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John 02 Komnenos British royalty, born 09/13/1087

Cesare Borgia born 09/13/1475

Sir William Cecil, Baron Burghley LORD TREASURER, CHIEF MINISTER TO ELIZABETH I, office holder, born 09/13/1520

Isabella Bendidio singer and noble in Renaissance court of Ferrara, born 09/13/1546

Olaus Rudbeck scientist, born 09/13/1630

Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach born 09/13/1693

Grasse, Francois Joseph Paul, marquis de Grasetilly, comte de military person, born 09/13/1722

Andrew Pickens Revolutionary War militia general in South Carolina, congressman, born 09/13/1739

Oliver Evans born 09/13/1755

Mount Edgcumbe, Richard Edgcumbe, 2nd Earl of office holder, born 09/13/1764

Samuel Wilson meat packer, born 09/13/1766

Sydenham, Charles Poulett Thomson, 1st Baron office holder, born 09/13/1799

Franklin Buchanan United States Navy officer, military person, born 09/13/1800

Alfred Donne scientist, born 09/13/1801

John Ralfs scientist, born 09/13/1807

Eugene F. Skinner sheriff, ferry operator, farmer, lawyer, born 09/13/1809

George Rogers Clark Floyd West Virginia politician, Farmer and businessman, politician, born 09/13/1810

John Sedgwick Union Army general, military person, born 09/13/1813

William Augustus Barstow Union Army general and governor of Wisconsin, military person, born 09/13/1813

John Erskine United States federal judge, born 09/13/1813

Nikolaas Beets PRIEST, POET, NOVELIST, born 09/13/1814

John M. Palmer Union Army general, politician, governor, born 09/13/1817

Clara Schumann German musician, pianist composer, born 09/13/1819

William Lowthian Green Businessman, Diplomat, office holder, born 09/13/1819

Armistead Lindsay Long Brigadier General for the Confederate States of America, and later wrote the 1886 book Memoirs of Robert E. Lee, military person, born 09/13/1825

Anthony Joseph Drexel Banker, born 09/13/1826

Quinlan, James, J United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1833

John Maccausland Confederate Army general, military person, born 09/13/1836

William M. Wherry United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1836

Charles Hamlin Union Army general, military person, born 09/13/1837

Joseph Lyman Union Army officer, lawyer and politician, born 09/13/1840

Ludwig von Falkenhausen military person, born 09/13/1844

Daniel Oconnor office holder, born 09/13/1844

James Loren Martin United States federal judge, born 09/13/1846

Walter Reed PHYSICIAN, ARMY SURGEON, Military physician, born 09/13/1851

Georges Turcot office holder, born 09/13/1851

Obadiah Gardner senator, born 09/13/1852

Cybulski Napoleon Physiologist and one of pioneers of endocrinology and electroencephalography, born 09/13/1854

Milton Snavely Hershey ENTREPRENEUR, PHILANTHROPIST, CONFECTIONER, born 09/13/1857

Rufus Henry Pope office holder, born 09/13/1857

Michał Rawita-Witanowski Polish historian and pharmacist, born 09/13/1858

John Joseph Pershing United States Army general in World War I, military person, born 09/13/1860

Ralph Connor writer, born 09/13/1860

Franz Ritter von Hipper German Imperial Navy admiral, military person, born 09/13/1863

Maximilian von Hipper MILITARY, NAVAL ADMIRAL, born 09/13/1863

Arthur Henderson politician, born 09/13/1863

Fred Clinton Jacobs United States federal judge, born 09/13/1865

Clinton Levering Riggs Businessman, government official, military officer, and lacrosse coach, college coach, born 09/13/1865

Arthur Amos Noyes American Chemist, scientist, born 09/13/1866

Adolf Meyer PSYCHIATRIST, NEUROLOGIST, scientist, born 09/13/1866

Alma Kruger Actress, actor, born 09/13/1868

David Rogers ARCHAEOLOGIST, born 09/13/1868

Thomas Kelly politician, born 09/13/1868

Robert Dudley actor, born 09/13/1869

James Francis Guthrie Australian politician, Grazier, woolbroker, member of parliament, born 09/13/1872

Shidehara Kijuro prime minister, born 09/13/1872

Constantin Carathéodory Greek mathematician, scientist, born 09/13/1873

Lawrence T. Harris judge, born 09/13/1873

Arnold Schoenberg Austrian-American composer, born 09/13/1874

Henry Fountain Ashurst United States Senator from Arizona (1912 - 1941), senator, born 09/13/1874

Sherwood Anderson NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, ESSAYIST, PLAYWRIGHT, Author, writer, born 09/13/1876

William Dee Becker POLITICIAN, born 09/13/1876

Dante Lattes WRITER, JOURNALIST, EDUCATOR, born 09/13/1876

Wilhelm Filchner EXPLORER, AUTHOR, CARTOGRAPHER, GEOGRAPHER, born 09/13/1877

Stanley Lord actor, born 09/13/1877

Matilde E. Moisant Aviator, born 09/13/1878

Fritz Magnussen Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/13/1878


Robert William Gladstone member of parliament, born 09/13/1879

Jesse L. Lasky PIONEER VAUDEVILLE/FILM PRODUCER, born 09/13/1880

Walter J. Maddock governor, born 09/13/1880

Matthew Betz Film actor, actor, born 09/13/1881

Auriole Lee STAGE DIRECTOR, born 09/13/1881

Charles Conway Hartigan United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1882

August Zaleski diplomat, historian, President of Poland in Exile, president, born 09/13/1883

Walter Garrett Riddick United States federal judge, born 09/13/1883

Frank W. Crilley United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1883

Jean Cadell Actor, actor, born 09/13/1884


Petros Voulgaris prime minister, born 09/13/1884

Alain Leroy Locke TEACHER, CRITIC, born 09/13/1885

Robert Robinson scientist, born 09/13/1886

George Saville Woods British Labour Co-operative politician, born 09/13/1886

Friedrich-Wilhelm von Chappius German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 09/13/1886

Leopold Ružička Biochemistry, scientist, born 09/13/1887

Charles W Lyon Speaker of the California State Assembly, office holder, born 09/13/1887

Fritz Becker German footballer, born 09/13/1888

Andre Lemercier AVIATOR, born 09/13/1888

Kelly Harrell Musician, musical artist, born 09/13/1889

Scott Pembroke Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, actor, born 09/13/1889


James Patrick Rossiter office holder, born 09/13/1890

Barney M. Giles United States Army Air Forces general during World War II, military person, born 09/13/1892

John Boynton Priestley English Writer, Writer, writer, born 09/13/1894

Julian Tuwim Poet, writer, born 09/13/1894

Ruth McDevitt Actress, actor, born 09/13/1895

Eric John Stephens military person, born 09/13/1895

Marcel Haegelen AVIATOR, born 09/13/1896

Tito Lusiardo actor, born 09/13/1896

Sam Wadsworth soccer manager, born 09/13/1896

Eddie Rommel baseball player, born 09/13/1897

Michel Saint-Denis actor, born 09/13/1897

Roger Desormiere MUSICIAN, CONDUCTOR, COMPOSER, born 09/13/1898

Marguerite Lehand politician, born 09/13/1898

Emilio Nunez Portuondo born 09/13/1898

Hayden Stanton member of parliament, born 09/13/1898

Mohanrao Palekar musical artist, born 09/13/1898

Ephraim Kɔku Amu Musicologist, composer and teacher., born 09/13/1899

Stephen Sanders Jr. Chandler United States federal judge, born 09/13/1899

Gladys George STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, born 12/20/1902

Viggo Hansteen Lawyer, Politician, born 09/13/1900

Bob Wilde soccer player, born 09/13/1900


Leland Hayward actor, born 09/13/1902

Claudette Colbert Actress, actor, born 09/13/1903

Tom Armstrong prime minister, born 09/13/1903

Gladys George Actor, Actress, actor, born 09/13/1904

Edwina Booth Actress, actor, born 09/13/1904

Leon W. Johnson United States Air Force Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1904

Alberta Williams King born 09/13/1904

Luigi Bertolini soccer player, born 09/13/1904

James Foster Ice hockey player, born 09/13/1905

Michel Collin ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, born 09/13/1905

Jules Gaucher military person, born 09/13/1905

George Collin soccer manager, born 09/13/1905

Jack Oakes soccer player, born 09/13/1905

Samuel Dealey United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1906

Thornton Lee baseball player, born 09/13/1906

Jim Levey baseball player, born 09/13/1906

Benjamin Appel born 09/13/1907

Marne Intrieri american football player, born 09/13/1907

Jack Ball soccer player, born 09/13/1907

E. O. E. Pereira born 09/13/1907

Vedat Kokona writer, born 09/13/1907

John Campbell baseball player, born 09/13/1907

Mae Questel Actress, actor, born 09/13/1908

Lili Pancu Painter, writer, born 09/13/1908

Otto Becher Senior Royal Australian Navy officer, military person, born 09/13/1908

Sicco Mansholt president, born 09/13/1908

Chu Berry musical artist, born 09/13/1908

Carlos Peucelle soccer manager, born 09/13/1908

Otho Nitcholas baseball player, born 09/13/1908

Madeleine Ozeray Actress, born 09/13/1908

Herbert Berghof STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, DIRECTOR, ACTING TEACHER, born 09/13/1909

Jim Rhodes governor, born 09/13/1909

Ray Bowden soccer player, born 09/13/1909

Sam Destefano born 09/13/1909

Herbert Berghof actor, born 09/13/1909

Giuseppe Viani soccer manager, born 09/13/1909

Clementina Otero stage actress, artistic director, actor, born 09/13/1909

Frits Thors Television and news anchor, journalist, born 09/13/1909

Karl Bieg German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 09/13/1909

Walter Haefner Businessman: automobiles/computers, born 09/13/1910

Ernie Phypers soccer player, born 09/13/1910

Bill Monroe Band, born 09/13/1911

Alexandru Diordita prime minister, born 09/13/1911

Maurice K. Goddard American conservationist, forester, educator, government official, soldier, office holder, born 09/13/1912

Reta Shaw Actress, actor, born 09/13/1912

Oliver Hart born 09/13/1912

J. Antonio Thomas member of parliament, born 09/13/1912

Hans Waldmuller military person, born 09/13/1912

Georg le Coutre German paratrooper and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 09/13/1912

Phil Stein ice hockey player, born 09/13/1913

Bebe Patten artist, born 09/13/1913

Tadao Horie soccer manager, born 09/13/1913

Roy Engel Actor, actor, born 09/13/1913

Gunnar Bigum Actor, drug, born 09/13/1914

Leonard Feather AUTHOR, MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, PRODUCER, JAZZ CRITIC, musical artist, born 09/13/1914

Ralph Rapson architect, born 09/13/1914

Ian Thomas born 09/13/1914

Clint Frank born 09/13/1915

Morrie Aderholt baseball player, born 09/13/1915

Vasile Puscas Puscas born 09/13/1915

Heinz-Otto Schultze German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 09/13/1915

Basil Ashmore Director, actor, born 09/13/1915

Roald Dahl Norwegian and British novelist, short story writer, Author, Screenwriter, writer, born 09/13/1916

Dick Haymes Actor, singer, actor, born 09/13/1916

Lynne Carver Actor, Actress, actor, born 09/13/1916

Mayfair Boy JEWEL THIEF, AUTHOR, born 09/13/1916

Roy Zimmerman baseball player, born 09/13/1916

Joseph Armone born 09/13/1917

Gordon Donald Gayle Retired United States Marine Corps brigadier general, born 09/13/1917

Allan M. Ohata United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1918


Dick Haymes SINGER, ACTOR, actor, born 02/09/1948

Rosemary Kennedy LOBOTOMY VICTIM, NOTED FAMILY, born 09/13/1918

Rosemary Kennedy born 09/13/1918

Ted Scroggins military person, born 09/13/1918

Mary Midgley philosopher, born 09/13/1919

Doris Fisher office holder, born 09/13/1919

Robert A. Owens United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1920

John Crawford Actor, actor, born 09/13/1920

Herbert H. Burr United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1920


Robert Allen Owens MILITARY, U.S. MARINE CORPS HERO, MEDAL OF HONOR, born 09/13/1920

Wally Boag Actor, actor, born 09/13/1920

Sergey Nepobedimiy engineer at CNIIAG, born 09/13/1921

Handel Greville rugby player, born 09/13/1921

Odore Joseph Gendron born 09/13/1921

Bela Biszku office holder, born 09/13/1921

Tino Buazzelli Actor, drug, born 09/13/1922

Charles Brown Singer, pianist, musical artist, born 09/13/1922

Yma Sumac Singer, musical artist, born 09/13/1922

John Lookabaugh gridiron football player, born 09/13/1922

Zygmont Czarobski gridiron football player, born 09/13/1922

Caroline Duby Glassman judge, born 09/13/1922

Robert Baron Sheldon Sheldon member of parliament, born 09/13/1923

Maurice Dupras member of parliament, born 09/13/1923

Scott Brady FILM/TV ACTOR, NOTED ACTING FAMILY, actor, born 09/13/1924


Leonel Beaudoin insurance agent, member of parliament, born 09/13/1924


Ian Hamilton Barrister, born 09/13/1925

Leon Levy Fund manager, born 09/13/1925

Erik Gronseth scientist, born 09/13/1925

Bill Williams born 09/13/1925

Sergei Salnikov soccer manager, born 09/13/1925

Michael Flaum actor, born 09/13/1925

Sidney David Drell AUTHOR, PHYSICIST, PROFESSOR OF PHYSICS, born 09/13/1926

Franco Pedroni SOCCER PLAYER, born 09/13/1926

Emile Francis ice hockey player, born 09/13/1926

Wharton, Clifton Reginald, Jr. office holder, born 09/13/1926

Fran McKee United States Admiral, military person, born 09/13/1926

Franco Pedroni soccer manager, born 09/13/1926

Tzannis Tzannetakis prime minister, born 09/13/1927

Beverly Polcyn Actress, actor, born 09/13/1927

Samuel Smith Chemist, born 09/13/1927

Herzog Marvin I. scientist, born 09/13/1927

Maurice Lafont soccer manager, born 09/13/1927

Ernest L. Boyer American psychologist and educator, first President of SUNY, born 09/13/1928

Nicolai Ghiaurov OPERA SINGER, BASS, born 09/13/1928

Robert Indiana ARTIST, PAINTER, GAY, Artist, Theatrical set designer and Costume designer, born 09/13/1928

Arthur Thompson GANGSTER, born 09/13/1930

Bola Ige Lawyer, politician, born 09/13/1930

Sir Jason Winters Author, Public Speaker, writer, born 09/13/1930

Barbara Bain Actor, actor, born 09/13/1931

Angus Grant MUSICIAN, FIDDLER, born 09/13/1931

Prabha Atre Indian classical singer, musical artist, born 09/13/1932

Eugene Dynarski actor, born 09/13/1932

Viviane Wade office holder, born 09/13/1932

Jose Luis Soto soccer player, born 09/13/1932

Eileen Fulton STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, SOAP STAR, NIGHTCLUB SINGER, actor, born 09/13/1933

Donald Mackay born 09/13/1933

Wilbur Macdonald farmer, politician, born 09/13/1933

Zbigniew Zapasiewicz theatre and film actor, theatre director, pedagogue, Actor, Director, actor, born 09/13/1934

Francis Arkell Australian politician and murder victim, born 09/13/1935

Victor Galeone born 09/13/1935

John Collins Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1936

Pat Kerrins Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1936

Stefano "Caccola" Della Chiaje BOXER, FASCIST FIGHTER, FOUNDED NATIONAL AVANGUARD, born 09/13/1936

Dennis Gorlewski POLICEMAN, born 09/13/1936

Ajit Kumar Panja office holder, born 09/13/1936

John Smith British politician, office holder, born 09/13/1938


Gaylord Perry BASEBALL PLAYER, born 09/13/1938

Hamilton, Angus Douglas-Hamilton, 15th Duke Of born 09/13/1938

Bill Janklow South Dakota politician, politician, lawyer, lobbyist, governor, born 09/13/1939

Richard Kiel Actor, actor, born 09/13/1939

Carole Keeton Strayhorn American politician, born 09/13/1939

Donald Gudehus ASTRONOMER, COLLEGE PROFESSOR, born 09/13/1939

Guntis Ulmanis office holder, born 09/13/1939

Tom Parsons baseball player, born 09/13/1939

Gerald Stebleton office holder, born 09/13/1939

Oscar Arias office holder, born 09/13/1940

Enrique Garcia Filipino politician, office holder, born 09/13/1940

Tadao Ando Japanese architect, architect, born 09/13/1941

Ahmet Necdet Sezer 10th President of the Republic of Turkey, president, born 09/13/1941

Oscar Arias Sanchez POLITICIAN, COSTA RICAN PRES, NOBEL PEACE PRIZE 87, born 09/13/1941

Dave Clayton-Thomas of BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS SINGER, born 09/13/1941

David Clayton-Thomas Musician, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 09/13/1941

Wolf Klinz office holder, born 09/13/1941

Ed Roberts Electrical engineer, born 09/13/1941

Phill G. Macdonald United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1941

Béla Károlyi born 09/13/1942

John Kay judge, born 09/13/1943

Peter Downsborough soccer player, born 09/13/1943

Dolly Read Playboy Playmate, actress, Playboy Playmate, born 09/13/1944

Carol Barnes Newsreader, Journalist, newsreader, television presenter, journalist, born 09/13/1944

Midget Farrelly Australian surfer, surfer, born 09/13/1944

Jacqueline Bisset ACTRESS, Actress, born 09/13/1944

Pete Cetera of CHICAGO MUSICIAN, SINGER, BASSIST, born 09/13/1944

Leslie Harvey of STONE THE CROWS MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, NOTED FAMILY, Guitarist, musical artist, born 09/13/1945

William Howard IV Taft Lawyer, office holder, born 09/13/1945

Noel Godin writer, critic, actor, anarchist, writer, born 09/13/1945

Rick Wise baseball player, born 09/13/1945

Joe Gadston soccer player, born 09/13/1945

Bernard Lenoir Radio personality, born 09/13/1946

Frank Marshall actor, born 09/13/1946

Slawomir Petelecki military person, born 09/13/1946

John Pergine gridiron football player, born 09/13/1946

Linda Mason born 09/13/1946

Magda De Galan politician, born 09/13/1946

Torben Storm soccer manager, born 09/13/1946

Eddie Bell american football player, born 09/13/1946

Geronimo Pratt political activist, born 09/13/1947

Frank A. Herda United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/13/1947

David Mulready Cleric, Christian Bishop, born 09/13/1947

Annette King office holder, born 09/13/1947

Mike Grell Comic book artist and writer, comics creator, born 09/13/1947

Ron Allen Poet, Playwright, Teacher, born 09/13/1947

Vernie Macgaha office holder, born 09/13/1947

Giriraja Swami born 09/13/1947

Jules T Allen artist, born 09/13/1947

Nell Carter actress & singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 09/13/1948

Eric Oosthoek STAGE/TV DIRECTOR, STAGE PRODUCER, born 09/13/1948

Sitiveni Rabuka president, born 09/13/1948

Clyde Kusatsu actor, born 09/13/1948

Burghart Klaußner Actor, drug, born 09/13/1949

Maria Van Der Hoeven Politician, politician, born 09/13/1949

Avigdor Yitzhaki born 09/13/1949

Keef Trouble Singer, Songwriter., musical artist, born 09/13/1949

Kirk David Humphreys Mayor of Oklahoma City, born 09/13/1950

Lynn Edward Elizabeth Harris HERMAPHRODITE, WRITER, GAY, born 09/13/1950

Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz office holder, born 09/13/1950

Neil Davidson office holder, born 09/13/1950

Jean Smart American actress, Actress, actor, born 09/13/1951

Eric Ripper office holder, born 09/13/1951

Don Was Musician, record producer, musical artist, born 09/13/1952

Christine Estabrook actor, born 09/13/1952

Taryn Power Actress, actor, born 09/13/1953

Donald Marshall born 09/13/1953

Iyanla Vanzant musical artist, born 09/13/1953

David Shiner actor, born 09/13/1953

J. Scot Chadwick office holder, born 09/13/1953

Howard Keel ACTOR, SINGER, born 09/13/1954

Thierry Sirou DANCER, born 09/13/1954

Stephen Cummings musician, singer, songwriter, writer, musical artist, born 09/13/1954

Archduchess Of Austria Monika British royalty, born 09/13/1954

Archduchess Of Austria Michaela British royalty, born 09/13/1954

Tom Sands office holder, born 09/13/1954

Andy Needham Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1955

Miguel Lifschitz office holder, born 09/13/1955

Gilly Coman Actress, actor, born 09/13/1955

Hiromi Ito Poet, Novelist, writer, born 09/13/1955

Aaron Fernandes Canadian field hockey player, born 09/13/1956

Judy Blumberg SKATER, PARTNER OF MICHAEL SEIBERT FROM 1978, born 09/13/1956

Luigi Petrucci actor, born 09/13/1956

Vladimir Trapeznikov Art director/Production design, actor, born 09/13/1956

Willie McClendon former American football running back in the National Football League, american football player, born 09/13/1957

Marcos, Ferdinand, Jr. Politician, senator, born 09/13/1957

John G. Trueschler office holder, born 09/13/1957

Paweł Przytocki conductor, musician, Band, born 09/13/1958

Bobby Davro comedian, born 09/13/1958

Koji Tamaki Singer, composer, actor, lyricist, musical artist, born 09/13/1958

Kelly Ann Rooney NOTED FAMILY, born 09/13/1959

Ashley Pharaoh Screenwriter, Television Producer, writer, born 09/13/1959

Alfonso Freeman Actor, actor, born 09/13/1959

Usman Saidu Nasamu Dakingari office holder, born 09/13/1959

Bob Eggleton artist, born 09/13/1960

Karthik Muthuraman Actor, Singer, Politician, actor, born 09/13/1960

Artyom Borovik Journalist, journalist, born 09/13/1960

Dave Mustaine Musician, singer-songwriter, producer, actor, musical artist, born 09/13/1961

Peter Roskam attorney, political assistant, congressman, born 09/13/1961

M. Manoharan State assembly member, politician, born 09/13/1961

Hisao Egawa Seiyū, actor, born 09/13/1962

Rafael Kayanan comics creator, born 09/13/1962

Kimmy Sue Rooney NOTED FAMILY, born 09/13/1963

Sophie In T Veld Member of the European Parliament, office holder, born 09/13/1963

Hisham Abbas Singer, musical artist, born 09/13/1963

Tavis Smiley Talk show host, author, entrepreneur, advocate, philanthropist, Talk show host, journalist, born 09/13/1964

Junko Mihara Japanese actress, born 09/13/1964

Gary James Lund Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1964

Zak Starkey Musician, musical artist, born 09/13/1965

Jeffrey Ross American stand-up comedian, insult comic, actor, director, Actor, comedian, film director, drug, born 09/13/1965

Karen Malina White Actress, actor, born 09/13/1965

Annie Duke Professional poker player, poker player, born 09/13/1965

Raúl Fretes Professional golfer, golf player, born 09/13/1965

Kevin Marks Programmer, blogger, born 09/13/1966

Louis Mandylor Actor, actor, born 09/13/1966

Stella Jantuan politician, born 09/13/1966

Michael Johnson retired American sprinter who holds world records in the 200 meters, 400 meters and 4 x 400 m relay, born 09/13/1967

Darren Chester Australian politician, Political advisor, member of parliament, born 09/13/1967

Tim Ripper Owens musical artist, born 09/13/1967

Stephen Perkins Musician, Songwriter, Producer, musical artist, born 09/13/1967

Tommy Maras soccer player, born 09/13/1967

Shawn Amos actor, born 09/13/1967

Emma Wicklund model, born 09/13/1968

Zsolt Limperger soccer player, born 09/13/1968

Shane Keith Warne Cricketer, cricketer, born 09/13/1969

Tyler Perry Actor, author, screenwriter, film director, theatre producer, theatre director, television director, playwright, film producer, television producer, actor, born 09/13/1969

Clyde Puli politician, born 09/13/1969

Louise Lombard Actress, actor, born 09/13/1970

Sun-Il Kim born 09/13/1970

Stella McCartney born 09/13/1971

Bradley James Allen soccer player, born 09/13/1971

Brent Brede BASEBALL PLAYER, RIGHT FIELDER, born 09/13/1971


Manabu Namiki Composer, musical artist, born 09/13/1971

Thomas Breen Norwegian politician for the Labour Party (AP), born 09/13/1972

Kelly Chen Singer, Actress, actor, born 09/13/1972

Kristian Bardsley born 09/13/1972

Carlo James Nash Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1973

Fabio Cannavaro Footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1973

Mahima Chaudhury Actress, actor, born 09/13/1973

Zsombor Kerekes soccer player, born 09/13/1973

Cedric Richmond office holder, born 09/13/1973

Candice Held born 09/13/1973

Lil ½ Dead Rapper, musical artist, born 09/13/1974

Keith Murray musical artist, born 09/13/1974

Oscar Vales soccer player, born 09/13/1974

Akimine Kamijyo comics creator, born 09/13/1975

Wieslaw Jagus born 09/13/1975

Scott Vickaryous Actor, singer, actor, born 09/13/1975

Peter Ho Singer, actor, model, actor, born 09/13/1975

Johanna Jussinniemi Swedish pornographic actress and dancer, adult actor, born 09/13/1976

Fiona Apple Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 09/13/1977

Eirik Bakke footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1977

Darren Kenton Footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1978

Denis Haueisen Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 09/13/1978

Fausto Gonzalez soccer player, born 09/13/1978

Jose Roberto Gomes Santana soccer player, born 09/13/1978

Gilbert Lao born 09/13/1978

Ivan Miljkovic born 09/13/1979

Geike Arnaert Singer, musical artist, born 09/13/1979

Jessica Canoletti MODEL, NOTED FAMILY, born 09/13/1980

Ben Savage Actor, actor, born 09/13/1980

Jason Cook Actor, actor, born 09/13/1980

Curtis Borchardt basketball player, born 09/13/1980

Michelle Darosa Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 09/13/1980

Teppei Teranishi musical artist, born 09/13/1980

Chae-young Han born 09/13/1980

Keith Andrews soccer player, born 09/13/1980

Koldo Fernández cyclist, born 09/13/1981

EJay Day Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 09/13/1981

Nenê Professional basketball player, basketball player, born 09/13/1982

Lloyd Dyer Footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1982

Miha Zupan Deaf Slovenian basketball player, basketball player, born 09/13/1982

Rickie Weeks baseball player, born 09/13/1982

Soraya Arnelas musical artist, born 09/13/1982

John Spicer Football Defender, Full Back, soccer player, born 09/13/1983

James Bourne Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, musical artist, born 09/13/1983

Sean Brosnan Film, television actor, actor, born 09/13/1983

Molly Crabapple American author, artist and entrepreneur, comics creator, born 09/13/1983

Nabil Zouheir Abou-Harb American film director, writer and producer, filmmaker and writer, actor, born 09/13/1984

Emi Suzuki model, born 09/13/1985

Omar Mouallem musical artist, born 09/13/1985

Brandon Clark Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 09/13/1985

Kamui Kobayashi Formula One racer, born 09/13/1986

Ludmila Privivkova born 09/13/1986

Simon Walton footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1987

Fraizer Lee Campbell Association footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1987

Tszvetana Pironkova tennis player, born 09/13/1987

John James Uy Actor, Artist, Host, Model, actor, born 09/13/1987

Pietro Arnulfo Italian football player, soccer player, born 09/13/1988

Mantas Fridrikas Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1988

Inmate-Mother Baby BABY BORN TO INMATE MOTHER, born 09/13/1989

Thomas Müller German footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1989

Kenneth Malcolm McCaw Australian politician, prime minister, born 09/13/1989

Son Ye-jin Actress, drug, born 09/13/1990

Alex Stavrinou Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/13/1990

Taylor Gildersleeve actor, born 09/13/1991

Mitch Holleman actor, born 09/13/1994

CJ Navato actor, born 09/13/1996