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Xianzhong Zhang British royalty, born 09/18/1606

Princess Of Beira Joana British royalty, born 09/18/1635

Gilbert Burnet born 09/18/1643

Samuel Johnson born 09/18/1709

Archduchess Maria Anna Of Austria British royalty, born 09/18/1718

Athanasius IV Jawhar Patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Christian Bishop, born 09/18/1733

George Read office holder, born 09/18/1733

Adrien-Marie Legendre Mathematician, scientist, born 09/18/1752

Pope Gregory XVI POPE, REIGNED 2-02-1831 TO 1846, pope, born 09/18/1765

Joseph Story United States federal judge, judge, born 09/18/1779

Christian 08 Of Denmark British royalty, born 09/18/1786

Wacław Michał Zaleski writer, folklorist, political activist, born 09/18/1799

Hisashige Tanaka born 09/18/1799

Andrew Galbraith Miller United States federal judge, born 09/18/1801

Richard Edmonds scientist, born 09/18/1801

Robert Cowdin Union Army general, military person, born 09/18/1805

Francis Sherman politician, born 09/18/1805

Boyle Travers Finniss office holder, born 09/18/1807

Felix Hippolyte Larrey PHYSICIAN, SURGEON, AUTHOR, born 09/18/1808

Henry C. Wayne Confederate Army general, military person, born 09/18/1810

Republic of Chile REPUBLIC, born 09/18/1810

Herschel V. Johnson American and Confederate politician, senator, born 09/18/1812

William L. Greenly governor, born 09/18/1813

John Baptiste Miege born 09/18/1815

Marcellus A. Stovall Confederate Army general, military person, born 09/18/1818

Mary Ann Vincent Stage actress, actor, born 09/18/1818

Leon Foucault scientist, born 09/18/1819

Robert E. Withers Confederate Army officer, born 09/18/1821

Henry Scudder Union Army officer, lawyer and politician, born 09/18/1825

John Townsend Trowbridge Writer, writer, born 09/18/1827

James Cleary born 09/18/1828


William J. Macconnell senator, born 09/18/1839

George William Ross president, born 09/18/1841

Francois-Xavier Archambault office holder, born 09/18/1841

Walter Evans Union United States Army officer, lawyer, politician, United States federal judge, born 09/18/1842

George E. Newell mayor, born 09/18/1842

William M. Olin office holder, born 09/18/1845

Connally Findlay Trigg Politician, politician, born 09/18/1847

Robert Harris artist, born 09/18/1849

Henry Archer Ekers mayor, born 09/18/1855

Wilhelm Von Gloeden artist, born 09/18/1856

John Hessin Clarke judge, born 09/18/1857

Pedro Nel Ospina Engineer, Businessman, Soldier , Professor, Rector and Politician, president, born 09/18/1858

Edward Lewis office holder, born 09/18/1858

Gilbert Hitchcock editor, Publisher, born 09/18/1859

John L. Bates governor, born 09/18/1859

Ella Cora Hind journalist, born 09/18/1861

John Burton Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1863

Sachio Itō Japanese writer, Writer, writer, born 09/18/1864

Gaganendranath Tagore artist, born 09/18/1867

Harley H. Christy United States Navy admiral, military person, born 09/18/1870

Willard Mack Actor, film director, Actor, director, playwright, actor, born 09/18/1873

Oskari Mantere office holder, born 09/18/1874

Arthur Henry Knighton-Hammond Art painter, born 09/18/1875

James Scullin office holder, born 09/18/1876

Billy Stead New Zealand rugby union player and coach, Bootmaker, rugby player, born 09/18/1877

Robert Salus Austrian ophthalmologist, born 09/18/1877

Robert Brooke-Popham military person, born 09/18/1878

Edward Martin governor, born 09/18/1879

Peter G. Gerry senator, born 09/18/1879

Charles F. B. Price military person, born 09/18/1881

Henry Edwards Actor, Film director, drug, born 09/18/1882

C. Gardner Sullivan Screenwriter, actor, born 09/18/1884

Edward Felix Baxter military person, born 09/18/1885

Carmine Gallone Film director, actor, born 09/18/1886

Edwin Forrest Harding U.S. Army general of World War II, commanded 32nd Infantry Division, military person, born 09/18/1886

Harald Gram Stipendiary magistrate, politician, born 09/18/1887

Herb Gilbert Australian rugby union player, Railways, rugby player, born 09/18/1888

Rafael Yela Gunther artist, born 09/18/1888

Leslie James Morshead Australian soldier with a distinguished career in both world wars, military person, born 09/18/1889

Doris Blackburn Campaigner, member of parliament, born 09/18/1889

Issy Smith Soldier, military person, born 09/18/1890

Larry Wogan Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 09/18/1890

Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich Of Russia British royalty, born 09/18/1891

Therese Dorny actress, actor, born 09/18/1891

William March United States Marine, novelist, short story writer, Novelist, writer, born 09/18/1893

Fay Compton actor, born 09/18/1894

John George Diefenbaker 13th Prime Minister of Canada (1957–1963), prime minister, born 09/18/1895

Tomoji Tanabe Former civil engineer, born 09/18/1895

Jan Mens AUTHOR, NOVELIST, born 09/18/1897

Paul Vialar POET, born 09/18/1898

Ida Kaminska Polish actress, actor, born 09/18/1899

Seewoosagur Ramoolam prime minister, born 09/18/1900

Walther Wenck military person, born 09/18/1900

Thomas Francis Darden Naval officer, governor, born 09/18/1900

Harry Mehre American football player, coach and sports writer, college coach, born 09/18/1901

May McAvoy ACTRESS, born 03/03/1948

Harry Naujoks German Lagerältester and chronicler of Sachsenhausen concentration camp, born 09/18/1901

Allan Duncan Fraser Australian politician and journalist, Journalist, member of parliament, born 09/18/1902

Mendon Morrill United States federal judge, born 09/18/1902

William Lynn Parkinson United States federal judge, born 09/18/1902

Herbert Waddell Scottish rugby union footballer., rugby player, born 09/18/1902

Pietro Pezzati artist, born 09/18/1902

Orane Demazis ACTRESS, born 09/18/1904

Bun Cook ice hockey player, born 09/18/1904

Eccles, David Eccles, 1st Viscount Politician and Businessman, politician, born 09/18/1904

Assaat office holder, born 09/18/1904

Stanley Stroup office holder, born 09/18/1904

Greta Garbo actress, Actress, drug, born 09/18/1905

Eddie Anderson Comedian, born 09/18/1905


Agnes De Mille Choreographer, dancer, actor, born 09/18/1905

Giuseppe Cavanna soccer player, born 09/18/1905

Mike Getto american football player, born 09/18/1905

Julio Rosales cardinal, born 09/18/1906

George F. Grant Fly tying, born 09/18/1906

Donald Carrick office holder, born 09/18/1906

Charles Harold Hayes military person, born 09/18/1906

Leon Askin Actor, actor, born 09/18/1907

Chongren Zhang born 09/18/1907

Harry Brown soccer player, born 09/18/1907

Gerry Kelly soccer player, born 09/18/1908

Lefty Guise baseball player, born 09/18/1908

Ahmed Badrakhan Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/18/1909


Bob Mollohan tax collector, congressman, born 09/18/1909

Janet Huntington Brewster philanthropist, writer, radio broadcaster, relief worker, born 09/18/1910

Pug Rentner gridiron football player, born 09/18/1910

William Benson Bryant United States federal judge, born 09/18/1911

Syd Howe ice hockey player, born 09/18/1911

John Sclish SYNDICATE LABOR RACKETEER, born 09/18/1912

Len Barnum american football player, born 09/18/1912

Kurt Lotz born 09/18/1912

Jim Unwin rugby player, born 09/18/1912

Orville Tuttle american football player, born 09/18/1912

Erik Blomberg Cinematographer, Film producer, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 09/18/1913

Jose Ferrer Canales educator, writer and a pro-independence political activist., writer, born 09/18/1913

Marta Ester Rocafort-Altuzarra British royalty, born 09/18/1913

Georg Bochmann military person, born 09/18/1913

Edward Sagarin Professor, novelist, essayist, writer, born 09/18/1913

Felton Fenwick Legere member of parliament, born 09/18/1913

Jack Cardiff cinematographer, film director, Actor, cinematographer, director, photographer, actor, born 09/18/1914

Harry Townes STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 09/18/1914

Howell M. Estes military person, born 09/18/1914

Leon Mart soccer player, born 09/18/1914

Eduardo Boza-Masvidal born 09/18/1915

Jilma Madera born 09/18/1915

Rossano Brazzi Actor, actor, born 09/18/1916

John Jacob Rhodes LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, born 09/18/1916

Rhodes, John J., Jr. congressman, born 09/18/1916

Laura Sabia born 09/18/1916

Osvaldo Brandao soccer manager, born 09/18/1916

Robert Bob Winslow college coach, born 09/18/1916

June Foray American voice actor, Voice actress, actor, born 09/18/1917

Clinton Rossiter Historian, Political Scientist, Professor Cornell University, born 09/18/1917

Phil Taylor soccer manager, born 09/18/1917

Chet Bulger gridiron football player, born 09/18/1917

Ferenc Pataki born 09/18/1917

Eric Davis Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 09/18/1917

Alvin C. Cockrell United States Marine, military person, born 09/18/1918

Diana Lewis American actress, Actress, actor, born 09/18/1919

Alfred L. Wilson United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/18/1919

Pal Losonczi president, born 09/18/1919

Werner Meyer military person, born 09/18/1919

Jack Warden Actor, actor, born 09/18/1920

Nils Hallberg Actor, drug, born 09/18/1921

Kamal Hassan Ali prime minister, born 09/18/1921

Grayson Hall Actress, actor, born 09/18/1922

Don Dorman Professional footballer, football scout, soccer manager, born 09/18/1922

Curtis Keeble politician, born 09/18/1922

Bertha Wilson Puisne Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, judge, born 09/18/1923

Al Quie governor, born 09/18/1923

Queen Anne Of Romania British royalty, born 09/18/1923

Joe Tepsic baseball player, born 09/18/1923

Anthony Poshepny United States Marine, military person, born 09/18/1924

Curtis William Tarr U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, born 09/18/1924

Bob C. Riley governor, born 09/18/1924

J. D. Tippit military person, born 09/18/1924

Judith Hart British politician, office holder, born 09/18/1924

Alfred Noble soccer player, born 09/18/1924

Monte Kay Music producer, club manager, Television Producer, musical artist, born 09/18/1924

Harvey Haddix BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 09/18/1925

Harvey Haddix baseball player, born 09/18/1925

Roy Warhurst Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1926

Joe Kubert comics creator, born 09/18/1926

Bob Toski golf player, born 09/18/1926

Skip Minisi american football player, born 09/18/1926

Phyllis Kirk Actress, actor, born 09/18/1927

Pierre Derveaux JAZZ MUSICIAN, TRUMPET PLAYER, born 09/18/1927

Eero Saari Finnish retired professional ice hockey player, born 09/18/1928

Philippe Avron ACTOR, born 09/18/1928

Basil Arthur office holder, born 09/18/1928

Jack Robinson Photographer, Designer, writer, born 09/18/1928

Clair Goodblood United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/18/1929

Elizabeth Spriggs actor, born 09/18/1929

Geoffrey C. Hazard scientist, born 09/18/1929

Al Millar ice hockey player, born 09/18/1929

Teddi King musical artist, born 09/18/1929

Jack Mullaney Actor, actor, born 09/18/1929

Jack G. Hanson United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/18/1930

Luis Ayala tennis player, born 09/18/1932

Bobby Cole Jazz singer, pianist, musical artist, born 09/18/1932

Robert Blake Actor, actor, born 09/18/1933

William Scott Bowman NHL hockey coach, former NHL coach, born 09/18/1933

Jack Arthur James Bionda born 09/18/1933


Robert Bennett Public relations consultant, senator, born 09/18/1933

Jimmie Rodgers Singer, musical artist, born 09/18/1933

Dave Leggett american football player, born 09/18/1933

Ángel Aranda Actor, drug, born 09/18/1934

Paul J. Zimmer POET, born 09/18/1934

Bernard Monnereau CHAMPION ROWER, born 09/18/1935

John Spencer born 09/18/1935

Hussein Faris born 09/18/1935

Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri politician, born 09/18/1937

Per Flatberg Pharmacist, born 09/18/1937

Dee Barton actor, born 09/18/1937

Olga Nolla Ramírez de Arellano writer, poet, professor and journalist, born 09/18/1938

Jorge Sampaio President of Portugal, Lawyer; Politician, president, born 09/18/1939

Bobby Jones singer, musical artist, born 09/18/1939

Les Cocker Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1939

Fred Willard ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 09/18/1939

Frankie Avalon Singer, actor, actor, born 09/18/1940

Abbas El Fassi prime minister, born 09/18/1940

Michael Hartnett born 09/18/1941

Dick Dietz baseball player, born 09/18/1941

Mariangela Melato Film, television actress, actor, born 09/18/1941

Arjun Charan Sethi office holder, born 09/18/1941

Priscilla Mitchell Singer, musical artist, born 09/18/1941

Gerry Bamman Actor, actor, born 09/18/1941

Jack Harris television personality, radio personality, actor, born 09/18/1941

Wolfgang Schauble German politician, Site of Special Scientific Interest, born 09/18/1942

Marco Rota comics creator, born 09/18/1942

Dick Fletcher born 09/18/1942

Manning Macdonald Municipal Politician, politician, born 09/18/1942

Akkan Suver president, born 09/18/1942

Ling Liong Sik politician, born 09/18/1943

Rocío Jurado Singer, actor, Singer, actress, musical artist, born 09/18/1944

Charles L. Veach Fighter Pilot, astronaut, born 09/18/1944

Michael Franks Songwriter, musical artist, born 09/18/1944

Alan Rodger Judge, judge, born 09/18/1944

Veronica Carlson Actor, Model, born 09/18/1944

John Hottinger Attorney, politician, born 09/18/1945

Akira Kamiya Seiyū, actor, born 09/18/1946

Nicholas Clay actor, born 09/18/1946

Roger Wilson ice hockey player, born 09/18/1946

Gailard Sartain Actor, painter and illustrator, actor, born 09/18/1946

Joel Camargo soccer player, born 09/18/1946

Alexis comics creator, born 09/18/1946

Dave Sells baseball player, born 09/18/1946

Jimmy Harris gridiron football player, born 09/18/1946

Bill Hobbs american football player, born 09/18/1946

Jimmy Orourke soccer player, born 09/18/1946

Drew Gilpin Faust office holder, born 09/18/1947

Ken Brett baseball player, born 09/18/1948

Mo Mowlam politician, office holder, born 09/18/1949

Peter Shilton English football goalkeeper, soccer manager, born 09/18/1949

Beth Grant Actor, Actress, actor, born 09/18/1949

Jim Maccrery Attorney, congressman, born 09/18/1949

Billy Drago actor, born 09/18/1949

Weida Zhang born 09/18/1949

Shamsuddeen Usman office holder, born 09/18/1949

William Stout artist, born 09/18/1949

Shabana Azmi Indian actor, Actress, actor, born 09/18/1950

Vishnuvardhan actor, born 09/18/1950

David Hinds PHOTOGRAPHER, born 09/18/1950

Anna Deavere Smith actor, born 09/18/1950

Luis Contreras Actor, actor, born 09/18/1950

Carl Gustav Verbraeken Belgian composer, born 09/18/1950

Benjamin Solomon Carson American neurosurgeon, scientist, born 09/18/1951

Tony Scott BASEBALL PLAYER, born 09/18/1951

Dee Dee Ramone Bassist, musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 09/18/1951

John Tierney Attorney, office holder, born 09/18/1951

Kotla Jayasurya Prakasha Reddy office holder, born 09/18/1951

Lawrence J. Pogemiller system project analyst, legislator, politician, born 09/18/1951

Hidajet Biscevic office holder, born 09/18/1951

Rick Pitino NCAA men's basketball coach, college coach, born 09/18/1952

Rod Fontana adult actor, born 09/18/1952

Trevor Phillips soccer player, born 09/18/1952

Kenneth Ronald Melvin office holder, born 09/18/1952

Keith J. Gillespie office holder, born 09/18/1952

Caoimhghin Ocaolain politician, born 09/18/1953

Anna Levine Actress, actor, born 09/18/1953

Steven Pinker American cognitive scientist, atoll, born 09/18/1954

Dennis Wayne Johnson NBA basketball player, basketball player, born 09/18/1954

Jovino Santos-Neto Musician, musical artist, born 09/18/1954

Murtaza Bhutto born 09/18/1954

Peter Bofinger born 09/18/1954

Billy Sims Retired football player; running-back, american football player, born 09/18/1955

Thomas G. Lane Computer science, scientist, born 09/18/1955

David Mirkin American writer, director and producer, Director, writer, producer, actor, born 09/18/1955

Bob Papenbrook Voice Actor, actor, born 09/18/1955

Jeana Tomasino Playboy Playmate, born 09/18/1955

Rick Kuhn born 09/18/1955

Tim McInnerny Actor, actor, born 09/18/1956

Peter Stastny ice hockey player, born 09/18/1956

Bruce Beck television journalist, journalist, born 09/18/1956

Michel Van De Korput soccer player, born 09/18/1956

Albert Masland Legislator-Attorney, office holder, born 09/18/1956

Emily Remler Musician, musical artist, born 09/18/1957

Rachid Taha Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 09/18/1958

Ian Arkwright Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1959

Ryne Sandberg BASEBALL PLAYER, 2ND BASEMAN, baseball player, born 09/18/1959

Stefan Tymkewycz member of parliament, born 09/18/1959

Ian Lucas member of parliament, born 09/18/1960

Kensuke Kazama Japanese photographer, born 09/18/1960

James R. Gandolfini Emmy award winning American actor, Actor, actor, born 09/18/1961

Michael Macmahon office holder, born 09/18/1961

Urbano Barberini actor, born 09/18/1961

Andrew Airlie Actor, actor, born 09/18/1961

Mark Olson musical artist, born 09/18/1961

Jane Clare Orie Attorney, office holder, born 09/18/1961

Joanne Catherall of THE HUMAN LEAGUE SINGER, born 09/18/1962

Aden Ridgeway Public servant, member of parliament, born 09/18/1962

Tony Harnell musical artist, born 09/18/1962

Yongbo Li badminton player, born 09/18/1962

John Powell Composer, Conductor, Music producer, musical artist, born 09/18/1963

Silvio Foschini born 09/18/1963

Holly Robinson Peete Actress, actor, born 09/18/1964

Curt Hansen born 09/18/1964

Stefano Palmieri office holder, born 09/18/1964

Eduard Son soccer player, born 09/18/1964

Dean Keener college coach, born 09/18/1965

Dave Dunlop Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, Recording Engineer, musical artist, born 09/18/1965

Frank Nweke office holder, born 09/18/1965

Brian Rutenberg artist, born 09/18/1965

Robbie Turner Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1966

Tom Chorske HOCKEY PLAYER, RIGHT WINGER, born 09/18/1966

Gabino Diego Actor, actor, born 09/18/1966

Pollard, Albert C., Jr. Virginia Politician, office holder, born 09/18/1967

Ricky Bell of NEW EDITION SINGER, born 09/18/1967

Tara FitzGerald Actress, actor, born 09/18/1967

Mike Heaton Drummer, musical artist, born 09/18/1967

Ken Kempster Musician, musical artist, born 09/18/1967

Ricky Bell Singer, musical artist, born 09/18/1968

John Porcellino comics creator, born 09/18/1968

Balashowry Vallabhaneni office holder, born 09/18/1968

Tommi Eronen actor, born 09/18/1968

Greg Roberts artist, born 09/18/1969

Rafael Araneda TV presenter, actor, born 09/18/1969

Darren Gough English cricketer, cricketer, born 09/18/1970

Aisha Tyler Actor, director, Actress, comedienne, author, actor, born 09/18/1970

Didier Rous Road racing cyclist, cyclist, born 09/18/1970

Michela Rocco di Torrepadula BEAUTY QUEEN, MISS ITALY 1987, born 09/18/1970

Dan Eldon born 09/18/1970

Jada Koren Pinkett Smith Actor, singer, Actress, singer-songwriter, producer, director, author, businesswoman, voice actress, actor, born 09/18/1971

Paul William Smith Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 09/18/1971

Lance Edward Armstrong American professional road racing cyclist, cyclist, born 09/18/1971

David Jefferies Motorcycle racer, born 09/18/1972

Don Beddoe STAGE/FILM ACTOR, born 09/18/1972

Michael Landes Actor, actor, born 09/18/1972

Jamie Lidell Musician, musical artist, born 09/18/1973

Emily Rutherfurd Actress, actor, born 09/18/1974

Shad Petosky comics creator, born 09/18/1974

Edward Obrien military person, born 09/18/1974

Jason Gardener British Olympic sprinter, born 09/18/1975

Jesse Hubbard Lacrosse player, born 09/18/1975

Orenda Fink American musician, born 09/18/1975

Howard Forinton Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1975

Igor Demo Slovak football player, soccer player, born 09/18/1975

Jason Sudeikis Actor/Comedian/Writer, actor, born 09/18/1975

Murriel Page American college basketball player, professional basketball player, WNBA, Professional basketball player, born 09/18/1975

Charlie Finn Actor, actor, born 09/18/1975

Don Hany Actor, actor, born 09/18/1975

Guillermo Vargas Visual Artist, born 09/18/1975

Stephen John Hughes Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1976

Kjell Carlström Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 09/18/1976

Tru Life musical artist, born 09/18/1976

Sophina Brown actor, born 09/18/1976

Mans Nathanaelson actor, born 09/18/1976

Li Tie footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1977

Paul Simon Arnison Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 09/18/1977

Andrea Leon Actress, Actress, Model, Writer, actor, born 09/18/1977

Barrett Foa Actor, actor, born 09/18/1977

Deacon musical artist, born 09/18/1977

Donny Green american football player, born 09/18/1977

Mike Roberg american football player, born 09/18/1977

James Stansfield Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1978

Lee Mays gridiron football player, born 09/18/1978

Pilar Lopez De Ayala Actress, actor, born 09/18/1978

Alison Lohman Actress, born 09/18/1979

Bobo Chan Singer poser, musical artist, born 09/18/1979

Sander Keller soccer player, born 09/18/1979

Don Calloway Attorney, politician, born 09/18/1979

Sam Daghlas basketball player, born 09/18/1979

Stephen John Foster Footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1980

Madiyar Muminov Footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1980

Andrea Caracciolo footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1981

Cynna Kydd Australian netball player, born 09/18/1981

Jennifer Tisdale Actress, singer, actor, born 09/18/1981

Maicon Dos Santos soccer player, born 09/18/1981

Figaro Ceng Actor, Singer, born 09/18/1981

James William Clarke Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1982

Ye Seul Han Actress, model, singer, born 09/18/1982

Nic Rad artist, born 09/18/1982

Kevin Edward Doyle soccer player, born 09/18/1983

Troy Roberts Professional soccer player, soccer player, born 09/18/1983

Simon Alexander Brown Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1983

Christina Lindley Actress, fitness model, actor, born 09/18/1983

Christian Nadé footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1984

Mathieu Perget Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 09/18/1984

Jack Carpenter Actor, drug, born 09/18/1984

Dean Samuel Coleman Association footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1985

Tanisha Harper actor, born 09/18/1985

Kien Keat Koo badminton player, born 09/18/1985

Jianzhong Zhang soccer player, born 09/18/1985

Chris Riggi Actor, actor, born 09/18/1985

Keeley Hazell English model, adult actor, born 09/18/1986

Eloise Mignon actor, born 09/18/1986

Stoyan Georgiev soccer player, born 09/18/1986

Isho Shiba boxer, born 09/18/1986

Ferran Tacon Jimenez soccer player, born 09/18/1986

Jeremy Ware American football linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, american football player, born 09/18/1986

Mona Johannesson Swedish model, model, born 09/18/1987

Boon Heong Tan badminton player, born 09/18/1987

Angela Simmons born 09/18/1987

Ludovic Genest soccer player, born 09/18/1987

Annette Obrestad poker player, born 09/18/1988

Shoshana Bush Actress, actor, born 09/18/1988

Asher Book dancer, actor, and singer, actor, born 09/18/1988

Terrell Whitehead american football player, born 09/18/1988

James William Dunne Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1989

Daniel Mehari Gebreezgiher Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1989

Ashwini Ponnappa badminton player, born 09/18/1989

Kirsten Prout Actress, actor, born 09/18/1990

Greg Mills Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 09/18/1990

Jake Lee Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/18/1991

Hok Hei Lam soccer player, born 09/18/1991

Scharllette Allen Moses born 09/18/1991

Eileen Feinstein Mariano NOTED FAMILY, born 09/18/1992

C.J. Sanders Actor, actor, born 09/18/1996

Kurt Doss Child actor, actor, born 09/18/1997