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Pope Urban VII ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, 13-DAY POPE, born 08/04/1521

Urban 07 pope, born 08/04/1521

John Harington born 08/04/1560

Aleksander Ludwik Radziwill born 08/04/1594

Duke Louis Of Orleans British royalty, born 08/04/1703

Stafford, Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Marquess of office holder, born 08/04/1721

Dauphin Louis Of France British royalty, born 08/04/1729

James Irvine office holder, born 08/04/1735

Maximilian Johann Karl Dominik Stadler Austrian composer, musicologist and pianist, born 08/04/1748

Conte Nicolas-Jacques born 08/04/1755

John James Hamilton British Napoleonic Wars general, military person, born 08/04/1755

John James Beckley born 08/04/1757

Domingo Caycedo office holder, born 08/04/1783

Dominik Hieronim Radziwill born 08/04/1786

Armistead Thompson Mason lawyer, planter, senator, born 08/04/1787

Henry Savery Transported convict, first Australian novelist, born 08/04/1791

Percy Bysshe Shelley English poet, Poet, Dramatist, Essayist, Novelist, writer, born 08/04/1792


Joseph Bonnell Soldier, war hero (Texas Revolution), military person, born 08/04/1802

Karl Friedrich Hermann Philology, Archaeology, writer, born 08/04/1804

William Hamilton Mathematician, physicist, and astronomer, scientist, born 08/04/1805

Sir William Rowan Hamilton MATHEMATICIAN, LINGUIST, ASTRONOMER, INVENTOR, born 08/04/1805

Constantin Lecca artist, born 08/04/1807

Henry Washington Hilliard Confederate Army general, born 08/04/1808

Robert Purvis Abolitionist, born 08/04/1810

George Luther Hathaway president, born 08/04/1813


Louis De Goesbriand born 08/04/1816

Frederick Theodore Frelinghuysen office holder, born 08/04/1817

Lovell Harrison Rousseau General in the Union Army during the American Civil War, military person, born 08/04/1818

Harry St. George Ord president, born 08/04/1819

James White President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists,, Author,, Teacher,, Entrepreneur,, Minister/Preacher, President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists,, born 08/04/1821

Oliver Hazard Perry Morton American politician, politician, born 08/04/1823

John Jay Jr. Jackson United States federal judge, judge, born 08/04/1824

James Williams office holder, born 08/04/1825

Domingo Santa Maria president, born 08/04/1825

Hugh Stewart Cochrane military person, born 08/04/1829

Hunchback Man HUNCHBACK, born 08/04/1832

John Venn English logician, born 08/04/1834

Walter Pater AUTHOR, NOVELIST, ESSAYIST, CRITIC, born 08/04/1839


John C. Hunterson United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/04/1841

Newton H. Hall United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/04/1842

Leo Gans CHEMIST, INDUSTRIALIST, born 08/04/1843

Joseph-Guillaume Bosse lawyer, member of parliament, born 08/04/1843

Henri Berger Composer and royal bandmaster of the Kingdom of Hawaii, born 08/04/1844

Benjamin Dillingham Businessman, born 08/04/1844

Phonney Martin Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 08/04/1845

Silas G. Pratt American opera composer, born 08/04/1846

Treffle Berthiaume office holder, born 08/04/1848

William Owen Smith Lawyer, office holder, born 08/04/1848

Richard Edward O'Connor Australian politician and judge, judge, born 08/04/1851

Charles Coborn music hall singer & comedian, born 08/04/1852

John Henry Twachtman artist, born 08/04/1853

Jay Hunt Film director, actor, actor, born 08/04/1855

Sir David Yule ENTREPRENEUR, born 08/04/1858

Louis-Adolphe Pâquet 19th-20th century French-Canadian theologian, born 08/04/1859

Knut Hamsun AUTHOR, NOVELIST, POET, PLAYWRIGHT, NOBEL PRIZE, Author, poet, dramatist, social critic, writer, born 08/04/1859

Alfred Girard office holder, born 08/04/1859

Charles J. Maccarthy governor, born 08/04/1861

Daniel Edward Howard president, born 08/04/1861

Jesse W. Reno Inventor, Engineer, born 08/04/1861

Gustav von Seyffertitz Actor, drug, born 08/04/1862

Sir John Newlands Australian politician, born 08/04/1864

Georg Hartmann German geographer, born 08/04/1865

Valerus de Saedeler ARTIST, LANDSCAPE PAINTER, born 08/04/1867

Jake Beckley baseball player, born 08/04/1867


Harry Lauder born 08/04/1870

William Arthur Holman New South Wales politician and Premier, Unionist, member of parliament, born 08/04/1871

Robert Hamilton Butts barrister, lawyer, member of parliament, born 08/04/1871

Joseph Paul-Boncour LEFT-WING POLITICIAN, PUBLIC OFFICIAL, MINISTER, prime minister, born 08/04/1873

Charles Louis Philippe AUTHOR, NOVELIST, born 08/04/1874

John Scaddan politician, president, born 08/04/1876

Willy Kaiser-Heyl Actor, drug, born 08/04/1876

Giovanni Giuriati prime minister, born 08/04/1876

Roger Sommer AVIATOR, born 08/04/1877

Ernest Lundeen senator, born 08/04/1878

William C. Schmeisser Lacrosse player, coach, and patron, college coach, born 08/04/1880

Baron Werner von Fritsch MILITARY, GENERAL, ARMY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF 1934-38, military person, born 08/04/1880

Edgar C. Levey office holder, born 08/04/1881

Charles Derennes WRITER, POET, ESSAYIST, born 08/04/1882

Francis Marion Stokes Architect, born 08/04/1883

Pierre Chareau born 08/04/1883

Jacobus Hoogveld Dutch athlete, born 08/04/1884

Caleb James Shang Australian soldier in World War I, military person, born 08/04/1884

Bill Walker born 08/04/1886

Osmond Kelly Ingram United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/04/1887

William Keighley Film director, actor, born 08/04/1889

Percy A. Decker United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/04/1890

Adolfo Luque baseball player, born 08/04/1890

Asadata Dafora Song writer, Producer, social activist, musical artist, born 08/04/1890

Henri Albert Peronneau military person, born 08/04/1890

Margit Makay Actor, drug, born 08/04/1891


Fritz Schlieper military person, born 08/04/1892

Gilbert Spencer artist, born 08/04/1892

Annie Fox United States Army officer, Officer, US Army Nurse Corps, born 08/04/1893

Carlos Coimbra Da Luz president, born 08/04/1894

Bradley King actor, born 08/04/1894

Bobby Howes actor, born 08/04/1895

Albert Ball military person, born 08/04/1896

Chick Galloway baseball player, born 08/04/1896

Ludwig Schulz German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 08/04/1896

Joseph Calleia Actor, actor, born 08/04/1897

Adolf Heusinger German general, military person, born 08/04/1897

Abe Lyman Big Band Leader, born 08/04/1897

Frank Scarrabelotti Australian centenarian, born 08/04/1897

Juan Orol Film director, actor, born 08/04/1897

Adolf Ernst Heusinger MILITARY, GENERAL, PUBLIC OFFICIAL, born 08/04/1897

Murray MacDonald THEATER DIRECTOR, MANAGER, ACTOR, born 08/04/1897


Victor Groom military person, born 08/04/1898

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Queen-Empress, British royalty, born 08/04/1900

Queen Consort Elizabeth of England ROYALTY, CONSORT OF GEORGE VI, REIGNED 1936-52, born 08/04/1900

Arturo Illia president, born 08/04/1900

Doug Ringrose born 08/04/1900

Louis Armstrong MUSICIAN, JAZZ TRUMPETER, SINGER, born 08/04/1901

Louis Armstrong MUSICIAN, JAZZ TRUMPETER, SINGER, born 08/04/1901

Jaap Weber soccer player, born 08/04/1901

Kurt Thoma military person, born 08/04/1901

Bill Hallahan baseball player, born 08/04/1902

Hans-Christoph Seebohm German politician, born 08/04/1903

Frano Stefunko born 08/04/1903

Humberto De Araujo Benevenuto soccer player, born 08/04/1903

Wallace Samuel Gourley United States federal judge, born 08/04/1904

Witold Gombrowicz Writer, writer, born 08/04/1904

Helen Kane actor, born 08/04/1904

Bill Coleman Musician, musical artist, born 08/04/1904

Joe Tate soccer player, born 08/04/1904

Michael Scott Montague Fordham scientist, born 08/04/1905

Tim Lowry gridiron football player, born 08/04/1905

Princess Marie Jose of Belgium ROYALTY, LAST QUEEN OF ITALY, born 08/04/1906

Marie Jose Of Belgium British royalty, born 08/04/1906

George Caster baseball player, born 08/04/1907

Gertrude Walton Donahey an American politician of the Democratic party who served as Ohio State Treasurer, born 08/04/1908

Claude Feemster Clayton United States federal judge, born 08/04/1909

Franco Gentilini ARTIST, PAINTER, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, born 08/04/1909

Saunders Mac Lane scientist, born 08/04/1909

Manuel Mendez Ballester writer, born 08/04/1909

Herman Maxwell Batten school principal, teacher, member of parliament, born 08/04/1909

Anita Page Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/04/1910


Hedda Sterne artist, born 08/04/1910

Draper Laurence Kauffman MILITARY, REAR ADMIRAL, born 08/04/1911

Draper L. Kauffman military person, born 08/04/1911

Tuck Stainback baseball player, born 08/04/1911

Raoul Wallenberg Diplomat, born 08/04/1912

Alexandr Denilovich Aleksandrov Russian mathematician, scientist, born 08/04/1912


Adrian Karl Quist Australian tennis player, born 08/04/1913

Wesley Addy STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 08/04/1913

Robert Hayden Poet, essayist, educator, writer, born 08/04/1913

Reg Braddick cyclist, born 08/04/1913

Neil Colville Professional ice hockey player, born 08/04/1914

Penelope Dudley-Ward English actress, Actress, actor, born 08/04/1914

Thomas H. Hamilton President of SUNY, born 08/04/1914

Silvio Bagolini Actor, drug, born 08/04/1914

Warren Avis Founder of Avis Rent A Car System Inc., born 08/04/1915

Luke Easter baseball player, born 08/04/1915

John R. Crawford American contract bridge and backgammon player, born 08/04/1915

Ellinore Ginn born 08/04/1915

Tom Galley soccer player, born 08/04/1915

Hal Tidrick born 08/04/1915

Robert M. La Prade United States Marine, military person, born 08/04/1916

Jean Hazlewood actor, born 08/04/1916

Donald Edgar Tewes congressman, born 08/04/1916

Siegfried Lungen military person, born 08/04/1916

John Fitch Formula One racer, born 08/04/1917

Claus Holm Actor, actor, born 08/04/1918

Ilija Ivezic Actor, drug, born 08/04/1918

Sidney Harman BusinessAs of August 2010: publishing, born 08/04/1918

Noel Willman actor, born 08/04/1918

Don Kolloway baseball player, born 08/04/1918

Patricia Dane Actress, actor, born 08/04/1919

James Blackwood musical artist, born 08/04/1919

Ted Kroll golf player, born 08/04/1919

Aira Kemilainen Historian, born 08/04/1919

Adolph Dubs United States Ambassador to Afghanistan, ambassador, born 08/04/1920

Franco Brusati FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 08/04/1920

Helen Thomas Author, retired journalist and columnist, journalist, born 08/04/1920

Bob Keegan baseball player, born 08/04/1920

John Figueroa Poet, Teacher, writer, born 08/04/1920

Charlie Behan gridiron football player, born 08/04/1920

Albert Gerard Schatz United States federal judge, born 08/04/1921

Maurice Richard HOCKEY PLAYER, born 08/04/1921

Maurice Richard ice hockey player, born 08/04/1921

Herb Ellis Professional guitarist, musical artist, born 08/04/1921

Carlos Galvao de Melo born 08/04/1921

Geoffrey Wellum military person, born 08/04/1921

John Yonakor gridiron football player, born 08/04/1921

Archie Baxter born 08/04/1921

Johnnie David Hutchins United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/04/1922

Luis Aponte Martinez ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, CARDINAL, cardinal, born 08/04/1922

Charles Repenning scientist, born 08/04/1922

Loro Borici soccer player, born 08/04/1922

Charley Harper American modernist artist, born 08/04/1922

Gheorghe Vaczi soccer player, born 08/04/1922

Max Blumfield born 08/04/1922

Alvin Lee Marts United States Navy sailor and Navy Cross recipient, born 08/04/1923

Reg Grundy Television Producer, actor, born 08/04/1923

Antonio Maccanico POLITICIAN, BANKER, GOVERNMENT OF MITA PARTY 1988, born 08/04/1924

Maurie Fields Comedian, Television actor, actor, born 08/04/1925

Betty Trezza born 08/04/1925

Manol Manolov soccer manager, born 08/04/1925

Samuel S. Coursen United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/04/1926

Mandali Venkata Rao office holder, born 08/04/1926

Gilbert Bauvin Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/04/1927

Jess Thomas OPERA SINGER, TENOR, born 08/04/1927

Eddie Kamae Live performer, musical artist, born 08/04/1927

Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana Classical Vocalist, musical artist, born 08/04/1927

Ray Collins american football player, born 08/04/1927

Christian Goethals Formula One racer, born 08/04/1928

George Mulholland soccer player, born 08/04/1928

Miguel Angel Barberena Vega governor, born 08/04/1928

Joe Pignatano baseball player, born 08/04/1929

Zdenko Skrabalo office holder, born 08/04/1929

Jeanne Carmen Actress, model, pin-up girl, Actress, actor, born 08/04/1930

Emile Marze ARTIST, PAINTER, born 08/04/1930

Ali Al- Sistani born 08/04/1930

Roy Shepherd Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 08/04/1931

Stuart Struever scientist, born 08/04/1931

Jay W. Jensen Acting teacher, director, actor, actor, born 08/04/1931

Gerard Darrow CHILD PRODIGY, ONE OF ORIGINAL "QUIZ KIDS", born 08/04/1932

Tam Dalyell member of parliament, born 08/04/1932

A.H. Brightwell office holder, born 08/04/1932

Rose Marie Heck mayor, born 08/04/1932

Nathan Eugene Brooks BOXER, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION FLYWEIGHT, born 08/04/1933

Constance Bennett FILM/STAGE ACTRESS, FILM PRODUCER, NOTED FAMILY, born 08/04/1934

Bowen Wells member of parliament, born 08/04/1935

Carol Arthur actress, actor, born 08/04/1935

Thierry Roland SOCCER PLAYER, SPORTSCASTER, born 08/04/1937

David Holliday Stage actor, actor, born 08/04/1937

Ray Oyler baseball player, born 08/04/1938

Judith S Kaye judge, born 08/04/1938

Jean Nguza Karl-i-Bond prime minister, born 08/04/1938

Bob Meyer BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 08/04/1939

Jack Cunningham office holder, born 08/04/1939

Michel Gravel office holder, born 08/04/1939

Robin Harper office holder, born 08/04/1940

Timi Yuro Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 08/04/1940

Ted Strickland Ohio politician, governor, born 08/04/1941

Peter Shotton English businessman, Businessman, author, born 08/04/1941

Zeki Ökten Turkish film director, Film director, actor, born 08/04/1941

Jean Knight NURSE, ADMINISTRATOR, born 08/04/1941

Martin Jarvis Actor/Voice Actor, actor, born 08/04/1941

Elizabeth Ann Roberts Playboy Playmate, born 08/04/1941

John Atterbury Actor, actor, born 08/04/1941

James Haldane Ohare born 08/04/1941

David Russell Lange Prime Minister of New Zealand, politician, lawyer, office holder, born 08/04/1942

Don Sinclair Davis American actor, actor, born 08/04/1942

Peter Desberg PSYCHOLOGIST, COLLEGE TEACHER, born 08/04/1942

Miguel Poventud Composer, singer, musician, writer, born 08/04/1942

Laura Biagiotti FASHION DESIGNER, born 08/04/1943

Georgina Hale STAGE/TV/FILM ACTRESS, born 08/04/1943

Robert H Tuttle ambassador, born 08/04/1943

Mogens Rukov actor, born 08/04/1943

Orhan Gencebay Turkish musician and singer., Singer, composer, music producer, music director, arranger, actor, musical artist, born 08/04/1944

Richard Belzer Comedian, writer,, actor, born 08/04/1944

William Frankfather Actor, actor, born 08/04/1944

Allan Maccollum artist, born 08/04/1944

Amjad Islam Amjad Poet, lyricist, actor, born 08/04/1944

Mario Bonomi INDUSTRIALIST, born 08/04/1945

Gennadiy Burbulis POLITICIAN, RUSSIAN SECRETARY OF STATE, born 08/04/1945

Alan Mulally President and CEO of Ford Motor Company, born 08/04/1945

Paul Maccarthy artist, born 08/04/1945

Martin Lambie-Nairn Creative director Heavenly, born 08/04/1945

Maureen Starkey actor, born 08/04/1946

Paul East office holder, born 08/04/1946

Peter J. Goldmark Rancher and Wheat Farmer, office holder, born 08/04/1946

Ola Dybwad-Olsen soccer player, born 08/04/1946

Kevin Collins baseball player, born 08/04/1946

Benegas soccer player, born 08/04/1946

Klaus Schulze Musician, Producer, musical artist, born 08/04/1947

Hubert Ingraham office holder, born 08/04/1947

Paul Layton Actor, singer-songwriter, musician, born 08/04/1947

Jim Slattery congressman, born 08/04/1948

Valerie Lane Playboy Playmate, born 08/04/1949


N Rangaswamy office holder, born 08/04/1950

Gidi Gov musical artist, born 08/04/1950

Lane Evans United States Marine, attorney, congressman, born 08/04/1951

Bobby Buntrock Actor, actor, born 08/04/1952

Dave Howitt Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 08/04/1952

Moya Brennan musical artist, born 08/04/1952

James Arbuthnot member of parliament, born 08/04/1952

Kristoffer Tabori Actor, Television director, actor, born 08/04/1952

Estanislau Silva office holder, born 08/04/1952

Antonio Tajani office holder, born 08/04/1953

Declan Donnellan Theatre director, actor, born 08/04/1953

Richard White actor, born 08/04/1953

Reynaldo Armas Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 08/04/1953

Zoran Jelikic soccer player, born 08/04/1953

Steven Edward Phillips Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/04/1954

Anatoliy Kinakh Politician, professor, prime minister, born 08/04/1954

Donald Gibb actor, born 08/04/1954

Aruna Kumar Vundavalli office holder, born 08/04/1954

Francois Valery Singer, songwriter, composer, musical artist, born 08/04/1954

Martin Pasko comics creator, born 08/04/1954

Billy Bob Thornton Actor, screenwriter, director, musician (Vocals/Drums), Actor, screenwriter, director, musician, actor, born 08/04/1955

Gerrie Coetzee South African boxer, boxer, born 08/04/1955

Alberto Gonzales 80th United States Attorney General, office holder, born 08/04/1955


Kristoffer Tabori FILM/TV/STAGE ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 08/04/1955

Piers Macdonald office holder, born 08/04/1955

Steingrimur J. Sigfusson politician, born 08/04/1955

Steve Maccabe member of parliament, born 08/04/1955

Meg Whitman Former President and CEO of eBay, politician, born 08/04/1956

Clive Boughton Computer science professor, born 08/04/1956

Rowan Ramsey Farmer, politician, born 08/04/1956

Randall Wright born 08/04/1956

John Wark Association footballer, soccer player, born 08/04/1957

Rob Andrews college professor, congressman, born 08/04/1957

Zlatko Nastevski born 08/04/1957

Mamoun Darkazanli born 08/04/1958

Mary Decker Tabb RUNNER, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION 1982, born 08/04/1958

Tim Barnett member of parliament, born 08/04/1958

Rosario Marin office holder, born 08/04/1958

Kym Karath actor, born 08/04/1958

Paul Evans Aidoo Ghanaian MP for Sefwi-Wiawso and Minister for Western Region, Teacher, member of parliament, born 08/04/1958

Robbin Crosby Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 08/04/1959

John Gormley office holder, born 08/04/1959

Mark Anthony Kerry Australian swimmer, born 08/04/1959

Paul Henry Journalist, TV anchor, journalist, born 08/04/1960

Steven C. Preston office holder, born 08/04/1960

Bernard Rose Actor/Director, actor, born 08/04/1960

Vishal Bharadwaj director, producer, screenwriter, film score composer, playback singer, actor, born 08/04/1960

Graham Massey musical artist, born 08/04/1960

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero office holder, born 08/04/1960

Eddie James Murderer, criminal, born 08/04/1961

Barack Obama 44-th President of the United States, office holder, born 08/04/1961

Lauren Tom Actress, Voice actress, actor, born 08/04/1961

Michael Seth Gelman actor, born 08/04/1961

Elisabeth Targ scientist, born 08/04/1961

Illinois Senate Career Of Barack Obama office holder, born 08/04/1961

United States Senate Career Of Barack Obama senator, born 08/04/1961

Roger Clemens Baseball pitcher, baseball player, born 08/04/1962

Niklas Savander Finnish businessman, born 08/04/1962

Paul Reynolds Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter, musical artist, born 08/04/1962

Nick Pickering Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/04/1963

Keith Ellison American politician and lawyer, Attorney, olympics, born 08/04/1963

Claude Guimond member of parliament, born 08/04/1963

Elizabeth Kostova Author, Novelist, writer, born 08/04/1964

Andrew Bartlett Social worker, member of parliament, born 08/04/1964

Sebastian Roche Actor, actor, born 08/04/1964

Fredrik Reinfeldt Swedish politician, thirty-second and current Prime Minister of Sweden, prime minister, born 08/04/1965

Dennis Lehane Novelist, Novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 08/04/1965

Crystal Chappell Actress, actor, born 08/04/1965

Adam Afriyie member of parliament, born 08/04/1965

Terri Lyne Carrington Drummer, Singer, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 08/04/1965

Champika Ranawaka office holder, born 08/04/1965

Alan Schechter Film and television producer and film writer, actor, born 08/04/1965

Corrado Herin Track luge and mountain biker, cyclist, born 08/04/1966

Kensuke Sasaki wrestler, born 08/04/1966

Tom Anderson Public & government affairs consultant, politician, Public & government affairs consultant, office holder, born 08/04/1967

Timothy Adams Model, Actor, actor, born 08/04/1967

Arbaaz Khan Actor, Producer, actor, born 08/04/1967

Marcus Schenkenberg SUPERMODEL, ACTOR, model, born 08/04/1968

Lexie Bigham Film, television actor, actor, born 08/04/1968

Oladipupo Babalola soccer manager, born 08/04/1968

Stephan Bodzin Techno producer, neo-trance pioneer, born 08/04/1969

Max Cavalera Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 08/04/1969

Michael Deluise Actor, director, producer, actor, born 08/04/1969

Mambo artist, born 08/04/1969

Ángel Edo Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/04/1970

John August actor, born 08/04/1970

Bret Baier Host of "Special Report with Bret Baier", Fox News anchor, journalist, born 08/04/1970

Kate Silverton Journalist, Television Presenter, journalist, born 08/04/1970

Keith Champagne comics creator, born 08/04/1970

Patrice Pike musical artist, born 08/04/1970

Fenella Woolgar actor, born 08/04/1971

José Vicente García Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/04/1972

Marco Serpellini Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/04/1972

William James Jones Actor, actor, born 08/04/1972

Brian Aker born 08/04/1972

Jamie Reed member of parliament, born 08/04/1973

Eva Amaral Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 08/04/1973

Paul Dixon ice hockey player, born 08/04/1973

Eddie Van Boxtel soccer player, born 08/04/1973

Allistair Pickett born 08/04/1973

Thomas Debenest soccer player, born 08/04/1973

Daniel Q Kim actor, born 08/04/1973

Jean-Christophe Rouviere soccer player, born 08/04/1974

Chris Douglas musical artist, born 08/04/1974

Paul Sturgess Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/04/1975

Daniella Graas actress, Model, actor, born 08/04/1975

Sera Cahoone Musician, musical artist, born 08/04/1975

Victoria Recano News Anchor, born 08/04/1975

Andy Hallett Actor, singer, actor, born 08/04/1975

Wilson Santos soccer player, born 08/04/1975

Jutta Urpilainen Teacher, office holder, born 08/04/1975

Jose Luis Saenz born 08/04/1975

Rebecka Hemse actor, born 08/04/1975

Kym Johnson Dancer/Model, born 08/04/1976

Marek Heinz footballer, soccer player, born 08/04/1977

Yuuko Kohara Manga artist, born 08/04/1977

Mick Cain actor, born 08/04/1978

Sabine Singh Actress, actor, born 08/04/1978

Siri Nordby soccer player, born 08/04/1978

Michael Springer Lacrosse player, born 08/04/1979

Mazin Salih Musaid Al Awfi traffic policeman, born 08/04/1979

Patryk Dominik Sztyber Musician, musical artist, born 08/04/1979

Rony Martias Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/04/1980

Erica Carlson actor, born 08/04/1981

Abigail Spencer actor, born 08/04/1981

Shama Sikander Actress, model, born 08/04/1981

Michal Ciesla basketball player, born 08/04/1981

Jean-Philippe Grandclaude French Rugby union footballer., rugby player, born 08/04/1982

Lee Mellor musical artist, born 08/04/1982

Sana Mushtaq Mrs. Pakistan World, born 08/04/1982

Mary Willa Gummer NOTED FAMILY, born 08/04/1983

Buchie Ibeh gridiron football player, born 08/04/1983

Dong-Gu Kang soccer player, born 08/04/1983

Ryan Horvath american football player, born 08/04/1983

Natalia Lavrova Olympic rhythmic gymnast, born 08/04/1984

Jamie Ewings soccer player, born 08/04/1984

Luis Antonio Valencia Mosquera footballer, soccer player, born 08/04/1985

Tom Vaughan actor, born 08/04/1985

Dasha Astafieva Playboy Playmate, born 08/04/1985

Crystal Bowersox Singer, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 08/04/1985

Emin Sulimani soccer player, born 08/04/1986

Dwight Burke national collegiate athletic association athlete, born 08/04/1986

Dominic Yobe soccer player, born 08/04/1986

Adam Bakos born 08/04/1986

Hussein Alaa Hussein soccer player, born 08/04/1987

Gueun-Suk Jang actor, born 08/04/1987

Snir Dori soccer player, born 08/04/1987

Jessica Mauboy Singer-songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 08/04/1989

Dajana Cahill actor, born 08/04/1989

Zns presenter, singer, actor, musical artist, born 08/04/1989

River Viiperi model, born 08/04/1991

Thiago Cardoso Brazilian footballer, soccer player, born 08/04/1991

Dylan And Cole Sprouse Actors, actor, born 08/04/1992

Tiffany Evans Singer-Songwriter, dancer, actress, musical artist, born 08/04/1992

Facundo Arguello tennis player, born 08/04/1992

Mayuko Fukuda actor, born 08/04/1994

Seishiro Kato actor, born 08/04/2001