About Matrix Itself: Pythagoras Square is a 3x3 Matrix

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The Matrix

Now a couple of words on what our Matrix is, how it works, and how you can interpret the results you get.

Pythagoras Square is a 3x3 matrix filled with the Numbers where every Number gets its own position and has its own meaning (please see Birth Numbers for meaning of each single Number).

Here is a scheme for the traditional Pythagoras Square Matrix.

1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9


*If the calculations described below sound too complicated and confusing, just remember that our Free Calculator does the math for you and presents you the results.*

The formula of Pythagoras Square Matrix’s calculation is quite simple, though requires some careful work. It includes the following steps:

1. Summation of all the simple Numbers (from 1 to 9) in the Date of Birth.

Let us take the Date of American Declaration of Independence, 07/04/1776, as an example:


2. Reduction of the first Sum to the Number in the range from 1 to 12 by adding the digits of a two-digit number together:



What we get here is the so-called ‘Life-Path’ – the milestone of the Life-Purpose System. In order to help you better understand the energy of your Life-Path (through its picture and definition), we are highlighting its Number in red color: first, in the Matrix itself, and second, as an additional number in parentheses, near your calculated Life Path.

This additional number in parentheses should be especially helpful to those who have ‘10’, ‘11’, and ‘12’ as their Life-Path Numbers. With all our respect for the followers of the Life-Purpose System, we do NOT consider such variants to be energy-independent Numbers. Thus, we consider the Numbers ‘1’, '2', and '3' in parentheses to be illustrating "energy versions" of Life-Paths ‘10’, ‘11’, and ‘12’, respectively.

Because of these rules, you might come across a situation when a Person, for example, has a Life-Path ‘11’ (energy version ‘2’) and does not have any ‘2’ in his/her personal Matrix. Do not be confused! This case means that an Individual might have to master his or her main Life Energy through other energies, which may require more time and/or unusual efforts. As a result, such an Individual may become super-famous (singer Madonna).

3. Now we should take the first Number of birth DAY (‘4’ in our example), double it (4x2=8) and then subtract it from the first Sum.


Yes, we mean the FIRST DIGIT of your Birth DAY - so, if your DAY is 14, you should only take and double digit 1!

If the result of doubling is greater than the first Sum (which might happen in case of people who were born in and after 2000), you still have to make the subtraction and just focus on an absolute value (modulus) of the result for your further calculations.

4. The last essential Number is a result of reducing the third one (‘24’ in our example) by adding its digits together:


Now we have all the necessary Numbers for the Date of Declaration of Independence. For your convenience, the Personal Matrix includes all these numbers along with the basic calculations. You just have to make an accurate data entry – in our example, July/04/1776. Welcome to our Free Calculator , where you can see the final result!


To interpret your Matrix of Birth, we offer you a Free Personal Report. This Report is based on integrated analysis of unique configuration of each Matrix and includes two Personal Portraits: Energy Portrait and Psychological Portrait. The Free Report might be considered, in some way, as a description of an inborn ‘design’ or ‘gestalt’ of a Personality (energy and psychological).

Please be reasonable when interpreting your results. Do not take this information literally! Remember, your Personal Report is mainly about your personal Potential rather than Fate, Wealth, or IQ.

The data you get are only a guide that is supposed to help you better understand your inner strengths and weaknesses. For example, you might see that a certain aspect is absent from your Matrix of Birth. Of course, the word "Absence" does not mean a total absence of certain capabilities and/or activities in some areas or stages of life. It simply means that the Person does not possess some specific kind of Energy from Birth. Therefore, he/she might have to work harder in order to bridge this gap with other inborn energies during his/her life. A Person might also discover that it is preferable to switch to an "energy-saving" regime for some period or sphere of life to make up for the absence of a certain aspect.

Coming Soon:

Our Free Report does NOT consider specifically Aspects of Numbers, i.e. special meaning of amount of each Number in each cell of the Matrix. This interesting and important information will appear on Peoplay.com in the near future.

Feeling Energy of Numbers:

To help you better understand different kinds of inborn Energies, Peoplay.com provides you with lively Pictures for each energy-independent Number (from 1 to 9). To look at the pictures and learn more about nature of each Number, please see Birth Numbers .

You can also enjoy pictures of 'Energy of the Day’, which accompany ‘Today’s Matrix’ every single day, as well as pictures of 'Energy of the Life Path' for every personal Matrix.