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Ibn Khallikan born 09/22/1211

Duchess Elizabeth Plantagenet of York ROYALTY, DUCHESS OF SUFFOLK THROUGH MARRIAGE, born 09/22/1444

Anne of Cleves Queen consort of Henry VIII, British royalty, born 09/22/1515

Vasili 04 Of Russia British royalty, born 09/22/1552

Matthäus Merian engraver, publisher, born 09/22/1593

Anne of Austria, Queen Consort of France ROYALTY, CONSORT OF LOUIS XIII, REGENT OF FRANCE, born 09/22/1601

Catherine Bach ACTRESS, born 03/01/1953

Joseph Duplessis artist, born 09/22/1725

John Pickering United States federal judge, born 09/22/1737

Quintin Craufurd British Writer, born 09/22/1743

Jeongjo Of Joseon monarch, born 09/22/1752

Elizabeth Simcoe artist, born 09/22/1762

Augustus Baldwin Longstreet lawyer, minster, educator, humorist, writer, born 09/22/1790

Michael Faraday British Physicist and Chemist, scientist, born 09/22/1791

John P. Gaines governor, born 09/22/1795

Jesse Speight senator, born 09/22/1795

Cornelius Stribling military person, born 09/22/1796

Cornelius P. Lott politician, born 09/22/1798

Andrew Bloxam scientist, born 09/22/1801

Henry William Wilberforce clergyman, editor, journalist, journalist, born 09/22/1807

Ulisse Cambi artist, born 09/22/1807

Shonan Yokoi Politician, political theorist, born 09/22/1809

Adam Wilson lawyer, judge and political figure, office holder, born 09/22/1814

Philetus Sawyer office holder, born 09/22/1816

Sackville, Mortimer Sackville-West, 1st Baron born 09/22/1820

John Conness office holder, born 09/22/1821

Clark Henry Wells United States Navy officer, born 09/22/1822


John Parke Union Union Army general, military person, born 09/22/1827

Theodore Winthrop Union Army officer, born 09/22/1828

William W. Belknap Union Army general, office holder, born 09/22/1829

George D. Wagner Union Army general, military person, born 09/22/1829

Caroline Astor born 09/22/1830

Theodore Sr. Roosevelt Businessman, born 09/22/1831

Stephen D. Lee Confederate Army general, military person, born 09/22/1833

William Dunn merchant, banker, politician, philanthropist, office holder, born 09/22/1833

George William Des Vœux governor, born 09/22/1834

Anne Lady Blunt Arabian horse breeder, Baroness Wentworth, atoll, born 09/22/1837

Thomas Charles Edwards Welsh minister, writer and academic; first Principal of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, born 09/22/1837

Anne Lady Blunt Arabian horse breeder, Baroness Wentworth, Arabian horse breeder, 15th Baroness Wentworth, born 09/22/1837

Edward Robeson Taylor office holder, born 09/22/1838

Alexander Cheves Haskell Confederate Army officer, born 09/22/1839

John Joseph Keane born 09/22/1839

Jean-Baptiste Morin office holder, born 09/22/1840

Sultan Abdul Hamid II of Turkey ROYALTY, 34TH & LAST SULTAN OF TURKEY (1876-1909), born 09/22/1842

Alexander Forrest Western Australian explorer, born 09/22/1849

Hugh Lenox Scott Chief of Staff of the United States Army from 1914 to 1917, military person, born 09/22/1853

George W. Murray congressman, born 09/22/1853

Jake Evans Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 09/22/1856

Albert B. White governor, born 09/22/1856

George True Page United States federal judge, born 09/22/1859

Alexandre Emile John Yersin scientist, born 09/22/1863

Helen Osborne Storrow Girl Scouting leader, born 09/22/1864

Witmer Stone Ornithologist, botanist, mammalogist, actor, born 09/22/1866

Wallace Maccamant judge, born 09/22/1867

Yevgeniy Krasnov White movement Cossack, born 09/22/1869

Valangiman Sankarana-rayana Srinivasa Sastri headmaster, office holder, born 09/22/1869

Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Famous Lithuanian painter, composer, artist, born 09/22/1875

Lillah McCarthy English stage actress, born 09/22/1875

Mary Augusta Dickerson author of children's books, author of children's books and cook books, writer, born 09/22/1876

Andre Tardieu PUBLICIST, ADMINISTRATOR, POLITICIAN, PREMIER, prime minister, born 09/22/1876

Alfréd Deésy Film director, Actor, actor, born 09/22/1877

Shigeru Yoshida prime minister, born 09/22/1878

Shozo Makino actor, born 09/22/1878

Calvin Pearl Titus United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/22/1879

Kathryn Sheldon Actor, actor, born 09/22/1879

Robert McKenzie Actor, actor, born 09/22/1880

Wilhelm Keitel MILITARY, NAZI, GENERAL, FIELD MARSHAL, military person, born 09/22/1882

Ross E. Rowell United States Marine Corps general, military person, born 09/22/1884

Ben Chifley Australian politician, canal, born 09/22/1885

Erich von Stroheim Actor, film director, Actor, director, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 09/22/1885

Gunnar Asplund architect, born 09/22/1885

Hobart Cavanaugh Actor, actor, born 09/22/1886

Jean E. Roger Bissiere ARTIST, SCULPTOR, TAPESTRY WEAVER, ART LECTURER, born 09/22/1886

Eugene Gilbert Leonardon ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, born 09/22/1888

Keller E. Rockey military person, born 09/22/1888

Hooks Dauss baseball player, born 09/22/1889

Frederick Kiesler artist, born 09/22/1890

Hans Albers German actor and singer, born 09/22/1891

Jaap Stotfn MUSICIAN, OBOE PLAYER, born 09/22/1891

Charlie Buchan soccer player, born 09/22/1891

Alma Thomas artist, born 09/22/1891

Dorothy Dalton Actress, actor, born 09/22/1893

Elisabeth Rethberg OPERA SINGER, SOPRANO, born 09/22/1894

Minerva Urecal Radio, stage, film, and television actress, actor, born 09/22/1894

Ellis Hopkins Corman member of parliament, born 09/22/1894

Paul Muni Actor, actor, born 09/22/1895

Elmer Austin Benson governor, born 09/22/1895

Frank Maher born 09/22/1895

Zdeněk Štěpánek Actor, drug, born 09/22/1896

Hobart Cavanaugh STAGE/FILM/VAUDEVILLE ACTOR, artist, born 03/03/1904

H. C. Randall-Stevens AUTHOR, SECT FOUNDER, born 09/22/1896

Uri Zvi Greenberg born 09/22/1896

Paul Muni ACTOR, born 08/10/1916

Alwin Wolz German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 09/22/1897

Katharine Alexander Actress, actor, born 09/22/1898

Friedrich-Wilhelm Otte German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 09/22/1898

Arnold J. Isbell United States Navy officer, born 09/22/1899

Helmuth Friedrichs NAZI MARTIN BORMANN'S TOP AIDE, LAWYER, born 09/22/1899

Veit Harlan actor, born 09/22/1899

Hanley Stafford Film, television actor, actor, born 09/22/1899

Jose Villagran Garcia Mexican architect laureated with the 1968 National Prize for Arts and Sciences, born 09/22/1901

Charles Huggins scientist, born 09/22/1901

John Houseman PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, WRITER, ACTOR, born 09/22/1902

John Houseman actor, born 09/22/1902

August W. Farwick college coach, born 09/22/1902

Emile Poilve CHAMPION WRESTLER, born 09/22/1903

Joe Valachi born 09/22/1903

Howard Jarvis businessman, lobbyist, politician, born 09/22/1903

Will Norman american football player, born 09/22/1903

George Dickie soccer player, born 09/22/1903

Charles Reep born 09/22/1904

Fritz Winter ARTIST, ABSTRACT PAINTER, born 09/22/1905

Eugen Sanger born 09/22/1905

Muriel Box Director, Writer, Screenwriter, actor, born 09/22/1905

Haakon Lie Party secretary for the Norwegian Labour Party, born 09/22/1905

Ilse Koch born 09/22/1906

Carl Brumbaugh American college football player, professional football player, quarterback, halfback, NFL champion, american football player, born 09/22/1906

Archduchess Rosa Of Austria British royalty, born 09/22/1906

Maurice Blanchot French writer, philosopher, and literary theorist, philosopher, born 09/22/1907

Cyril Clarke Professor of Medicine and consultant physician, scientist, born 09/22/1907

Jacques Derrey ARTIST, PAINTER, born 09/22/1907

Shepperd Strudwick STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 09/22/1907

Philip Fotheringham-Parker Formula One racer, born 09/22/1907

Hermann Schlichting scientist, born 09/22/1907

Margaret Grubb Glider pilot, born 09/22/1907

Shepperd Strudwick actor, born 09/22/1907

Thad Vann born 09/22/1907

Biggie Munn college coach, born 09/22/1908

Skip Stahley college coach, born 09/22/1908

Paolo Patrucchi soccer player, born 09/22/1908

David Riesman American Sociologist, Sociologist, born 09/22/1909

Viljo Kajava writer, born 09/22/1909

Fred Hawking born 09/22/1909

Nell Oday Film actress, actor, born 09/22/1909

Allan Lane Film, television actor, actor, born 09/22/1909

Nathan M. Newmark born 09/22/1910

George Bennett born 09/22/1911

Louis Ducreux actor, born 09/22/1911

Martha Scott Actor, Film, television and stage actress, actor, born 09/22/1912

Vanderbilt, Alfred Gwynne, II American racehorse owner and breeder, Thoroughbred racehorse / racetrack owner, born 09/22/1912


Eloi Meulenberg born 09/22/1912

Laurie Cahill born 09/22/1912

Giovanni Valetti Professional cyclist, cyclist, born 09/22/1913

Silvio Piola SOCCER PLAYER, born 09/22/1913

Nelson Peterson gridiron football player, born 09/22/1913

Josefina Valencia Munoz Politician, office holder, born 09/22/1913

Alys Faiz Pakistani writer, born 09/22/1914

Siegfried Lowitz Actor, actor, born 09/22/1914

Albert William James Australian politician, Policeman, member of parliament, born 09/22/1914

Martha Scott FILM/TV/STAGE ACTRESS, born 11/11/1926

Esmond Emerson Snell BIOCHEMIST, born 09/22/1914

James Vincent Casey Christian Bishop, born 09/22/1914

Arthur Lowe English actor, Actor, actor, born 09/22/1915

Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen Actor, actor, born 09/22/1915

Samuel Finer Political scientist and historian, born 09/22/1915

Harry Hollinghead born 09/22/1915

Emrys Jones actor, born 09/22/1915

Otto Tange German fighter ace and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 09/22/1915

Sergei Osipov Artist, artist, born 09/22/1915

Dilermando Reis Musician, composer, arranger, music teacher, musical artist, born 09/22/1916

Willi Thulke German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 09/22/1916

Anna Campori Actor, drug, born 09/22/1917

Alma Birk Politician, politician, born 09/22/1917

Janez Gradisnik writer, translator, writer, born 09/22/1917

John Fuller Farmer, member of parliament, born 09/22/1917


Ken Southworth actor, born 09/22/1918

Ray Ferris Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/22/1920

Paolo Todeschini SOCCER PLAYER, born 09/22/1920

Bob Lemon baseball player, born 09/22/1920

Anders Lassen military person, born 09/22/1920

Seiverling, William Frank, Jr. United States Marine, military person, born 09/22/1920

Larry Eschen baseball player, born 09/22/1920

Paolo Todeschini soccer manager, born 09/22/1920

Dave Bewley soccer player, born 09/22/1920

Ian Raby Formula One racer, born 09/22/1921

Will Elder comics creator, born 09/22/1921

Ralph Tabakin actor, born 09/22/1921

Berkeley Lent judge, born 09/22/1921

John Adams american football player, born 09/22/1921

Charles Marcus Mander industrialist, landowner and farmer, property developer, born 09/22/1921

Jack C. Robinson United States Marine Corps Navy Cross recipient, military person, born 09/22/1922

Pauline Baynes artist, born 09/22/1922

Leo Nobile gridiron football player, born 09/22/1922

Ray Evans american football player, born 09/22/1922

Tom Wright Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 09/22/1923

Peggy Hughes STUNTWOMAN, JU-JITSU EXPERT, born 09/22/1923

Charles Keeping British illustrator and children's author, illustrator, children's author, lithographer, born 09/22/1924

Bryce Jordan Fourteenth president of Penn State University, born 09/22/1924

Rosamunde Pilcher Novelist, writer, born 09/22/1924

Bernard Gauthier cyclist, born 09/22/1924

Charles Waterhouse artist, born 09/22/1924

Douglas Macbain soccer player, born 09/22/1924

Jacques de Langre LEADER IN MACROBIOTIC COMMUNITY, born 09/22/1925

Stratford Johns Actor, actor, born 09/22/1925

William Franklyn born 09/22/1925

Abe Gibron gridiron football player, born 09/22/1925

Tammaro, Jr., John J. Jockey & Trainer, born 09/22/1925

Virginia Capers Actress, actor, born 09/22/1925

Max Heral CHAMPION WEIGHTLIFTER, born 09/22/1926

Stan West gridiron football player, born 09/22/1926

Thomas Austin Jr. Ballantine United States federal judge, born 09/22/1926

Tommy Lasorda baseball player, born 09/22/1927

Kika De La Garza congressman, born 09/22/1927

Gordon Astall soccer player, born 09/22/1927

Gene Pepper american football player, born 09/22/1927

Peter Forakis artist, born 09/22/1927

Dereal Colette Singer, musical artist, born 09/22/1927

Peter Milton Australian politician, Registrar, office holder, born 09/22/1928

Eugene Roche STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 09/22/1928

Eugene Roche Character actor, commercial pitchman, actor, born 09/22/1928

Don Cockell boxer, born 09/22/1928

Gerald Maier born 09/22/1928

Blythe Danner ACTRESS, office holder, born 02/03/1944

Serge Garant composer, conductor, teacher, writer, born 09/22/1929

Harry Bright baseball player, born 09/22/1929

Petru Pascari prime minister, born 09/22/1929

Ambrose Folorunsho Alli office holder, born 09/22/1929

Joni James musical artist, born 09/22/1930

Pat Suzuki musical artist, born 09/22/1930

Thirugnana Sampanthar Sinnathuray judge, born 09/22/1930

Donald MacMillan Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 09/22/1930

Fay Weldon AUTHOR, NOVELIST, born 09/22/1931

George Kenneth Younger POLITICIAN, M.P., CONSERVATIVE PARTY, born 09/22/1931

George Younger office holder, born 09/22/1931

Ingemar Johansson Swedish boxer and former World Heavyweight Champion, boxer, born 09/22/1932

Iropa Maurice Kouandété Military Officer, president, born 09/22/1932

Algirdas Brazauskas president, born 09/22/1932

A. A. Birch office holder, born 09/22/1932

Ian Kennedy comics creator, born 09/22/1932

Dmitri Aleksandrovitch Bilenkin science fiction writer, born 09/22/1933

Donald Shea Stuntman, Horse wrangler, Actor, born 09/22/1933

Robin Corbett member of parliament, born 09/22/1933

Ornella Vavoni SINGER, born 09/22/1934

Jack Macgregor Attorney, born 09/22/1934

Masumi Okada actor, born 09/22/1935

Jennifer Gay actor, born 09/22/1935

Richard Marquand Film director, actor, born 09/22/1937

Nicolae Popescu scientist, born 09/22/1937

Tony Caunter Actor, actor, born 09/22/1937

Raul Machado soccer player, born 09/22/1937

Dean Reed Singer, musician, actor, writer, director, musical artist, born 09/22/1938

Walter E. Boomer Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, military person, born 09/22/1938

Timothy E. Wirth CORPORATE EXEC, POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (DEM CO), born 09/22/1939

Tim Wirth office holder, born 09/22/1939

Mike Sullivan office holder, born 09/22/1939

Anna Karina MODEL, FILM ACTRESS, DIRECTOR, born 09/22/1940

Maelcum Soul Film actress, actor, born 09/22/1940

Don B. Hughes office holder, born 09/22/1940

Daniel Spagnou politician, born 09/22/1940

Jeremiah Wright Clergymember and United States Marine, born 09/22/1941

Larry Jones BASKETBALL PLAYER, born 09/22/1941

Cesare Salvadori SABRE FENCER, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 09/22/1941

Alexandru Moisuc Romanian agroscientist, university professor and rector, born 09/22/1942

Bert Murray Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/22/1942

Mike Patto Musician, musical artist, born 09/22/1942

Jeremy Dalton Canadian politician and lawyer, born 09/22/1942

Robert Ballagh Irish artist, born 09/22/1943

Toni Basil American singer, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, musical artist, born 09/22/1943

Len Harris Businessman, member of parliament, born 09/22/1943

Lancaster, Jr., Charles D. Attorney, office holder, born 09/22/1943

Jaak Gabriels politician, born 09/22/1943

J. Giovanni JOCKEY, born 09/22/1944

Brian Gibson actor, born 09/22/1944

John S. Tanner attorney, congressman, born 09/22/1944

Roger Nichols Recording engineer, record producer, inventor, musical artist, born 09/22/1944

John Bland GOLFER, golf player, born 09/22/1945

Paul Le Mat Actor, actor, born 09/22/1945

Gonzaguinha Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 09/22/1945

Ilija Petkovic soccer manager, born 09/22/1945

Annie Herring Singer, songwriter *, musical artist, born 09/22/1945

Rick Foley ice hockey player, born 09/22/1945

Sammy Todd soccer player, born 09/22/1945

Daniel Horlaville soccer player, born 09/22/1945

Gerald Neal office holder, born 09/22/1945

Jamie Rivers gridiron football player, born 09/22/1945

Ann Christy Singer, musical artist, born 09/22/1945

Dan Lungren attorney, congressman, born 09/22/1946

Larry Dierker baseball player, born 09/22/1946

Gordon Snow General Contractor, politician, born 09/22/1946

Izabella Sierakowska office holder, born 09/22/1946

Maurice Richard politician, born 09/22/1946

Norma McCorvey Plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, Director, Crossing Over Ministry, born 09/22/1947


Salvatore Vitale Former underboss of the Bonanno crime family, born 09/22/1947

Mike Sexton poker player, born 09/22/1947

Jo Beverley Novelist, writer, born 09/22/1947

Tommy Hutchison soccer manager, born 09/22/1947

Kenneth Geller Managing Partner of Mayer Brown, born 09/22/1947

George Constantinides born 09/22/1947


Denis Burke office holder, born 09/22/1948

Bob Beauprez farmer, real estate developer, banking executive, congressman, born 09/22/1948

Jim Byrnes Musician, film, TV, voice actor, actor, born 09/22/1948

Bill Orton congressman, born 09/22/1948

John Caird actor, born 09/22/1948

Andrew Natsios Politician and civil servant, office holder, born 09/22/1949

James Andrew (Jim) McGinty Australian politician, office holder, born 09/22/1949

Kenneth Michael Kays United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 09/22/1949

Ruff, Frank M., Jr. Virginia Politician, Business owner, office holder, born 09/22/1949

David Coverdale of WHITESNAKE SINGER, born 09/22/1949

Bill Orton LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. REP (DEM UT), born 09/22/1949

John Bowler office holder, born 09/22/1949

Themsie Times Actress, actor, born 09/22/1949

Kirka Babitzin POP SINGER, born 09/22/1950

Limor Livnat born 09/22/1950

Gila Finkelstein born 09/22/1950

Adi Ophir Israeli philosopher, born 09/22/1951

David Coverdale Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 09/22/1951

David Talbot author, journalist, editor, media entrepreneur, born 09/22/1951

Marie Christine Blandin POLITICIAN, TEACHER, GREEN PARTY LEADER, born 09/22/1952

Paul Le Mat ACTOR, born 09/22/1952

Bob Goodlatte attorney, congressman, born 09/22/1952

Gary Holton Singer-songwriter, actor, musician, musical artist, born 09/22/1952

Bob Hasegawa office holder, born 09/22/1952

Mary Mascher office holder, born 09/22/1952

Ibrahim Shema governor, born 09/22/1952

Nicholas Kadi actor, born 09/22/1952

Richard Fairbrass British singer and television presenter, Singer and television presenter, Band, born 09/22/1953

Segolene Royal POLITICIAN, MINISTER OF ENVIRONMENT, office holder, born 09/22/1953

David Wohl Actor, actor, born 09/22/1953

Shari Belafonte-Harper FILM/TV ACTRESS, MODEL, NOTED FAMILY, born 09/22/1954

Shari Belafonte Film, television actress, model, writer, singer, actor, born 09/22/1954

John O. Brennan office holder, born 09/22/1954

Lilo Wanders German transvestite actor, born 09/22/1955

Debby Boone American singer, Singer, theater actress, musical artist, born 09/22/1956

Michael Keith Organ Australian politician, Manager, Repository Services / Archivist, politician, born 09/22/1956

Debbie Boone SINGER, NOTED FAMILY, born 09/22/1956

Hiromichi Ishige born 09/22/1956

Robert Bowlin Musician, musical artist, born 09/22/1956

Johnette Napolitano Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 09/22/1957

Giuseppe Saronni Directeur sportif and former road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 09/22/1957

David Grimaldi Entomologist, Paleontologist, born 09/22/1957

Steve Carney Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/22/1957

Nick Cave of NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS MUSICIAN, SINGER, KEYBOARDIST, BANDLEADER, Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, writer, actor, musical artist, born 09/22/1957

Donald O'Connor ACTOR, SINGER, DANCER, COMEDIAN, born 09/22/1957

Keiko Toda Actress, born 09/22/1957

Joan Jett Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 09/22/1958

Andrea Bocelli OPERA SINGER, TENOR, BLIND, Musician, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, musical artist, born 09/22/1958

Arnie Burton ACTOR, born 09/22/1958

Lynn Herring actor, born 09/22/1958

Neil Cavuto Vice President of Business News, born 09/22/1958

Peter Kuper comics creator, born 09/22/1958

Christian Dozzler musical artist, born 09/22/1958

Algimantas Sakalauskas artist, born 09/22/1958

Scott Baio American actor, Actor, actor, born 09/22/1960

Robert "Bob" Atha American football player, born 09/22/1960

Tai Babilonia SKATER, figure skater, born 09/22/1960

Scott Baio FILM/TV ACTOR, born 09/22/1960

Isaac Herzog born 09/22/1960

Richard Dominguez comics creator, born 09/22/1960

Liam Fox British politician and member of the Shadow Cabinet, member of parliament, born 09/22/1961

Lucia de Berk born 09/22/1961

Catherine Oxenberg TV/FILM ACTRESS, actor, born 09/22/1961

Torien musical artist, born 09/22/1961

Diane Lemieux office holder, born 09/22/1961

Carlton Fairweather soccer player, born 09/22/1961

Carl Mokosak Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 09/22/1962

Rob Stone ACTOR, born 09/22/1962

Farhad Darya Singer, composer, musical artist, born 09/22/1962

Sirous Ghayeghran soccer manager, born 09/22/1962

Michael Gilden actor, born 09/22/1962

Steve Lavigne comics creator, born 09/22/1962

Normand Damour actor, born 09/22/1962

Mark Harrison comics creator, born 09/22/1963

Stuart Fratkin actor, born 09/22/1963

Vahram Sahakian dramatist, screenwriter & actor, artist, born 09/22/1964

Gary Merasty member of parliament, born 09/22/1964

Brad Oscar actor, born 09/22/1964

Trent Van Haaften office holder, born 09/22/1964

Manfred Binz German professional footballer, soccer manager, born 09/22/1965

Shinji Higuchi artist, born 09/22/1965

Andy Cairns Singer-songwriter, Musician, musical artist, born 09/22/1965

Dan Bucatinsky Film actor, actor, born 09/22/1965

Marc Kudisch Theater Actor, actor, born 09/22/1966

Ira Heiden actor, born 09/22/1966

Moustafa Amar Singer, actor, composer, musical artist, born 09/22/1966

Keith Martin Singer-songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, musical artist, born 09/22/1966

Derrell Robertson Football player, american football player, born 09/22/1967

Felix Savon boxer, born 09/22/1967

Matt Besser Actor, comedian, writer, actor, born 09/22/1967

Jason Moran criminal, born 09/22/1967

Gripp Musician, musical artist, born 09/22/1967

Kim Watkins Television presenter, born 09/22/1967

Magnus Sköldmark Footballer, soccer player, born 09/22/1968

Wagner Fernando Velloso A former Brazilian football player at the position of goalkeeper. He played mostly for Palmeiras., Football player, born 09/22/1968

Megan Hollingshead Voice Actress/Stage Actor/Yoga Instructor, actor, born 09/22/1968

Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu politician, born 09/22/1968

Kuldeep Bishnoi office holder, born 09/22/1968

Godfrey Myles American college football player, professional football player, linebacker, Super Bowl champion, gridiron football player, born 09/22/1968

Synnove Svabo actor, born 09/22/1968


Sue Perkins Comedian, comedian, born 09/22/1969

Jody L Millard Actor, director, producer, actor, born 09/22/1969

Rupert Penry-Jones Actor, Presenter, actor, born 09/22/1970

Ole Petter Andreassen Musician, Songwriter, Producer, musical artist, born 09/22/1970

Cristian Moreno Panezo governor, born 09/22/1970

Pascal Vincent Retired ice hockey player, born 09/22/1971

Chesney Hawkes Singer, songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 09/22/1971

Brandy Semchuk ice hockey player, born 09/22/1971

Matthew Rush adult actor, born 09/22/1972

Ruby Rana born 09/22/1972

Hongbo Zhao Chinese pair skater, figure skater, born 09/22/1973

Lameck Onyango Ngoche Kenyan cricketer, cricketer, born 09/22/1973

Mika Kottila Retired Finnish footballer, soccer player, born 09/22/1974

Daniel Atienza Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 09/22/1974

Wayne Grayson Voice actor, actor, born 09/22/1974

Dong-Moon Kim badminton player, born 09/22/1975

Jonathan Denis Lawyer, businessperson, politician, born 09/22/1975

Angelique Morgan adult actor, born 09/22/1975

Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima footballer, soccer player, born 09/22/1976

Thilan Thusara Samaraweera Sri Lankan cricketer, cricketer, born 09/22/1976

Christian Amoroso Italian footballer, soccer player, born 09/22/1976

David Berkeley Songwriter, musical artist, born 09/22/1976

Martin Solveig Producer, DJ, musical artist, born 09/22/1976

Sala Baker actor, born 09/22/1976

Blake Sennett Actor, musician, musical artist, born 09/22/1976

Mo Collins American college football player, professional football player, offensive lineman, american football player, born 09/22/1976

Anabela Singer, Actress, musical artist, born 09/22/1976

Yoo Chae-yeon Actress, singer, singer-songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 09/22/1977

Kate Ellis politician, born 09/22/1977

Tuomas Enbuske broadcaster, journalist, born 09/22/1977

Harold Kewell footballer, soccer player, born 09/22/1978

Rasoul Khatibi soccer player, born 09/22/1978

Daniella Alonso Actress, actor, born 09/22/1978

Mikko Leppilampi actor, born 09/22/1978

Davit Kezerashvili office holder, born 09/22/1978

Stephen Huynh Actor, actor, born 09/22/1978

Michael Graziadei actor, born 09/22/1979

Bree Desborough actor, born 09/22/1979

Zvonimir Deranja soccer player, born 09/22/1979

Carlos Fumo Goncalves soccer player, born 09/22/1979

Jose Mata DJ, Producer, Remixer, musical artist, born 09/22/1979

Mikaela Parmlid Professional golfer, golf player, born 09/22/1980

Fernanda Tavares model, born 09/22/1980

Francesco Disa artist, born 09/22/1980

Maria Ashley Eckstein American film and television actress, Actress, actor, born 09/22/1981

Rajshree Thakur actor, born 09/22/1981

Subaru Shibutani Singer, actor, lyricist, musical artist, born 09/22/1981

Mandy Chiang Singer, Actress, actor, born 09/22/1982

Carley Stenson Actress, actor, born 09/22/1982

Emmanuel Cascione Italian football player, soccer player, born 09/22/1983

Shirley Canoletti MODEL, NOTED FAMILY, born 09/22/1983

Eriko Imai Singer-songwriter, Actress, musical artist, born 09/22/1983

Chinnakorn Deesai soccer player, born 09/22/1983

Malakai Ravulo rugby player, born 09/22/1983

Adam Crosthwaite Australian cricketer, cricketer, born 09/22/1984

Tim Klinger Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 09/22/1984

Yukiya Arashiro Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 09/22/1984

Theresa Fu Singer, actor, born 09/22/1984

MyAnna Buring Actress, actor, born 09/22/1984

Laura Vandervoort Actress, born 09/22/1984

Ross Jarman Drummer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 09/22/1984

Suki Chui Actress, Model, Host, actor, born 09/22/1984

Jose Jefferson Rodrigues De Oliveira soccer player, born 09/22/1985

Leonardo Rodriguez Pereira soccer player, born 09/22/1986

Will Sharpe Actor, born 09/22/1986

Kathryn Knuttila born 09/22/1986

Brianna Frost Hogan actor, born 09/22/1987

Gavin Marc Rothery Professional footballer, soccer player, born 09/22/1987

Tom Felton Actor/Musician, actor, born 09/22/1987

Michael Sessions office holder, born 09/22/1987

Zdravko Kuzmanovic soccer player, born 09/22/1987

Gary Curran soccer player, born 09/22/1987

Guven Guneri soccer player, born 09/22/1987

Maylin Hausch German pair skater, figure skater, born 09/22/1988

Bethany Dillon musical artist, born 09/22/1988

Renee Rollason soccer player, born 09/22/1989

Coeur De Pirate Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 09/22/1989

Kim Hyo-yeon South Korean singer, dancer, Singer, dancer, musical artist, born 09/22/1989

Senem Kuyucuoglu born 09/22/1990

Denard Robinson born 09/22/1990

Chelsea Tavares Actress, singer, actor, born 09/22/1991


Joe Wardle rugby player, born 09/22/1991

Chase Ellison Actor, actor, born 09/22/1993

Juliette Goglia Actress, actor, born 09/22/1995

Jorge Jurado actor, born 09/22/1995