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We invite you to surf our database of well-known People of all times. Just type the beginning of a Person’s name into the ‘Find a Person’ window, add the sign * and get all possible matches from our database.

We are happy to offer you our Free Calculator that you will not find anywhere else on the Internet. This Free Calculator provides you with a Numeric Matrix of a Personal Date of Birth (DOB), combined with the so-called 'Pythagoras Square' in Numerology (please see Matrix and Birth Numbers ).

The first and most pleasant thing: our Free Calculator will generate your Matrix for you instantly. That’s right - no more calculations on the back of a napkin, no more room for an arithmetic error, no more waiting for e-mail letter with your result!

Moreover, our Free Calculator will also provide you with a Free Personal Report. Using our Free Personal Report, you can learn about your inborn energies, psychological characteristics, individual capabilities, and possible areas for personal growth.

Of course, you don't have to limit your explorations in this kind of Numerology to yourself. You can also learn about individual characteristics of other people - for example, friends, colleagues and family (including your newborns and toddlers), or even celebrities and politicians. All you need to know is their date of birth!

When you calculate your Matrix , you will see your Life Path Number highlighted in red color. However, the System we are offering to you is not about your personal Life-Path, per se. This would be the subject of the popular Life-Purpose System. We, on the other hand, seek to provide you with an original and logical System, which combines ancient wisdom with up-to-date information resources, technologies, and fresh ideas about the meaning of our Birth Code.