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Many of us know that Life is a Journey. Let us look at this Journey from the perspective of Birth Numbers!


The Beginning

Cosmic Impulse, Creation, Magic. Personal Spirit, Shine, Leadership.

1Of course, One means the Beginning. This is the very beginning of everything, including your Personal Journey. Your personal spirit makes an impact on reality. A miracle has happened: you were born! You are a unique shred of the Universe now. You are full of prominent, creative energy. What is next?


Daily Bread

Physical Growing, Vitality. Material Becoming. Protection, Provision. Consumerism. Me and Mother Nature.

2Two means Materialism and Physical Energy. You have to grow and gain vitality for all your deeds on the Earth. Mother Nature gives you beauty, strength and resources for physical and material becoming. You should be grateful. Share your crust of bread and well-being with others; do not be greedy. The more you give, the more you get.


Intrigue of Life

Personal Image, Performance. Imagination, Dreams, Fun. Connection with Time and Generation. Arch of Arts/Commerce.

3Three means Connection and Intrigue. You want to be more than a healthy and well-dressed person with a beautiful house. Now you want others, especially your peers, to know about your success. You desire to celebrate all significant events of your life. You are opening the world of imagination and arts. You learn how to touch feelings and meet expectations of others. You are not just a consumer; you are a seller now. Do not be too manipulative!


Office Space

Career. Hierarchy. Authority. Design. Construction. Form. Professional Skills.

4Four is a serious Number. Play and Fun are over. You enter the Space of Career - the world of Hierarchy, Authorities, Rules and Subordination. You are not a Teenager anymore, so forget about peers and their fleeting reactions! Though your personal image is still important, you have to master some real professional skills - if you want to be called a real Professional.


Riding on the Storm

Challenge, Response. Business, Competition. Motion, Developing, Implementation, Progress. Personal Freedom.

5Five is about your abilities to master the Life itself. How about meeting everyday challenges and solving unexpected problems? Are you ready to invest your personal vitality, image and skills into something new, something that might be profitable some day? Are you ready to lose in the competition and start all over? If so, you are ready for personal Freedom!


Status, Balance

Social Ethics, Justice, Reputation. Status/Commitments. Publicity/Privacy.

6Six means Status and Balance. This is a very crafty Number. You have to learn about social price for all your actions and achievements. The higher is your social Status, the more you have to watch yourself because of the risk of being blamed for your decisions. Any Status means Commitment; any Publicity pinches your Privacy. Your desire to please some people might clash with the needs of others. The Sum of your choices is your Reputation.


God's Blessing

Universal Ethics. Arch of Karma. Price for Luck, Gifts, Realized Wishes. Personal Vocation.

7Seven seems to be a "Lucky" or even "Magic" Number for many. "Do you believe in Magic?" This makes sense even if you do not. Seven teaches us the Universal Ethics, which says that any Miracle has its own price. The question is, who will pay, and when. You may discover that being 'God Almighty' brings you nothing except for the sense of sadness and loss. Be careful: you enter the world of Cosmic Balance. In other words, welcome to Heaven, the Home of Karma! Inner Honesty may be rewarded with bright talents and personal vocation on the level of Number Seven.


Certainty: Death and Taxes

Capital, Power. Control, Secrecy. Risk, Responsibility. Mass Forces, Effects, Leadership. Personal Atonement, Destiny.

8Eight is the most certain Number. There is no place for 'if' or 'may be' here. There is Life and Death, Earnings and Taxes, Risk and Responsibility. At this level, you not only take the risk for yourself, but also for others. Everything is 'big' with Number Eight - Capital and Power, Forces and Effects, Expectations and Outcomes. This is the Number of Mass Energies and Personal Atonement. Here you inevitably meet your Destiny.


Epilogue: Back to Eternity

Universal Mind, Wisdom. Education, Culture, History, Religion. Charity.

9Nine is the Number of Conciliation. You are about to return to the Universe. All the passions are almost behind you. Your Grand Total is forming now. The only thing you may be obsessed with here is the Universal Mind and Human Wisdom. You might add something personal to this Treasury for the next generations or gather your private understanding of life through your connection with human Culture, History or Religion. You can be a great Educator and a generous Philanthropist now - before returning to Eternity.