amos Kendall office holder, born 08/16/1789

James Walker born 08/16/1794

Mirabeau B. Lamar office holder, born 08/16/1798


Andrew Wetmore office holder, born 08/16/1820

Arthur Cayley British mathematician, scientist, born 08/16/1821

Stephen Henry Phillips politician, born 08/16/1823

John Moore Surgeon General of the Army, military person, born 08/16/1826

Joseph Bradford Carr Union Army general, military person, born 08/16/1828

John Taylor Bird congressman, born 08/16/1829

Diego Barros Arana born 08/16/1830

Edward P. Chapin Union Army general, military person, born 08/16/1831

John Jones Ross office holder, born 08/16/1831

Wilhelm Wundt PHYSIOLOGIST, PHILOSOPHER, PSYCHOLOGIST, AUTHOR, scientist, born 08/16/1832

James Wilson office holder, born 08/16/1835

Joseph Marie de Tilly MATHEMATICIAN, born 08/16/1837

Charles Ray Brayton Union Army officer, born 08/16/1840

Samuel S. Yoder Union Army officer, born 08/16/1841

Zetland, Lawrence Dundas, 1st Marquess office holder, born 08/16/1844

Gabriel Jonas Lippmann French physicist, scientist, born 08/16/1845

Elias George Conklin mayor, born 08/16/1845

Jacinta Parejo office holder, born 08/16/1845

Johan Kjeldahl born 08/16/1849

Adolf Schlatter Evangelical theologian and professor, born 08/16/1852

Thomas Mayne Daly office holder, born 08/16/1852

John Spreckels born 08/16/1853

James Sinclair Taylor McGowen New South Wales politician and Premier, born 08/16/1855

Hick Carpenter Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 08/16/1855

Thomas Davis Merchant, politician, member of parliament, born 08/16/1856

Martin Bladen Hawke cricketer, born 08/16/1860

Amos Alonzo Stagg FOOTBALL COACH, LONGEVITY, born 08/16/1862

Amos Alonzo Stagg college coach, born 08/16/1862

Gabriel Pierne MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, ORGANIST, born 08/16/1863

August Fortmuller MILITARY, GENERAL, born 08/16/1864


Elsie Inglis Doctor, born 08/16/1864

Dennis Joseph Dougherty cardinal, born 08/16/1865

Edward Macdonald office holder, born 08/16/1865


Patrick Francis Gill congressman, born 08/16/1868

Charles Sanford Skilton American compoesr, teacher and musicologist, born 08/16/1868

Leon Kauffman prime minister, born 08/16/1869

Samuel Houghton rugby player, born 08/16/1870

Arthur Jones cricketer, born 08/16/1872

Florrie Forde born 08/16/1875

Juho Sunila office holder, born 08/16/1875

Francis P. Murphy governor, born 08/16/1877

Dickie Joynes Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1877

Burn Victim I BURN VICTIM, born 08/16/1879

Edward Maccartan born 08/16/1879

Armand Cortes STAGE/SCREEN ACTOR, born 08/16/1880

Waldemar Kophamel German World War I U-boat commander, military person, born 08/16/1880

Walter Langdon Parsons Australian politician, Shopkeeper, member of parliament, born 08/16/1881

Theodor Groppe MILITARY, GENERAL, born 08/16/1882

Christian Mortensen born 08/16/1882

Zelezny-Scholz artist, born 08/16/1882

Hugo Gernsback Luxembourg American editor, publisher, novelist, and short story author, born 08/16/1884

Isaak Mazepa Politician/Scientist/Pedagogue, prime minister, born 08/16/1884

Fernand de Brinon AUTHOR, SEC OF WAR IN VICHY GOVERNMENT, born 08/16/1885

Charles D. Barrett military person, born 08/16/1885

Charles Lane Pool scientist, born 08/16/1885

Angel Zarraga artist, born 08/16/1886

Thomas Edward Lawrence archaeologist, soldier, author, military person, born 08/16/1888

T. E. Lawrence---Lawrence of Arabia ARCHAEOLOGIST, MILITARY STRATEGIST, AUTHOR, GAY, born 01/27/1968

Armand J. Piron musical artist, born 08/16/1888

Grim Natwick Animator, actor, born 08/16/1890

Jane Gail Actress, actor, born 08/16/1890

John Carroll Australian soldier, Victoria Cross recipient, military person, born 08/16/1891

Bernard Sidney Gordon military person, born 08/16/1891

Otto Messmer actor, born 08/16/1892

Augusto Guerriero MAGISTRATE, WRITER, JOURNALIST, COLUMNIST, born 08/16/1893

George Meany Labor leader, born 08/16/1894

Liane Head Actress, singer, actor, born 08/16/1895

Arthur Rose Eldred First Eagle Scout in the United States, born 08/16/1895

Lucien Littlefield Actor, actor, born 08/16/1895

Karl Ruebel German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 08/16/1895

Tic Forrester American lawyer, veteran and politician, born 08/16/1896

Marjorie Barnard Australian novelist and short story writer, critic and historian, Novelist and short story writer, Critic, Historian, born 08/16/1897

Robert Edward Ringling OPERA SINGER, CIRCUS IMPRESARIO, NOTED FAMILY, born 08/16/1897

Jacques Francois Cox ASTRONOMER, AUTHOR, born 08/16/1898

Jerome Irving Rodale born 08/16/1898

Glenn Strange Actor, actor, born 08/16/1899

Bill Hunter Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1900

Billy Rhiel baseball player, born 08/16/1900

James Astin soccer player, born 08/16/1900

George Bernard Harris United States federal judge, born 08/16/1901

Harry Armitage soccer player, born 08/16/1901

Georgette Heyer English novelist, Writer, writer, born 08/16/1902

Wallace Thurman Novelist, dramatist, columnist, essayist, editor, publisher, intellectual, writer, born 08/16/1902

Giovanni Vecchina soccer manager, born 08/16/1902

Arthur Coghlan born 08/16/1902

William Alvah Stewart United States federal judge, born 08/16/1903

Wendell Meredith Stanley scientist, born 08/16/1904

Roman Hruska senator, born 08/16/1904

Jenia Taversky born 08/16/1904

Marian Adam Rejewski Polish mathematician and cryptologist, Mathematician, cryptologist, born 08/16/1905

Sarah Elizabeth Stewart Mexican American cancer researcher., scientist, born 08/16/1905

Prince Franz Josef II of Liechtenstein ROYALTY, British royalty, born 08/16/1906

George Connor Formula One racer, born 08/16/1906

Mae Clarke STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, DANCER, born 06/06/1937

Irv Frew ice hockey player, born 08/16/1907

James Harbot soccer player, born 08/16/1907

Émile-Dostaler O'Leary Canadian journalist, Journalist, born 08/16/1908

Harry Holmes Footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1908

Orlando Cole Musical performer, musical artist, born 08/16/1908

Ossie Parry soccer player, born 08/16/1908

Albert Lauzero ARTIST, PAINTER, born 08/16/1909

Paul Callaway Organist, Choirmaster, Composer, and Conductor, born 08/16/1909

Mae Clarke Actor, actor, born 08/16/1910

Joachim Rumhor military person, born 08/16/1910

Ernst Friedrich Schumacher Economist, born 08/16/1911

John Logan Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1912

Ted Drake soccer manager, born 08/16/1912

Menachem Wolfovich Begin Polish-Jewish head of the Zionist underground group the Irgun, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and the first Likud Prime Minister of Israel, canal, born 08/16/1913

Tiny Bonham baseball player, born 08/16/1913

Bob Wilson gridiron football player, born 08/16/1913

Louis Robert Blake Ice Hockey Player, ice hockey player, born 08/16/1914

Laughlin Edward Sr. Waters United States federal judge, born 08/16/1914

Al Hibbler Singer, musical artist, born 08/16/1915

Murray Maceachern musical artist, born 08/16/1915

Melvin Jackson musical artist, born 08/16/1915

Iggy Katona American racecar driver, born 08/16/1916

Alvin P. Carey United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/16/1916

Paul Gustavson comics creator, born 08/16/1916

Vittorio Rovelli soccer player, born 08/16/1916

John Fairbrother English professional footballer, born 08/16/1917

Richard Cleaver Australian politician, Management consultant, member of parliament, born 08/16/1917

François Simon Actor, drug, born 08/16/1917

Harold Knight office holder, born 08/16/1917

William Robert Coleman born 08/16/1917

Willis Harman Professor, writer, born 08/16/1918

Katsuya Miyahira born 08/16/1918

James Carroll Patrick Macnulty member of parliament, born 08/16/1918

Robert Uhlmann military person, born 08/16/1919

Karl Euling military person, born 08/16/1919

Andrea Romitti soccer player, born 08/16/1919

Charles Bukows-ki American Novelist, Poet, Novelist, Poet, Short story writer, Columnist, writer, born 08/16/1920

Kotla Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy office holder, born 08/16/1920

Leslie Johnston soccer player, born 08/16/1920

Jack Mannix prime minister, born 08/16/1920

William Henry Moncrief MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 08/16/1921

Vladimir Orlov office holder, born 08/16/1921

Dick Wildung gridiron football player, born 08/16/1921

Herbert H. Lang born 08/16/1921

Vladimir Chebotaryov Actor, actor, born 08/16/1921

Gene Woodling BASEBALL PLAYER, born 08/16/1922

Gene Woodling baseball player, born 08/16/1922

Peter Farrell soccer manager, born 08/16/1922

Thubten Jigme Norbu born 08/16/1922

Joaquin Cordero actor, born 08/16/1922

Lotte Motz writer, born 08/16/1922

Louis Lomax writer, born 08/16/1922

Charles H. Roan United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/16/1923

Shimon Peres POLITICIAN, PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL, born 10/26/1928

Charles Howard Roan MILITARY, U.S. MARINE CORPS HERO, MEDAL OF HONOR, born 08/16/1923

Fess Parker Actor, actor, born 08/16/1924

Art Weiner gridiron football player, born 08/16/1924

Buddy Tinsley gridiron football player, born 08/16/1924

Benny Bartlett Actor, actor, born 08/16/1924

Inez Voyce born 08/16/1924

Fess Parker ACTOR, SINGER, actor, born 08/16/1925

Mal Waldron Pianist, musical artist, born 08/16/1925

Willie Jones baseball player, born 08/16/1925

William Shuck United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/16/1926

Martinus Tels scientist, born 08/16/1926


William Thompson United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/16/1927

Frantisek Ipser soccer manager, born 08/16/1927

Ann Blyth Actress, Actress, singer, actor, born 08/16/1928

George Lewis Ahlgren ROWER, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 08/16/1928

Anthony Price Novelist, writer, born 08/16/1928

Karl Heinz Vosgerau actor, born 08/16/1928

George King college coach, born 08/16/1928

Barbara Stadtlander artist, born 08/16/1928

Dennis Hill Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1929

Firmin Aerts POLITICIAN, MINISTER, born 08/16/1929

Bill Evans JAZZ MUSICIAN, PIANIST, COMPOSER, musical artist, born 08/16/1929

Yrjo Littunen SOCIOLOGIST, born 08/16/1929

Helmut Rahn soccer player, born 08/16/1929

Jacques Bohee soccer player, born 08/16/1929

Francis Newton Gifford American football player, television sportscaster, american football player, born 08/16/1930

Glauce Rocha Actor, drug, born 08/16/1930

Robert Culp ACTOR, born 08/16/1930


Luigi Giuliano SOCCER PLAYER, born 08/16/1930

Tony Trabert TENNIS PLAYER, SPORTSCASTER, born 08/16/1930

Leslie Manigat office holder, born 08/16/1930

Robert Culp Actor, scriptwriter, Actor, scriptwriter, director, actor, born 08/16/1930

Odell Macbrayer Attorney, born 08/16/1930

Walter Fink German patron of music, born 08/16/1930

Bernard Saint John prime minister, born 08/16/1931

Syd Ellis soccer player, born 08/16/1931

Gerry Norman Jones Australian politician, Labor organiser, member of parliament, born 08/16/1932

Eydie Gorme SINGER, born 08/16/1932

Jon Morrow Lindbergh OCEANOGRAPHER, DEEP SEA DIVER, born 08/16/1932

Colin Forbes Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 08/16/1932

Witold Leszczyński Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/16/1933

François Dyrek Actor, drug, born 08/16/1933


Stuart Allen Roosa MILITARY, NASA LT. COLONEL, ASTRONAUT, born 08/16/1933

Stuart Roosa Test Pilot, astronaut, born 08/16/1933

C. V. Sridhar Film director,, actor, born 08/16/1933

Diana Wynne Jones Children's writer, Novelist, writer, born 08/16/1934

Donnie Dunagan United States Marine, Actor, actor, born 08/16/1934

Peter Saul ARTIST, born 08/16/1934

David Thomas GOLFER, born 08/16/1934

Andrew J. Offutt Author, editor, writer, born 08/16/1934

John Standing actor, born 08/16/1934

Ed van Thijn Politician, politician, born 08/16/1934

Kipp Hamilton Actress, actor, born 08/16/1935

John Stanley James Williams Footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1935

Janet Henfrey actor, born 08/16/1935

Cliff Fletcher NHL Executive, office holder, born 08/16/1935

Cyril Mar Baselios born 08/16/1935

Brian Punter Association footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1935

Marcello Pacini LAWYER, born 08/16/1936

Anita Gillette Actress, actor, born 08/16/1936

Gary Clarke Actor: Michael Shayne and The Virginian, born 08/16/1936

Ed Diachuk Professional ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 08/16/1936

József Madaras Actor, drug, born 08/16/1937

Lorraine Gary Actress, actor, born 08/16/1937

Jack Brennan Nixon post-presidential chief of staff, military person, born 08/16/1937

Bob Rodgers BASEBALL PLAYER, born 08/16/1938

Bill Masterton ice hockey player, born 08/16/1938

Rocco Granata accordionist, singer-songwriter, born 08/16/1938

Billy Joe Shaver C&W SINGER, SONGWRITER, musical artist, born 08/16/1939


Trevor Macdonald Journalist, Presenter, Newsreader, journalist, born 08/16/1939

Carole Shelley Actress, actor, born 08/16/1939

Eric Weissberg musical artist, born 08/16/1939

Bruce Beresford Film director, actor, born 08/16/1940

Thomas Sean Bonniwell American singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 08/16/1940

Alix Dobkin Singer-Songwriter, musical artist, born 08/16/1940

David Dickinson Broadcaster, antiques expert, born 08/16/1941

Paul Hecht actor, born 08/16/1941

Ahmed al- Mirghani president, born 08/16/1941

George Eastman actor, born 08/16/1942

John Challis Actor, comedian, actor, born 08/16/1942

Reinhard Klimmt Historian, politician, born 08/16/1942

Iain Douglas-Hamilton zoologist, born 08/16/1942

Staffan Skott Journalist, author and translator, born 08/16/1943

Woodrow Peoples FOOTBALL PLAYER, born 08/16/1943

Scudder Parker politician, born 08/16/1943

Kin Vassy Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 08/16/1943

Woody Peoples gridiron football player, born 08/16/1943

Charlotte Lecuyer office holder, born 08/16/1943

Richard A. Zimmer American Republican Party politician, congressman, born 08/16/1944

Dick Zimmer LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. REP (REP NJ), born 08/16/1944

Kevin Ayers musical artist, born 08/16/1944

James Michel president, born 08/16/1944

Bob Balaban ACTOR, FILM DIRECTOR, born 08/16/1945

Suzanne Farrel BALLET DANCER, born 08/16/1945

Suzanne Farrell BALLET DANCER, DANCE TEACHER, born 08/16/1945


Sheila ACTRESS, Singer, musical artist, born 08/16/1945

Vic Harris born 08/16/1945

Alan Macneill soccer player, born 08/16/1945

Jan Dukes baseball player, born 08/16/1945

Paul Morantz Attorney, born 08/16/1945

Steven Joseph Peck NOTED FAMILY, PRODUCER, born 08/16/1946

Lesley Ann Warren ACTRESS, Actress, Singer, actor, born 08/16/1946

Dick Murdoch wrestler, born 08/16/1946

Moria Casan actor, dancer, singer, actor, born 08/16/1946

Attila Abonyi soccer manager, born 08/16/1946

Masoud Barzani office holder, born 08/16/1946

Alexander Stephan scientist, born 08/16/1946

Susan M. Leeson judge, born 08/16/1946

Jim Brochu actor, born 08/16/1946

Carol Elizabeth Moseley Braun Senator from Illinois in United States Senate; United States Ambassador to New Zealand; American politician and lawyer;, Lawyer, senator, born 08/16/1947

Mitja Saje Slovenian sinologist, born 08/16/1947


Ephraim Inoni prime minister, born 08/16/1947

David H. Leroy office holder, born 08/16/1947

Doug Wyer born 08/16/1947

Ishaya Bakut governor, born 08/16/1947

Daishiro Yoshimura soccer player, born 08/16/1947

Mirta Miller Actor, drug, born 08/16/1948

Annemarie Huber-Hotz office holder, born 08/16/1948

Carol Corrigan judge, born 08/16/1948

Pierre Reid office holder, born 08/16/1948

Vili Amersek soccer player, born 08/16/1948

Stephen Brown Composer, Conductor, Teacher, musical artist, born 08/16/1948

Patrick Balkany office holder, born 08/16/1948

Luiz A. Gasparetto PSYCHIC, CHANNELER, PSYCHOLOGIST, born 08/16/1949


Barbara Goodson Voice actress, actor, born 08/16/1949

Scott Asheton Musician, Drummer, musical artist, born 08/16/1949

Villere, Roger F., Jr. Businessman, office holder, born 08/16/1949

Stockwell Day member of parliament, born 08/16/1950

Jack Unterweger born 08/16/1950

Marshall Manesh actor, born 08/16/1950

Mirko Cvetkovic prime minister, born 08/16/1950

Irene Mathyssen member of parliament, born 08/16/1951

Richard Hunt Puppeteer, born 08/16/1951

Eric Bibb Blues, Composer, Vocalist, musical artist, born 08/16/1951

Reginald VelJohnson Actor, Actor, writer, actor, born 08/16/1952

Dennis Vacco office holder, born 08/16/1952

Dee Hoty actor, born 08/16/1952

Isa Jank Actress, actor, born 08/16/1952

Kathie Lee Gifford TV presenter/Talk show host/actress/singer, TV presenter, born 08/16/1953

Marco Confalonieri BANKER, born 08/16/1953

Vincent Curatola actor, born 08/16/1953

Caitlin Oheaney Actor, actor, born 08/16/1953

Anton Koschany Television, News producer, actor, born 08/16/1953

Cynthia P Schneider ambassador, born 08/16/1953

Jose Augusto musical artist, born 08/16/1953

George Galloway politician, member of parliament, born 08/16/1954

James Cameron FILM DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, SCREENWRITER, ART DIRECTOR, Film director, film producer, film editor, screenwriter, inventor, born 08/16/1954

Joshua Bolten office holder, born 08/16/1954

Rona Kramer Businesswoman, politician, born 08/16/1954

Sedley Alley Convicted killer, criminal, born 08/16/1955

Jeff Perry Actor, actor, born 08/16/1955

Michael Massee actor, born 08/16/1955

Josh Clark actor, born 08/16/1955

James Reilly politician, born 08/16/1955

Mihai Furtuna mayor, born 08/16/1955

Daniel Willems Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/16/1956

Robert Isaac Lee actor, born 08/16/1956

Bob Mackenzie sportscaster, born 08/16/1956

Roberta Blackman-Woods member of parliament, born 08/16/1957

Stefan Naydenov soccer player, born 08/16/1957

Madonna musician, singer, songwriter, actress, author, Singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, film producer, film director, fashion designer, author, entrepreneur, musical artist, born 08/16/1958

Angela Bassett ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 08/16/1958

Diane Dodds office holder, born 08/16/1958

Bijan Daneshmand actor, born 08/16/1958

Marc Sergeant Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/16/1959

Tuula Amberla POP SINGER, born 08/16/1959

Ellery Eskelin musical artist, born 08/16/1959

Gail Finney office holder, born 08/16/1959

Timothy Hutton American actor, Actor, actor, born 08/16/1960

Stuart Beedie Footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1960

Republic of Cyprus REPUBLIC, born 08/16/1960

Rosa Zafferani office holder, born 08/16/1960

Carl Bergmanson Computer Engineer, mayor, born 08/16/1960

Juraj Chmiel Politician, politician, born 08/16/1960

Angela Christine Smith MP for Sheffield Hillsborough, member of parliament, born 08/16/1961

Elpidia Carrillo actor, born 08/16/1961

Angela Christine Smith MP for Sheffield Hillsborough, English lecturer—Dearne Valley College, member of parliament, born 08/16/1961

Tom Thayer gridiron football player, born 08/16/1961

Laurent Pardo musical artist, born 08/16/1961

Steve Carell American actor, Actor, actor, born 08/16/1962

John Schnatter American entrepreneur, founder of Papa John's, Businessman, entrepreneur, spokesman, born 08/16/1962

Hussein Mohamed Farrah Somali Warlords and United States Marine, president, born 08/16/1962

Christian (real name) Cameron Canadian historical fiction author, Author, writer, born 08/16/1962

Steve Abbott Lawyer, former Chief of Staff to Senator Susan Collins, office holder, born 08/16/1962

Jelle Nijdam Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/16/1963

Tomoya Ito Japannese Wheelchair runner, born 08/16/1963

Dag Drollet MURDER VICTIM, born 08/16/1963

Christine Cavanaugh Voice actress, actor, born 08/16/1963

Kimmo Pohjonen Musician, musical artist, born 08/16/1964

Faisal Qureshi television personality, Pakistani Businessman, Motivator, Life Coach, Microblogger, electrical engineer, actor, born 08/16/1964

Jari Sillanpää Finnish singer, musical artist, born 08/16/1965

Paul Anthony Williams Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1965

Xavier Hernandez baseball player, born 08/16/1965

Ercan Durmaz actor, born 08/16/1965

Maysa Leak Singer, record producer, musical artist, born 08/16/1966

Linda Chapa LaVia office holder, born 08/16/1966

Eva Ulrika Jonsson Television presenter, journalist, Actress, Television presenter, born 08/16/1967

Jarkko Oikarinen born 08/16/1967

Leitch, Donovan, Jr actor, born 08/16/1967

Tanya Franks Actress, writer, producer, actor, born 08/16/1967

Clovis Cornillac actor, born 08/16/1967

Ildar Ibragimov born 08/16/1967

Wolfgang Tillmans artist, born 08/16/1968

Valentina Turisini Olympic silver, small-bore rifle, born 08/16/1969

Paul Soter actor, born 08/16/1969

Kate Higgins Voice actor, singer, jazz pianist, actor, born 08/16/1969

Andy Milder Actor/Voice actor, actor, born 08/16/1969

Manisha Koirala Film actress, actor, born 08/16/1970

Fabio Casartelli 1992 Olympic gold medal in cycling road race, killed in Tour de France, cyclist, born 08/16/1970

Bonnie Bernstein Sportscaster, Sports anchor, journalist, born 08/16/1970

Seth Peterson actor, born 08/16/1970

Saif Ali Khan Actor, producer, actor, born 08/16/1970

Dean Del Mastro member of parliament, born 08/16/1970

Christopher Smith actor, born 08/16/1970

Knut Kjartan Tørum Football (soccer) coach and former player, born 08/16/1971

Adrian Williams Footballer, soccer manager, born 08/16/1971

Bassem Yakhour actor, born 08/16/1971

Willie Jackson American college football player, professional football player, wide receiver, gridiron football player, born 08/16/1971

Emily Robison Musician, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 08/16/1972

George Stroumboulopoulos actor, born 08/16/1972

David Asscherick Conservative Seventh-day Adventist evangelist who did not complete college., born 08/16/1972

Frankie Boyle comedian, born 08/16/1972

JD Allan musical artist, born 08/16/1972

Giovanni Dalligna soccer player, born 08/16/1972

Michael Reed american football player, born 08/16/1972

Carman Lee Actress, actor, born 08/16/1973

Islas Mauricio Actor, actor, born 08/16/1973

Karmel Shama born 08/16/1973

B. Y. Raghavendra office holder, born 08/16/1973

Frédéric Herpoel Belgian footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1974

Charli Baltimore musical artist, born 08/16/1974

Ramesh Ponnuru Columnist & Editor, journalist, born 08/16/1974

Taylor Rain US-American pornographic actress, adult actor, born 08/16/1975

George Stults actor, born 08/16/1975

Alvaro Tardaguila cyclist, born 08/16/1975

Yan Sen born 08/16/1975

Hemant Madhukar Screenplay , director , screenwriter, actor, born 08/16/1975

Crystal McKellar American attorney, former child actor, Actress, actor, born 08/16/1976

Dave Ockun Concert Producer / Music Industry professional, born 08/16/1976

Kinga Philipps Actress, actor, born 08/16/1976

Chi-chung Lam artist, born 08/16/1976

Jomari Yllana Actor, Model, Concert producer/promoter, actor, born 08/16/1976

Kasey Wehrman soccer player, born 08/16/1977

Ricky Nebbet rugby player, born 08/16/1977

Yaniv Abargil soccer player, born 08/16/1977

Ilir Dibra soccer player, born 08/16/1977

Josh Casaubon actor, born 08/16/1978

Jaime Moore born 08/16/1979

Stevan Nadjfeji basketball player, born 08/16/1979

Piet Rooijakkers Road racing cyclist, cyclist, born 08/16/1980

Vanessa Carlton musical artist, born 08/16/1980

Robert Hardy musical artist, born 08/16/1980

Dino Seremet soccer player, born 08/16/1980

Cesar Carranza soccer player, born 08/16/1980

Hwangbo rapper, singer, actress, musical artist, born 08/16/1980

Elita Lofblad model, born 08/16/1980

Raniere Silva dos Santos Brazilian footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1980

Upen Patel Film actor, actor, born 08/16/1981

Cameron Joslin Gigandet Actor, actor, born 08/16/1982

John Christmas Lacrosse player, born 08/16/1982

Bhumi Jensen British royalty, born 08/16/1983

Roberto Lopes Nascimento soccer player, born 08/16/1983

Hadrien Feraud Musician, Bassist, born 08/16/1984

Agnes Bruckner American actress, Actress, actor, born 08/16/1985

Audrey Bitoni American pornographic actress and mode, adult actor, born 08/16/1986

Scott Sellers national collegiate athletic association athlete, born 08/16/1986

Elisa Najera born 08/16/1986



Sabrina Morris MULTIPLE BIRTH, QUADRUPLET, NOTED FAMILY, born 08/16/1987


Liam Titcomb musical artist, born 08/16/1987

Elliot Francis actor, born 08/16/1987

Rumer Willis Actress, actor, born 08/16/1988

Jonathan Bellis Racing cyclist, cyclist, born 08/16/1988

Bazjon Trogaj soccer player, born 08/16/1988

Rumor Glenn Moore Willis NOTED FAMILY, born 08/16/1988

Kevin Schmidt actor, producer, director, actor, born 08/16/1988

Charlotte Gurr Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/16/1989

Tolgay Arslan soccer player, born 08/16/1990

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse Actress, actor, born 08/16/1991

Evanna Lynch Actress, actor, born 08/16/1991

Gloria Tang Zhi-Kei Hong Kong singer-songwriter, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 08/16/1991

Roope Riski soccer player, born 08/16/1991

Emily Grace Trebec NOTED FAMILY, born 08/16/1993

Greyson Michael Chance Singer-songwriter, gained fame on YouTube, musical artist, born 08/16/1997